Payment Information

Note: These forms are secured using 128bit SSL encryption.

Direct Bank Transfer (USA): For US performers with US bank accounts. 

Check In The Mail (USA): For US performers that want to be paid via a check in the mail. Please note that this method is slower than direct bank transfers.

International: For Non-US performers, we're generally able to send payments directly to your bank account using an international transfer service. You can use the link below to submit your bank information. If you don't have a bank account, please email to discuss your options. We will work with you individually to set up a reliable method of payment with minimal fees. 

Things Worth Knowing About Payments

Frequency of Pay Periods

We operate on a biweekly pay cycle, meaning each pay period lasts two weeks. The pay period rollover happens every other week when Sunday becomes Monday at 12:00 a.m Eastern time. After each pay period ends the payments are finalized by Tuesday and processed on Wednesday via next day bank transfer. This means the funds will typically be available in your bank account on Thursday. 

note: Payouts can be delayed if a US bank holiday happens to fall on a Wednesday or Thursday or if either bank causes a delay in the transfer (this rarely happens, but it can). 

Minimum Payout

If your cumulative earnings are less than $100 you won’t receive a payment. Your earnings will be rolled over into your next payout. Earnings that don’t meet the minimum payout amount are accrued until the minimum is met, and then sent on the next payday. If you should decide to stop working without having made the minimum payout, you forfeit whatever earnings you’ve made.


You receive 100% of any bonus money won (from daily bonuses or promotional contests). It will be reflected on your stats page under “Adjustments”. Contests that fall on the final Sunday of the pay period are credited to the next pay period’s earnings.


Webcam models are 1099 independent contractors. Any model who earns $600 or more during the calendar year (January 1 to December 31) will be sent a 1099-MISC tax form the following January reporting their earnings. A copy is also sent to the IRS. Also, federal law requires us to keep a W-9 form on file for you, regardless of your earnings. The W-9 form must be completed before we can send you your first payment.

Corporate Privacy Information

All payments are sent via our parent company, (name not listed here for Google privacy). This is a generically named company, with no connotations of anything pornographic. We created that arrangement to help ensure our models’ privacy for use with banking, apartment rentals, loan reviews, etc. You can state (accurately) that you’re an independent contractor working for our parent company, sharing as much or as little about your job description as you would like. We recommend “customer service” as an easy explanation.

Employment Verification

We cannot provide employee verification documents, given that you are not an employee, but an independent contractor.

Your status is self-employed. 

Non-US Models

Taxes: You will not be sent a 1099-MISC tax form as this is only a requirement for US citizens. If requested, we can provide you with a similar report for you to use with filing taxes in your home country. We do not report the earnings of our performers to foreign governments.

Payments: The landscape of international payments is constantly changing. Still, it remains complicated or expensive. We try out everything that we can. Currently, we do not have a default international payment processor. Instead, we work individually with international models to create the best arrangement.