About this guide. 

Twitter has always been very friendly to adult content and shameless self promotion. We like that. 

In this guide we'll explain why Twitter is an indispensable tool in the arsenal of every model. If we could only pick one app for every model to use, it would be Twitter. That was a tough choice to make (Snapchat and Instagram tied for a very close second). But at the end of the day, Twitter has more of what you need in 2018 as adult video chat models. 

By the end of this guide we hope you'll be convinced why you absolutely, 100%, no questions asked, must have a serious Twitter strategy in place moving forward and walk away with enough ideas for how to make it work for your personal preferences, your fans, and your style. 

Table of Contents:

1. Tweet or Die.

2. Leverage.

3. Mass Appeal. 

4. Build And Build More.

Tweet or die.

Twitter has become ubiquitous in the adult industry. Primarily because it's the place that let us hang, so we stayed. Facebook as a company has always been heavily anti-pornography, so #fuckfacebook. For the most part, you can post anything you want on Twitter, but that doesn't mean you SHOULD post anything you want. 

Adult video chat is a business of intimacy. We think it's more intimate than any other business. The anonymity of the cam relationship gives customers the freedom to fully express themselves. That's hard to do for people in person. Customers are paying for access to those feelings and you're the path they're using to get there. More intimacy. 

In 2017, everything became undeniable. There was (and is still ongoing) a massive shift in customer's preferences for models that are active on social media. We're seeing the hourly CPH of models that aren't using social media drop relative to the models that are aggressive on social media. 

So why Tweet? Because if you don't, your hourly rate will erode and you'll lose clients. Cam sites suck to use on phones. There are no apps, it's not smooth, it just sucks. Your customers want to interact with you on their phone. Social media apps are the way to do that. Snapchat is a little more fun than Twitter, but it's slightly less practical for a serious model with a large audience. That's why we're giving Twitter the nod. 

When your audience follows you on a cam site, the cam site owns your audience. When they follow you on Twitter, you own your audience. It's that simple. Accidentally mention Skype and get banned for life from the site and all of your fans are gone. No one can censor you on Twitter. No one can control you on Twitter. If a cam site doesn't like what you do and wants to ban you, they lose a lot of clients as well. 

Social media moves the power and authority away from big, centralized networks and into the hands of models. We like that. Make all of us work to earn your business, don't let us take you for granted. Hint: Most cam sites don't like this, they went along with social media because they had no other option, but they do so resentfully. 

LEverage. AgaiN.

Look, it's not as if networks are sitting around trying to come up with reasons to ban their top models. Obviously not. We're not in an antagonistic relationship with networks. We're all on the same team. We all want the same thing. 

But leverage matters. Our company believes that the way to win everything is to find great people to work as models, get them as much power as possible, and then let them do whatever they want.

Networks can't own audiences. They can try to control traffic flow and influence it to get themselves more sales, but they're looking at big data, processing it with algorithms, and making calls on what the numbers say. But an "audience" means the customers that are having an extremely intimate relationship with you. What's important to that doesn't get picked up in a big data analysis of landing page conversion rates. 

The only one who can manage the relationship is you. You have to do it. Or it will fail. 

Trying to do it exclusively on site, while you're live, is really tough. You're left in a situation where the only time a customer can check you out, they have to go to the place where hundreds of other extremely attractive models are also at, live, right that second. The path of least resistance becomes extremely high customer turnover. It's a bad UX for regular relationships. 

When you add Twitter in, they end up noticing you when they're not on the site. They think about you more times per day/week. Those thoughts build attraction. Attraction builds our relationships. 

If you'll own your audience, and steward it properly, you'll win; and so will everyone else. Networks' retention rates for traffic will go up. When the water rises, all the ships rise with it. 

Mass Appeal: basic Twitter content Concepts.

1. Promote your Twitter every time you're online. Use it in your topic, bio, wherever you can.

Twitter is simple. Maximum followers possible. We're not picky. You want to blow your Twitter up, however you can. A lot of models make the mistake of trying to just have premium clients on Twitter, that's stupid (use Snapchat for that). You want EVERYONE on Twitter. And you want them to tell their friends. And you want their friends to tell their parents, grandparents, etc. 

