Pandora & Flirt4Free

Who We are and what we do.

We wanted to take some time to clarify the relationship between Pandora Modeling and Flirt4Free. While our two companies have a deep bond and long history of working together, we are in fact two distinct companies.

Flirt4Free is the cam site network of choice at Pandora Modeling. It is owned and operated by VS Media Inc and based in Los Angeles, California. They are the company that does absolutely everything necessary to make the site run. They build and maintain it, host it, upgrade it, and bring all of the various parties together to make it run smoothly: payment processors, models, customers, and many more.

Pandora Modeling is a management agency for adult video chat models, all of the models who perform with us perform on Flirt4Free. While all Pandora models are on Flirt4Free, not all Flirt4Free models are affiliated with Pandora (sadly). Our role is in recruiting, training, and managing performers.

For our purposes, it’s best to think of management in terms of entertainment managers. We don’t dictate models schedules or performances in any way. Rather, we work with the performers that join our company to help them make the most money possible.

Staying with entertainment, you could think of Flirt4Free as the record label, and Pandora Modeling as the person that’s always with the musician when they go to the studio, concerts, events, etc.

We exist because camming is really hard, and almost everyone who tries it fails. We’ve demonstrated the ability to make people succeed at drastically higher rates than the network can on its own.


Flirt4Free pays Pandora a commission based on the sales generated by the models we introduce to their site. When you join Flirt4Free via Pandora Modeling, you get the same rate Flirt pays directly, and all of the payments are sent from Flirt. The commission they pay us doesn’t affect your earnings. They’re simply paying us that additional money to incentivize us to recruit and help models succeed. The system works.

Pandora’s Business Model.

There are essentially two sides to our business: recruiting and management. Recruiting is pretty simple. We come up with creative ways to tell people about how cool camming is, those who are interested sign up. On the management side, anything goes. We make a lot of content for models to help you learn how to get good, and as you start working and making sales, we work with you individually to help you learn how to make the most sales, and have the best time. This makes our role varying degrees of: coach, personal assistant, motivational speaker, tactician, communication director.