About Pandora Modeling

Pandora Modeling functions as a digital agency for adult webcam models. We recruit and manage performers for live sex cam websites. Our roster is roughly an even split between male and female performers. The majority of our performers are based in the United States. All performers are 18 or older. This is verified and documented prior to any work beginning, in accordance with 18 U.S.C Section 2257 regulations.

Webcam modeling is a commission based work. Performers make sales primarily through performing 1 on 1 private shows on the site for clients. They earn a commission (ranging from 27.5%-31%) of the customer spending. These 1 on 1 shows are often sexual in nature. However, every performance is at the discretion of the performer, generally tailored to the requests of the customer. Customers pay between $4-$12 per minute for private shows. Average hourly earnings for full time models vary greatly. The adjusted average for our full time performers is $32 per hour. In real numbers, 60-70% earn $20-30 per hour. 15-30% earn $30-60 per hour. The top 1% of performers earn from $80-$250 per hour. 

Our business entity is registered in Las Vegas, NV. All of our business is conducted online, we do not have a physical location where models perform. Everyone works from their own location, generally home. 

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 David Moon

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Jordan Laubaugh

Email: Jordan@pandoramodeling.com
Whatsapp: +66 93-650-9085

Bio: Jordan Laubaugh is an entrepreneur, writer, consultant, and the founder of the Pandora Modeling Group. He has no awards or honors to speak of and dropped out of community college after 2 years where he majored in nothing.

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