You don't want Twitter to distract from your performance on cam. So just putting your mouth on repeat saying "Follow me on Twitter" isn't a good idea. You want it to add. One way would be a topic like: "Go follow me on Twitter and I'll grant one request for free." and then have a pinned Tweet that says, "Just kidding, I don't do shit for free, punk." 

Or 1000 other variations of that. Mention it out loud once or twice an hour when your room is busy, etc. Overall it should be about 1% of what you're doing online in free chat. But 1% is way different than 0%. 1% will cause you to build a big Twitter audience over time. 0% will not. 

2. Don't post adult content on Twitter.

Totally, we could post graphic nudity on Twitter. But we don't think it's a good strategy for most cam models. The tastes of your audience are always going to be too diverse to make good adult content that doesn't irk someone. For most models there's a large amount of their customer base that doesn't like the idea of them doing something sexual with anyone else. That you do private shows with another guy makes them uncomfortable. Broadcasting your genitals to the general Twitter public doesn't feel good to those guys. 

But also, there's just better places for that content. People use Twitter casually to pass time. On average a "use" of Twitter lasts for less than 5 minutes. It's a quick scroll, shallow content game, only a few % of your audience will even see the tweet, let alone respond to it. Don't make people nervous while they're in line at Starbucks. For every 1 that are into that, 1,000 aren't. 

3. Use your Twitter as your traffic routing service. 

Just put it at the bottom of everything. Sign your Twitter instead of your name on whatever you're doing online and push people to your Twitter. From there, you can redirect people to whatever you want them to be at in any given moment. Change up your bio links, pinned tweets, etc as frequently as you want. 

4. There are 3 kinds of tweets. Their visibility is different. 

We just want to define this really quickly. 

A: Broadcast tweets. This is where you just click the tweet button, type something, and press tweet. It shows up in the news feed of everyone that follows you. Expect 1-2% of your audience to see any given broadcast tweet in real time maximum. And new followers will likely scroll through and see them in order, so your last 20-100 tweets are your landing page view for new followers. 

B: @replies. If you start a broadcast tweet with @username then only your followers that follow both you and that user will see it. This is the default appearance if you go to someone's Twitter and tweet at them. If you throw a space, a period, or just mention them later on in the tweet.

C: @mention: This is just a broadcast tweet where an @username shows up somewhere other than the very beginning of a tweet. Public on your profile. 

5. Broadcast tweet random, witty, silly, thoughts that pop into your head. 

The example we like to give is: "How much would it cost for me to make a snowman out of peanut butter? Sometimes I think this while eating." 

Dumb, pointless, useless, not erotic, yeah, that's Twitter. Honestly, trying to be sexy on broadcast tweets is stupid. Posting hot pictures of yourself is fine, but being erotic? You're missing what the headspace of your audience is right then. When people want to be erotic they go to a porn site. Twitter is shallow. Use it to post things that children and dumb people could interact with and appreciate. Because that won't offend people and it will work. Again, mass appeal. 

I know we're starting to sound downright censorious here. When did we become such prudes? Bear with us, we'll get there. 

6. Other suitable broadcast tweets include:

  • Promote what time you'll be online or that you're online. It's probably not that essential to post a link, everyone posts a link, but honestly they're usually on their phones on Twitter, which means it will launch into the built in Twitter browser, which won't be a good experience. Or they'll open their computer and login. So you could just tweet, "ON." and "OFF." when you login and out. 
  • Pictures of you with a comment about it. 
  • Tweets about things that happen in your day.
  • Your opinion about anything that's going on in the world. 
  • Etc. 

7. @replies = warfare. 

So this is where we can let loose. Think of broadcast tweets as open chat, and @replies as privates, you can do anything on @replies and you should. Just don't do anything you wouldn't do. Here are some broad ideas on how to do this: 

A: Where do you land on the political spectrum? 

  • Are you down with the D...Trump?#MAGA. Follow Hillary Clinton and @reply "loser" to everything she posts (as quickly as you can after the tweet).
  • Maybe you love HRC and are 100% #RESIST. Follow Donald Trump and @reply "douchebag" to everything he posts, as quickly as he posts it. 
  • Apolitical? Probably skip this part, then. 

