On Retirement

Models should think about their cam careers as one stage of their life. It's not something that anyone reasonably can or should do forever. For some, this can provoke a strong feeling of mono no aware. For others, it provides hope and optimism.

Camming has been around long enough that you can find examples of people with active careers that have been going on more than a decade and continue to succeed. However, these folks are the exceptions rather than the rule. Having to leave the industry in our experience has less to do with 'aging out' and more to do with not wanting to continue. Everyone's reasons are different, but by and large, we know that every relationship our company starts with a client will one day come to an end. 

We've seen many end already and are sure to see many more. But by and large these endings have been very amicable and pleasant. Often with the model graduating from college (often debt free) and starting their dream career. Or with them having started a small business and it beginning to take off and require all of their attention. These are the happy endings we really want to make happen. 

So this final course is an invitation to our current and future models to think about what comes next.