Working As A Cam Model.

the core of our business activity

Everyone we recruit to Pandora, we recruit to cam first. The reason is pretty simple, good models immediately start making money on cam, day 1, hour 1, there is no lead time. Most of the other ways we have to make money in the adult video industry, while cool, are things that take time to build. As the majority of our new performers need money quickly, the only practical solution is to have them start out on cam.

Even after today’s bills are paid, for most performers, camming continues to be their primary source of income long-term. It’s simply the most lucrative option for the most people. Across our entire roster, in 2018, the average hourly earnings for our performers on cam was $51/hr (over many, many thousands of hours, from hundreds of performers). To outdo that from other sources will typically take several months of full-time work on promoting clip sales, building a recurring fan site, or one of the many other ways we make money from adult video. For many people, the additional time investment isn’t realistic and most people choose to focus on camming exclusively.

As such, in this article we’re going to cover how the camming side of our business works.

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The Pandora/Flirt4Free Arrangement

Pandora is the management agency. Flirt4Free is the cam site network. Flirt4Free is the website that we partner with for our models to have the best possible arrangement for camming. They are the venue/promoter, we’re the one that brings the band.

Pandora models appear on We don’t work work with any other networks. For a deeper dive on our arrangement with Flirt4Free (and why it’s in everyone’s best interest that you join Pandora) read this in-depth article.

Read: The Pandora/Flirt4Free Arrangement.

Getting SEtup

To join Pandora, start with an application. You do that here.

We’ll review your application and make the first call as to whether we think you’d be a good fit for camming or not. If we think so, we’ll let you know, and start the process of creating your account. We’ll introduce you to the network and you’ll complete some of the early documentation needed to create a stage name, profile on the site, and get activated (this is where ID verification takes places). The network handles the administration of creating new accounts.

Everything needed: Valid photo-ID, a headshot (non-professional, just for ID matching), profile pictures, a stage name, a 2257 data intake form (the network will send this to you to sign, just for record-keeping). It usually takes an hour or two to get your account setup and then you can login and start camming.

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Starting Out On Cam.

Your first few weeks on cam are the hardest. This is where you’re doing your first shows, confronting your preconceptions about camming, and working to build your initial audience.

From Pandora’s point of view, this is where we’re watching to evaluate whether there’s anything we can do as a management agency to help you. In many cases, we “drop accounts” in their first few weeks, always due to inactivity. We reserve our focus for full-time cam models (minimum 25 hours per week broadcast), part-time performers we just refer to the network for administration.

We can show you all of our secrets, but if you don’t put in the work, there’s nothing for us to do. There are a million reasons not to cam, we hear them all, and discount them entirely. Starting to cam is starting a new profession, we work with the people who take it as seriously as we do. Everyone else gets dropped.

Overview of The Work

How work will go is that you’ll login to the performer app and go live. Right away a few customer will start to trickle into your room, and within a few minutes you should have some customers typing to you. While you’re online hundreds of customers per hour will flow through your room. Many won’t say anything, a few will. Some will be cool, a few won’t. Your goal is the same, filter through all of these customers (using conversation and flirting) to find the ones that will do a paid private 1 on 1 show with you, this is how you make money.

Customers are charged per second spent in show with you. Standard rates are 60cpm ($6 per minute) but across the site vary from $1-$50 per minute (new models start at 60cpm and adjust rates based on demand over time. On average a new model makes $1.60-$2 per minute in 60cpm show (depending on the pay rate they achieve on Flirt’s Sliding Scale).

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On Private Shows

The most asked question we get from prospective models is, “What will I have to do.” Which we always answer in 2 parts. First, Pandora doesn’t mandate what models do, Flirt4Free doesn’t, customers don’t, no one can. What you do in open chat or in private shows is entirely up to you. Customers can make requests, you choose whether you accommodate them.

The second part is the real answer about the realities of our work. The vast majority of shows (let’s call it 85%) have some kind of erotic/sexual element. The customer will want to see you take off your clothes and perform some kind of erotic show: dancing, stripping, masturbation, with or without toys, simulated sex acts, or strike some specific pose. Every customer is different. Every model is different. Every show is different. Whatever anyone can imagine to have you do alone in your bedroom is likely to come up as a private show request at some point.

The overwhelming majority of shows involve a lot of interaction, that’s really the point of the work. You talking to the customer. Communication is 90% of the work, even during intense private shows.

So basically, no one is going to make you do anything, you only ever have to do what you’re comfortable with, don’t sweat it. If you’re uncomfortable with nudity entirely, do not do porn. Beyond that, most models find that the erotic part of private shows is the easiest part of the work.

The Career Arc

So what does it look like putting it altogether? What does a successful cam career look like?

The live work will always be the main part, you’ll need to spend at least 25-35 hour per week broadcasting. Over the course of days, weeks, and months, you’ll continuously be building up a fan base, your audience. On day 1, you have no fans, but you’ll meet people on the site as soon as you login, your career goal is to capture the attention/interest of as many of them as possible.

After a few months, you’ll have built up a predictable fan base that allows you to make money somewhat predictably. You’ll still need the hours live streaming, that never goes away. The work, long-term, is tending to the audience that you have built, while trying to always improve and grow it, adding new fans to do private shows with. Keep your audience happy and you’ll make a lot of money. Take them for granted and they’ll all abandon you extremely fast for another model that doesn’t take them for granted, that’s the battle we’re all in.

Career Arc