B: What are your thoughts on cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ripple, or Ethereum?

  • Don't care? Follow the primary twitter accounts associated with the top 5-10 coins (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Cardano, LItecoin, NEO, NEM, Stellar, Iota at the time of this writing). Reply "Vaporware" or "Scamcoin" to everything they post. Find their enthusiasts and do the same on their posts. 
  • Don't understand but want to? Follow the accounts and ask questions. Ask for good resources to learn more about it. Learn about it, and ask more questions as you learn. 
  • Enthusiast? Shill your favorite coin like crazy. Be involved in every conversation, everywhere about it. Follow the main account, follow all of the other enthusiasts, and talk to them all the time. Comment heavily on every piece of news. And also spread FUD about all other coins (see first bullet point in this section). 

C: Who are you into culturally? Same thing as we recommended on Instagram. 

  • Take your list of celebrities, artists, musicians, etc that you love. Follow them, respond to their tweets, engage with the responses of their other tweets. If anyone responds negatively to them, defend them aggressively. 

D: Interlude: Let them breathe a bit. 

You shouldn't reply to EVERY tweet from anyone. That would be creepy, spammy, lame. The more legit, real, your responses are the better they're going to work, by like 10x. You've got to be you, and whoever "you" is, needs to be not lame. We're encouraging you here to make the types of comments people emote with on Twitter. Provocative, aggressive, dissing, rude are all widely accepted and approving forms of content. People stop for a great post, but they stay for the comments. 

E: Twitter.com/search-advanced

You can type anything into Twitter search, and you get results. But with advanced search you can get way more specific. Use it to get deeper and further in the topics from above. Use it to explore. Use it to find tweets from regular people to @reply to. This can be an easier way to engage on topic-specific tweets than following accounts and responding to their tweets. But both strategies work. 

F: Your followers. 

Oh btw, engage with the people who already follow you and who start to follow you on Twitter. @reply the things they write to you. Comment on their posts. Be a fan of your fans. If you can't be, find new fans. 

Mass control: Build and build more. 

So what are the simple, easy-to-follow steps for you to become famous on Twitter? 

Sorry, we can't help you with that. You have to do you on it. Maybe politics, cryptocurrency, and Taylor Swift aren't the things you're into. That's fine. Do you. Find the things you like and engage with them. 

We gave some specific ways to do that engagement (responding to the responses and searching). And gave a few ways to systemize it (always commenting douchebag on everything @realdonaldtrump posts). But at the end of the day, it's gotta be something that makes you laugh, that you have fun with, that's how to make good performance art on Twitter. 

You can send up to 2,400 tweets per day. That might be a bit much. Start with 100-200. Do the research to find the accounts, content, communities that you want to be a part of. Get at least 10-20 sources here that are mostly unrelated if possible, and also regularly updated (don't waste time with accounts that don't tweet everyday). You will see the engagement right away. You'll see what works. You'll get better at it. You'll spend more time doing what works. 

Most models use Twitter as a one-to-many engagement platform for their existing fanbase. It's a great tool for that, no doubt. But 20-30 minutes a few times per week (or every single day for 5 hours) can make Twitter an even better way to engage your audience (because they see you're active, funny, and cool, so they can read all of your witty @replies, and THEY can COMMENT on YOUR replies to replies, #meta). And your ever growing community becomes a thing that is always having fierce discussions about whatever topics you are interested in having them about. 

All the while, your hoard keeps sucking in new people who are tempted by your exceptional good looks to check out your profile after you @reply to them.

Mass control is where you start to leverage an audience to do things. If you have 7 people who follow your Twitter and are really into you, cool, you get a few likes on your tweets. If you have 70,000, you can change the world, or at least your world, and make your life a lot easier. 

We think you should be as non-pornographic on Twitter as you can, so that people feel more comfortable sharing your stuff. Make your porn stuff secret, just to do it. Have the link in your bio if you want, but be coy about it, just for fun. Just so that an unsuspecting social media team at a major corporation might retweet you without looking close enough and later realize that you do porn and it's a scandal (that promotes you), stuff like that. 

Then do more. Keep pushing it. Be audacious. Go hard, every day, and people will be excited to follow you. Check it only a few times per week and you'll be mostly irrelevant.