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  1. A Primer On Adult Video Chat.


Adult Video Chat | A Primer

18+ | Attractive | Clothing Optional. We've said some version of that statement thousands upon thousands of times by now... 

But that's the simple truth of it. For attractive individuals, webcam modeling is probably the easiest way to make money online. How else can someone earn $100/hr sitting in their room in their underwear? It's not a bad gig really.

But there's a lot of confusion as to what it is that we really do, how it all works, and what someone should know before they start camming. So in Cam School we're going to explore what's really going on around here. 

Adult video chat modeling at its most basic form is an interactive video experience between a model/performer and a customer. It takes place in a virtual chatroom, where the customer can see the model, and pays a fixed rate per second/minute to have an interactive show. Some models do shows for one customer at a time. Some models do shows for a few customers at a time. Some models do public shows for hundreds or thousands of customers at a time (typically in exchange for tips rather than a fixed rate). It's all technically in the family of adult video chat modeling.

Our primary focus is in the 1-on-1 video chat sector. While we do some version of everything (it all depends on what an individual performer wants to do), we've found that understanding camming is best done at the individual level. If you can grasp why things are exciting between two individuals (1 model, 1 customer) you'll have a handle on all of the broader areas of adult video chat (and performance art in general). 

On the performer's side, they log in to a chatroom where dozens or hundreds of potential customers will be coming in and chatting with them. They'll interact in this public chatroom (we call it open chat) with as many people as they can as they try to find someone that will take them private. While shows with multiple customers are common and big open chat shows are the norm on some sites, our focus has always been on the 1-on-1 experience and that's what we'll mostly cover in Cam School. In general, we're referring to private shows. 

For the customer, they visit our site, browse through a wide selection of hundreds of live performers and stop to chat with whomever they want. They seem to like this arrangement. 

It really is that simple. That's all that's going on. Real human beings interacting with one another in a commercial environment where nudity is not expressly prohibited. 

Adult video chat sites have been around since the mid-90s. Flirt4Free, our network partner, has been operating since 1996. It's nothing new, but it has exploded in popularity over the past 5 years. 

so What do they actually do?

This is sort of like asking, "what is wind made out of?" We're often evasive in answering this question - not because we're trying to hide the nature of our work, but because we truly understand the nature of the work. The shows of Performer A and the shows of Performer B are different shows. The shows models from Area A do are different from the shows models from Area B do. The list of requirements contains exactly zero items. 

We're going to take a long time to answer this question because it's an important one. If you're someone who's interested in adult video chat, either to perform, or just as a curiosity, you need to be able to grasp the answer to this question. This is important. 

One implicit vibe of this question when a prospective model is asking is always, "Am I going to have to do things I am not comfortable with?" Answer: No. People almost never ask this directly. But the feeling is there, hiding under the question. You don't have to do anything, ever. That's just not how this works. It's not as if we're sitting next to you while you're working, auctioning you off to the highest bidder, and then relaying the order sheet for the degrading acts you now have to perform.

We're not there. You log in to your chatroom from your laptop anytime you want. We aren't your boss. We aren't your supervisor. We don't control what you do. We don't even know what you do; except when you tell us. Understanding that there are no requirements or expectations or oversight from Pandora is essential in us working together; more on this in later chapters. 

The models have the sole authority in their chatroom, both public and private. They decide what they do in any situation. Models turn down shows all the time that they're not interested in; that's part of the gig. They are interacting with hundreds of different potential customers in their chatroom while online. They talk, get to know people, feel each other out, and see if the vibe is right for a 1-on-1 intimate chat. That's how things go. Anytime the vibe isn't right, from either side, it's a simple no. 

What happens in the private show though?

Once again, we have to start by reiterating that we don't know. We could review the tapes, (shows are recorded), but we don't unless the model asks us to or we have some legal requirement to (we've never had this second situation come up). However, we won't dodge this question, it's important to give specifics here. So, since we've hedged our bets enough at this point to clarify to the world's governments that 100% (to the best of our knowledge) every model everywhere is obeying any relevant laws in their jurisdictions, let's get into the weeds.

The setting is an intimate, 1-on-1, private video chat. Often this means that the model is on video and the customer is simply typing (only ~4% of customers turn on their own cam in private shows). Really, it's a setting where two adults are virtually interacting and have more or less mutual blanket consent. 

The customer has anonymity and is free to ask for anything they want. Free to live out all of their fantasies; to pretend to be whoever they want. Total, complete freedom. 

The model, also protected by a stage name, has a similar liberation. They're playing a character, it's pretend, it's private. Anonymity, freedom, comfort, security, and mutual blanket consent. What follows is the most incredible, inexplicable, life-affirming, raw, unadulterated, human expression. 

Nudity? Yes! Our data indicates that human beings like when other human beings they find attractive are naked. Highly specific nudity focusing on one particular part of the body to satisfy a unique fetish? Yes. Very, very close up video of a model's genitals? Yes. Mutual masturbation? Yes. Mutual masturbation involving one or more sex toys? Yes. Role playing a boss/secretary fantasy? Yes. Role playing any number of BDSM fantasies? Yes. Role playing a rape fantasy? Yes. Role playing an underage fantasy? No (against the rules of the site). Role playing a superhero fantasy? Yes. Role playing anything else off Wikipedia's fetish list? Yes. Involving costumes in those fantasies? Yes. Involving animals or other people in those fantasies? No. 

Are there shows without nudity? Yes. Lots of them? Yes. Are there models that are never nude at all? Yes. It that common? No, nevernudes are rare. What do non-nude shows consist of? Talking, about everything. 

Make sense? We could post 10,000 more words on this and we wouldn't have covered it all. The full range of human expression is what happens. Two consenting adults enjoying an intimate conversation with each other in a private setting, wherever it might lead. Neither are required to do anything, ever. Neither have to stay. Neither have to say hello or goodbye. They each have total autonomy and every second they interact with each other is because they're choosing to. 

To reduce this down to "live sex cams" is tantamount to reducing music down to "noise happening." No one is having sex with clients, ever. Nudity occurs. The people who focus solely on nudity as a performer make less money than the performers that understand the deeper, intimate nature of the work. We create an environment where individuals are more free to express themselves than anywhere else in their life. 

The result is beautiful, ephemeral, adult performance art for an audience of one. 

That's what adult video chat is. That's what we do.