Starting At Pandora Modeling

The signing process.

Everyone has to go through the same basic process to get started. Here is an overview of that process. 

submit an application

When you submit an application our team reviews it to determine whether we think we're a good fit. As quickly as possible we'll get back to you and let you know what we think. Sometimes it's just a no. Other times we might suggest a better option than Pandora Modeling for your situation. Preferably, we'll be super excited and send you an invitation to join our company. That leads to phase 2. 

onboard process

When we decide to move forward, the first thing we have to do is create your new model profile and take care of some paperwork. 

1. We send you a form to collect: 

  • A clear picture of your valid, government-issued photo ID. (Driver's license, ID card, passport)
  • A headshot (advanced software is used to face match with your ID).
  • The stage name you want to perform under (you can't use your real name, this needs to be a believable sounding fake name with a first and last name. I.E: Taylor Smith. Not: SuperSexyPerson694eva). 
  • At least one profile picture. 

Once we verify the ID and approve your stage name we start to setup your account on our end. We'll then send you what's known as a 2257 compliance form. This is a simple form that has your real name, date of birth, ID information, and your performer identity. You have to e-sign this before we can give you access to your account. This signed form, along with a copy of your ID and headshot are kept on record to comply with US government regulations (specifically, 18 U.S.C section 2257 b regulations). All of your personal information is kept private, stored on encrypted servers. 

The profile picture and your stage name is the information that becomes your new public model profile. 

As soon as your profile is activated, you can login and start broadcasting.  The onboard process usually takes about an hour on our end, it just depends on how fast we receive your documentation. We have staff that work around the clock to process new model account setup so when we receive your intake form it's usually pretty soon that you get the 2257 form and can get started.

First Broadcast

Basically everything we've ever written anywhere as a company is to encourage someone to eventually do their first login. We recognize that this work can be extremely intimidating to start doing and in our experience the best thing a new performer can do is just login right away. Just to try it out, get a feel for the software, see what customers say who come into your room, etc. Give yourself a frame of reference to actually start thinking about it by just getting online and not overthinking your first broadcast. 

Sometimes models make money right away on their first broadcast, sometimes it takes a few to get comfortable with working your chatroom. No one login ever matters much, winning as an adult video chat is a numbers game. X hours per week x Y average hourly rate = Z total income. We're going to do everything we can to show you how to increase the Y figure as you start to develop, but you're always going to be on the hook for managing the X number. 

The community

Once you've completed your first login, if you choose to continue, we'll invite you to our private model community so you can meet the rest of the gang, you'll be one of us. We wait until after your first login to add you to the community because if we didn't, our community would be mostly people asking tons of generic questions about logging in, and that would annoy all of the other models. Trust us, when you're an awesome successful model, you'll be really glad for this policy). We're the ones that should be fielding all of your questions at that stage. 

The model community is ran by the models, not Pandora. Senior models are moderators and have the ability to remove content/people from the community. So the community is whatever all of the models want it to be. Big brother is not watching you. 

We structured it this way to reinforce an important point. We're not your boss. We're not your employer. If you sign with Pandora Modeling, you're hiring us to represent you as an adult performer, we work for you. Our goal is simple, to help you make as much money as you possibly can, as fast as you can, for as long as you choose to. We don't dictate what you do or how you do it. We'll give you advice. We'll help guide you through. We'll do our best to keep you on track. We'll show you all of the secrets to this craft. But at the end of the day, everything is your decision. We're not going to lock you into a contract, you'll always be a free agent, come and go as you please. Keep us around for as long as we're earning your loyalty, that's the relationship we want to have.