Pandora Modeling | What We Do

The truth is, no one needs to use Pandora to be able to cam. Go to any cam site, find the signup button, proceed. It isn't complicated. So why would anyone join us?

In this course we're going to unpack what exactly a management agency for adult video chat models does, or at least what we think it ought to do.

For some people the direct-to-network signup may be the correct approach. At the end of the day, a company like Pandora is paid for by the models who work at it. Our earnings comes from our models' sales, directly. Every dollar that goes into our pockets is a dollar that in a perfect world could have gone into the model's pocket instead. 

So, why do we exist? Where do we get the nerve?

In a word: rent-seeking. From Wikipedia:

In public choice theory and in economicsrent-seeking involves seeking to increase one's share of existing wealth without creating new wealth. Rent-seeking results in reduced economic efficiency through poor allocation of resources, reduced actual wealth-creation, lost government revenue, increased income inequality,[1] and (potentially) national decline.

Any marketplace that has rent-seeking in it is ripe for disruption. That is how we diagnosed the state of adult video chat in 2010. It was plagued by companies known as "studios".

The term studios has existed as long as the adult video chat industry has, along with the unfortunate term, "webcam modeling". It's ostensibly derived from physical studios that have webcam models go in to work at them. These are common throughout Eastern Europe and South America, but less so in The United States of America where we primarily operate. Still, the term stuck and "studios" were a big industry in America.

These were virtual studios whose work involved advertising for webcam models, signing up as many people as possible to cam, and making a commission from the sales the models generated. Like us. This is fundamentally the same business model that Pandora Modeling started with and has followed for 8 years.

We started it because we believed the business practices that were commonplace across the studio industry were unethical and unsound business strategies. Paying performers extremely low rates. Being unreachable to performers after signup. Late payments. Along with many reports of general unprofessional/seedy/stereotypical behavior. Having had some direct experience with this myself early on in my career, I thought there had to be a better way. 

We wanted to destroy studios.

I saw an opportunity to do well while doing good by creating a company that didn't do any of the bad things and took the work seriously. Behave ethically, treat people well, and move the industry forward. That has been the motto from day one, and I think I've acquitted myself admirably throughout my career for the most part. The bad actors in the industry either no longer exist or are clinging on and hate my guts. Several have threatened to kill me... progress of a kind. 

We set out to be the best option for any webcam model anywhere on earth. It's a goal we'll never truly reach as someone will always have extenuating circumstances that we can't predict. But continuing to sprint towards an ever-moving goalpost is our kind of fun.

We analyze day by day, week by week, are we moving closer to that goal? If we're at the top of our industry, are we fighting like hell to push the top even higher, to always improve, and to never take anything for granted. 

We've really accomplished some amazing things over the past 7 years and we want to take this opportunity, just this once, to celebrate that and answer the question that we quite fairly get asked all the time, "Why should someone join Pandora versus any other company?"

6 reasons. 

1. You are way more likely to fail if you don't. 

-The attrition rate for webcam models is incredibly high. Most people quit within a few hours. It's like starting a new workout program, diet, quitting smoking, and facing all of your deepest, darkest insecurities all rolled into one. It's hard work. We have a well-documented history of helping performers become successful at a much higher rate. 

2. We'll tell you how much we think you'll make, and be right about it. 

-If you apply at Pandora, we're going to give you our honest assessment of how much money we think you'll make, and our assessments are pretty accurate. Some people don't like what we say, because they heard you can make $100/hour easily as a cam model. But we think a cold splash of reality up front is better than someone learning over a few hundred hours online that there isn't going to be a demand for them. 

3. You'll make a lot more money.

By virtue of you not failing you'll make more money of course. But beyond that, we've demonstrated a strong ability to be able to help individual models increase their hourly rates on cam. That our models make $50/hr on average isn't because we have a great conversion process to sign models up. It's all of the work that goes in after. 

4. We have the only sensible model referral program to help you earn more money by introducing people to our company, anywhere. 

We'd like your friends to be our friends. 

5. Our friends will be your friends.

This might sound a bit gangland but it's true. Pandora has a bunch of really cool models who work here, and we'll introduce you to them. We all hangout on Discord and sometimes meetup to travel/party.

This is a lot more like joining a cult than starting a new job. We just skip the weird power dynamics and religious aspects of other cults. Mostly, we're a large and diverse community of open-minded people with some similar interests. Joining Pandora is probably the fastest way to make friends with really cool people all over the world. 

6. Operational Excellence

How does one assess how much someone else knows about adult video chat? Is it possible? And if it were, how would you value such knowledge? These are difficult questions to be precise about, but while it may be unquantifiable, it's worth noting that it exists.

For some reason models in Pandora have vastly higher success rates per capita than any other arrangement. I don't exactly know why this is. Maybe it's our values. Maybe it's these principles. Maybe we just got lucky a few times with someone really cool hearing about us. We really don't know. 

But I think it has something to do with us having gained superior knowledge about the nature of adult video chat throughout the years. We're really into this stuff. We take it very seriously. And I've personally worked with thousands of models at this point teaching them the best knowledge I have about the work. I'm constantly learning new things when I work with new models and that knowledge gets distributed to everyone at the company. 

While we do our best to represent some of these ideas in Cam School, at the end of the day what works for any individual model might not work for another. Live chat is an extremely interactive and intimate performance and every unique person needs their own unique strategy. 

We seem to be good at that part.