About this guide

Snapchat is the secret weapon of almost every top model. It's where they really manage their client relationships. Snapchat is top secret. No public follower/following list. No public content. No records. The pictures, videos, or messages that you send by default delete after being viewed. That's hot. 

In this guide, we're simply going to try to convince you of the best practices on Snapchat, and why our way is the right way. At the end, hopefully you'll believe us. 

Pandora S3: Secret Snapchat Strategy

Don't promote your Snapchat. Don't sell your Snapchat. Don't try and build a big audience on your Snapchat. Just... Don't. 


Because it will suck if you do. I mean, this is what almost everyone is doing with Snapchat, it's just another Twitter but more private. But trust us, we have like 10,000 people that have added us on Snapchat now. It sucks! It's too much. Please do not add us on Snapchat!

Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 3.56.52 PM.jpg

We're not joking. We have a business to run and getting 100+ unique people randomly snapping us every day creates a huge workload. It's almost impossible to keep up with. Every snap we reply to seems to create two more snaps that we have to reply to. it will be the same for you. 

Here's the difference. We can (and did) hire another person to handle Snapchat. That's easy. 

You can't. So, the more people you let in, the less available you are for each of the people. You don't scale. If you try to, you'll get burnt out, it's just too much. Beyond that, it'll destroy your ability to do the thing on Snapchat that would actually make Snapchat amazing: S3. 

Rule 1: Only add top tier active customers to your Snapchat. 

We're talking the cream of the crop and the people you think have a lot of potential to join the cream of the crop. So customers that have done decent length private shows, that you want to keep around as clients, that's who we're talking about. Or big tippers, etc. Get them while the relationship is budding, and use Snapchat as the vehicle to nurture it to full blossom. 

Maybe this means you have 3-10 people on your Snapchat, maybe it's 20-30, but you can drop the people who don't work out. More than 20-30 is getting dangerous, we don't think it's advisable. You'd have to have a really unique fanbase to do that. Probably when you hit 30 you should execute half of them, just tell them "Snapchat is too much, I'm gonna delete it, still <3 u." Then delete them and keep the top customers. Vicious? Yes. Totally fine because no one will ever know? Yes. 

Person stops spending on you? Bye bye Snapchat. 

Treat Snapchat as your VIP lounge where the coolest people are allowed to have more ongoing, intimate access to you. Snap back and forth with them throughout the day. Send pictures, videos, texts. It's flirting.

Naturally you have carte blanche when it comes to the content you share on Snapchat. There is no possible way for us to suggest even one without sounding lame, so we won't. It's 1 to 1, you know the client, do your thing.

This gives you the ability to create the ultimate extension of the fantasy. Tease throughout the day to arouse privates during your shift. Do they respond to erotic? Do that. Do they respond to intimate? Do that. Do they respond to chit chat? Do that. 

With Snapchat you are in their pocket. When you snap them, the screen on the device that is never out of arm's reach for them lights up. Think about that? You have the power to ping their phone, anytime, 24/7, with content that will get nearly a 100% engagement rate. 

Compare that to < 2% viewership on each of your tweets. Instagram is slightly better for per post engagement percentages, but it's not incredibly high. 

If you can't grasp how being able to light up the phone of your biggest spenders anytime you want will be valuable to your as an adult video chat model, quit. 

Rule 2: See Rule 1.

Just be a human, and interact with other humans. Have a relationship with them. You don't need to think in terms of content/promotion. Instead think in terms of us/he; think fantasy/erotic/turn-on. 

Maybe you have 1 person on Snapchat and that's it. Maybe you have 5. But if you have 500, you're going to lose the ability to go super deep with anyone, and it'll just be another shallow promo tool. When it could be so much more. 

That's seriously all we have to say about Snapchat.