About Pandora Modeling

Pandora Modeling is the name of our company. While saying nothing, that says it all. It’s just our name. Who we are, what we do, what it all means is a much much longer story. One that we’ll tell right now. Let's open the box.

“Pretending is not just play. Pretending is imagined possibility. Pretending, or acting, is a very valuable life skill and we do it all the time.” -Meryl Streep

Company isn’t really the best word to describe us. Nor does modeling convey much of what we do. We are a company, that’s true. But the company exists because having a corporate structure in place was necessary to facilitating our activity, both in the United States, and around the world.

In reality, we’re an idea. An idea conceived by one person and then shared by thousands. We’re a group of humans collaborating to make money on the internet using our good looks, charm, and hustle.

At work, we are performers. Quite simply, we make our money by performing 1-on-1 live video shows for clients. These shows are often grown-up in nature, where the clothing is optional. We do sex work. It’s true that we also do a lot more than that. It’s true that to just classify it as sex work misses the point. That we make a lot of our money by talking, fully clothed. These are all true. But it’s also true that we do sex work. There are times while performing, during a private 1-on-1 chat, where we are being paid to be naked, and perform sex acts on ourselves, alone in the privacy of our own home, sharing it with one person, for money.

For some performers, the sex work is 90-100% of how they make their money. For others, it’s 50/50. For others it’s maybe 0-10% clothes off, 90-100% clothes on. It’s up to the performer and it’s up to their customers. If a performer doesn’t want to get naked, and no one wants to pay them to interact while clothed, the performer fails.

This is a hustle. We’re closer to Vegas Strip jugglers and Marrakechian snake charmers than runway models. A lot closer actually. Our income is entirely commission. No salary, no hourly wage, no benefits. It’s a brutal way to make a living. We get paid when people like us, when people find us attractive and want to spend time with us. The saving grace is that we get paid a lot when people like us and want to spend time with us. Like a few dollars per minute sometimes. And so we can pretty reliably make $20-30 an hour, or $100 an hour, depending on the day. In a 20-30 hour work week, we can earn more money than we would at any other job. And if we want more, we can work 80 hour work weeks, or 100 hour work weeks. It’s up to us.

And therein lies the essence of our work. “It’s up to us.” We do whatever we want. We work when we want. We work from where we want. For as long as we want. We control our income, our lives, and our destiny. We don’t have to ask anyone for permission or answer to anyone.

We take off our clothes... Or we don't.