How desperate are our models? That's not a question that we've ever been asked. No one has even hinted at it. But forming that question illuminates what to us is one of the most common misconceptions about webcam models that we experience. What we see as the fundamental fallacy at play applies to all forms of pornography and sex work. That is: 

"Of course no one really wants to do it deep down, but they do because it's their only option to make ends meet and survive." You hear this line of thinking a lot from people who are anti sex work.

It's sort of agreed that, like any line of work, there is a spectrum of relative affluence among individuals taking part. At the tragic end of the spectrum most people have an image of third world street prostitutes that would rather do anything else but have to sell their bodies reluctantly just to barely survive in extreme poverty. At the other end of the spectrum I think we're looking at ultra high end escorts in major metropolitan cities and high income social media personality porn stars.

It might be fair to say that people would broadly view affluent, $100,000 per year and higher earnings adult video chat models would be considered on the furthest right of the spectrum because "at least they don't have to have sex with people." 

These types of rationales (sometimes referred to as Whorearchy) are all predicated on the fundamental fallacy of individuals preferring not to do sex work of any kind. 

Why is it that individuals prefer not to do sex work of any kind? Because of course individuals prefer not to do sex work of any kind, I mean, come on, of course they don't really want to. And if they self report as wanting to they're just deluded/brainwashed. No one could actually want to. As the tag line of an eponymous anti sex work advocacy group asserts, "No little girl grows up wanting to be a prostitute." 

By and large, adult video chat models are subject to the same stigmatization that any other sex workers are. If the death threats or invitations for me (Jordan) to hurry up and die so I can start burning in hell sooner are any indication, the parties committed to the end of any commercialized sex industry don't have a warm place in their heart for adult video chat. 

As a company, Pandora Modeling is committed to the propagation of the legal commercial sex industry globally. So here are a few completely cherry picked data points that prop up our bias. We're not making the be all end all argument here. We actually don't think there is a big argument to be made, essentially, "Freedom, fuck you" takes care of everything we'd ever feel we need to argue. All we're aiming to do is tell our story and the story of the people we've had the pleasure to represent over the years to help illuminate a more accurate picture about our work. 

Upward Mobility: Demographic Realities Of Adult Video Chat Models. 

On average, our performers earn $41/hr. 

We talk a lot about "the work" and why people want to do it before they ever start and more after they're working. Virtually everyone says money. But in our applicants, indication that this is a last resort for economic survival are extremely rare. 

The reality is that someone in extremely dire financial circumstances rarely has a laptop, high speed internet, and a private area to broadcast from. A lot more of our performers come from comfortable 1 bedroom apartments in small cities around the US and sometimes are a few days late on rent than come from destitute circumstances.

We essentially see three aspirations from performers when they're getting started. And we'll go into each in detail. 

1. Autonomy. 

"When I realized I could make a few hundred dollars in a day jacking off in my room, I was no longer seeking other employment." -Anonymous cam guy. 

political sidebar: Maybe society at large is just uncomfortable with cum. We're not. But if people assert that cum is the main variable between what we're doing and what accountants are doing, doesn't it seem fair that as long as we're cool with cum we should be left to our own devices? 

That $41/hr stat doesn't tell the entire story. It's not just $41/hr. It's $41/hr that an individual can make at noon or midnight, from Baltimore or Bangkok, for 10 hours a week, or 10 hours a day. It's enough money to do anything, be anyone, live anywhere.

We've seen people graduate with masters degrees and zero student loan debt go on to start productive careers in serious industries from accounting to aerospace. 

We've seen broke small town kids acquire the means for multi year world travel.

And we've seen single moms struggling to make ends meet waiting tables payoff debt and move their family into a comfortable home and send their kids to private schools. 

2. Maintenance. 

For some people their cam career starts from unfortunate financial circumstances. The loss of a job, an expensive divorce, or an unexpected and expensive healthcare issue.