Social Media Guides

A place for everything and everything in its place. No two social media platforms are the same. Each comes with its own strengths, its own style, its own language. Different models will be better suited to different platforms and these guides are meant to be both creative inspiration and a strategic guide for dominating any platform. We also cover the thing that almost all adult video chat models seem to miss on social: how to actually turn all of this effort into money!



In 2018, Instagram is probably the most important social app. As Facebook turns inward prioritizing more than ever a focus on close friends and family, Instagram continues to be elevated as the default social app for an image hungry world. 



As the cool kids have flown to Snapchat and Instagram, the demographics of Twitter have shifted older. And that's just fine by us. Twitter is the social media app of choice for our primary customer demographic.

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The perfect blend of private and fun, just like you. Snapchat is the most intimate communication app, and we recommend a strategy that will take advantage of the good parts of Snapchat and map perfectly to your goals as a model. 



OnlyFans is the dark horse of 2018. We expect it to radically disrupt the way adult video chat models manage their audiences. Most models struggle to understand the longer term value of building a social media audience because they don't see any dollars today. OnlyFans makes your efforts matter in real time.