Equipment & Privacy Requirements

what you need to work.

There are a few basic things anyone needs if they want to work as an adult video chat model. This article covers that. 

Please know, Pandora Modeling is a completely distributed company. We do not have a central studio that models come in to stream from. You work from wherever you want to work from. With that being said, here are the things you'll need. 

broadcasting equipment


  • A laptop or computer running Windows or MacOS. Tablets & phones are not compatible with our software.
  • Computers with less than 4GB of memory sometimes struggle to power the streaming software. Some models are able to broadcast with 4GB machines providing they don't have a lot of other applications running on their computer. 8GB+ machines are the best bet. 


  • The built-in webcam on some computers are high enough quality to broadcast with (read: Macs).
  • Generally, it's best to use an external webcam. 
  • We recommend either the Logitech C920/C930 series or the Logitech BCC950 (if you want a remote). 

Internet: A broadband connection with at least 2mbps upload speed is best for streaming HD video.

private room

Most models stream from their bedrooms, unless they live alone, in which case they stream from wherever they want, but still usually their bedrooms. Here are a few things to consider with your "set":

  • No one besides you can ever appear on your cam unless you're performing as a documented duo show. Even someone walking past in the background for a second is a major violation. 
  • No animals can ever appear on your cam. Even your cat walking past in the background is a major violation. 
  • Major violation means that these things are illegal and all good networks moderate this aggressively. Another person or an animal being on your video, particularly if they are involved in anyway, leads to an immediate, irrevocable ban. 
  • Consider noise. Customers shouldn't be able to hear anything (or anyone) besides you. And ideally, you shouldn't be performing from a place where other people (think: neighbors) would hear you. If that's a concern, loud music can help function as white noise. 
  • The space should be well lit and clean ideally. Lamps and laundry baskets help here. 

How you setup your space is entirely up to you.