If you don't have an OnlyFans account yet, don't feel bad, feel good actually. Because if you use our link to signup, OnlyFans will put some coin in our pockets, and we'll appreciate the F out of you (won't affect your account/earnings at all). 

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About this guide.

Do we tell you about it? Or do we keep our mouth shut and hope it goes away? That was the question we were asking ourselves in late 2017. From the perspective of our type of business, OnlyFans presents a genuine potential threat. 

We were nervous. But then we realized... If this could damage us slightly, it could potentially mortally wound our competitors. That got us thinking. We think we'll be able to weather the chaos and win, and they'll lose. That got us excited about OnlyFans

We also, less connivingly, recognized that it would be a valuable tool for models and should share it for that reason. But honestly, that came second in our realization process. 

Let's do this.  


Private members-only paid fan club app. 

80% commission on all sales.

Daily payouts.

No public content. 

No public follower list.

Tip capability.

OnlyFans is not a porn site. On the inside it's basically a worse version of Twitter functionally. But everyone that follows you has to pay a monthly fee of whatever amount you decide. 

OnlyFans is a game changer. Eventually it, or something like it, will be ubiquitous in the adult video chat world. We always thought the cam network that solved mobile broadcasting/apps would win and destroy all the other networks (and maybe they still will long term). But OnlyFans, a super obvious idea that none of us saw is the dark horse of disruption in 2018. 

We don't think it will destroy cam networks. It's not directly competitive in terms of features. The question is entirely utility to performers. Of which OnlyFans offers a lot. 

OnlyFans did do something brilliant and we respect it. They made it secret. No public content. It's not POSSIBLE to post public content on OnlyFans. Which means for them, exactly what that means for Snapchat: they are not a porn company. They have an app in Google's app store (it sucks) and claim they'll have one in Apple's soon (we assume they're trying to figure out a way around the 30% fee Apple has on digital sales, aren't we all). 

Own your audience. Own your audience. Own your audience. Privately. 

The Age of Long Tail Dominance

For 6-7 years we've been encouraging our models to use social media more. Basically to no avail. Maybe 5-10, out of thousands, have really taken social seriously. The community in our company and on Flirt4Free is very privacy centric, we're shy. That's great and all, but people never seemed to get that Twitter wasn't about posting pics of their asshole. So they avoided it. We view ourselves as porn, and we're only comfortable doing that porn in the most private setting possible for the maximum amount of money possible. 

Now we're going to get fucking hammered because of it. And that's good, we deserve to.

MyFreeCams models long ago embraced Twitter. They're social hustlers. And in the age of OnlyFans they're going to benefit tremendously. 

If a girl has been camming for 2 years and has a 50,000 person Twitter following. That probably isn't worth a ton on MyFreeCams. Those aren't all big spending regular customers obviously. Maybe a good percentage of them (like 3-5%) tip from time to time and a few really matter, and those few (whether it's 1-3 or 50-100) are how the girl makes her money. Spending is always concentrated at the top.

Let's imagine her 50,000 followers are worth $15,000/month in income from camming. Pretty reasonable assumption and a great income. But she's primarily capitalizing on the top 1% of her fans where most of her income is coming from. This is short tail spending. It's how the entire video chat industry survives. Regulars. 

OnlyFans transforms the long tail into a profit center. Think about it. How many of the people that really like her, but aren't loaded with cash, and tip $5-10 a few times per week, would spend $40/month to be on her OnlyFans? 

Answer: The overwhelming majority of them. 

Maybe out of the 50,000 followers, there are 800 that are actual long tail customers. People who have spent on her before, like her, but don't spend a ton. And these 800 sign up for her OnlyFans. 

$40 x 80% x 800 = $25,600 per month in membership fees. 

That's insane.

Maybe we're being super generous and it's actually 200 users that would sign up ($6,400/month). Maybe we're way off and it's 3,000 ($96,000/month)

For a new thing, that isn't that great of an app, that will be a side gig for every model, to create that much value is preposterous. 

We're not even skeptical. We've already done the research. We've been given a sneak peak at some of the OnlyFans of people (no one in the adult video chat industry) that are making medium 5 figures per month on OnlyFans (mostly guys that are Instagram fitness celebrities). $30-40k/month. 

But look, they're coming from mass-market, non-adult, and trying to tow the line where Under Armor will still consider sponsoring them (I.E, they are not making pornography). Adult video chat models come from a setup where fans are extremely intimate with them, and pre conditioned to spending a lot of money. 

It's going to be carnage. 

Social Conversion

To be honest, it's not our models fault that they didn't get into social media. It's ours. It's more a representation of the overall strategy we've employed. We made the focus private, top secret, non-sleazy, high status performers. And we dominated. We didn't have the most Twitter followers, but we have the most millionaires in our fanbases and that makes good things happen. Epic things really: 

  • $12/minute private shows. Yeah, that was us that made that sort of normal. 
  • 10,000 credit tip button. Yeah, we're the ones that requested that. 
  • $20,000 made in a day. Yeah, that was our guy

When we got to Flirt4Free in 2010 a guy working higher than 90cpm was extremely rare. There was just a ceiling. Guys just made less than girls, that was the rule. We broke the rules and we broke the ceiling. Guys working 120cpm is perfectly normal now. All of this is because we learned how to attract high net worth clients for models. And we did it. 

So, when you make 80-90% of your paycheck from one dude. Why do you want to put hours every week into grinding on Twitter? You don't, it's boring.

Other sites are different, they're doing big open chat public shows. They need a big audience. We sort of didn't. So some of us got into Snapchat, that made sense. But trying to get 100,000 more people to see our face. No thanks. 

And then one day... OnlyFans happened. And now we have to adapt. 

It's not that this will take money out of our models pockets. It's new money. No one loses any to get it. There's just a huge opportunity for those social media hustling models that we're going to have to miss out on for now. The fanbases of adult video chat models just got more valuable. 

Why put all of the work into Twitter and Instagram to build a big audience? Because your bio link will be your OnlyFans link, and it will convert fans, and you'll make money. 

Why put out an interesting Youtube show starring you that would be cool? It'll make you more money on OnlyFans.

Why achieve a top rank on a cam site and fight like hell to keep it? B. The $15-30k/month you'll make by doing that. A. To promote your Twitter, which promotes your OnlyFans. 


If you're an executive of Flirt4Free, MyFreeCams, or Streamate reading this and thinking, "Fuck. Fucking Jordan. I never liked him. Let's kill him." 

Please don't. I didn't invent this. It wasn't my idea. I'm adapting and you have to also. But just listen to what I say to them next, and maybe you'll unload the gun you've got pointed at the messenger. 

PSA For Adult Video Chat Models: You should behave in an ethical way with this new information. Take care of the networks that made us all successful. Don't be scummy and just try to redirect all of the customers. It'll be easier if we all win together. 

Networks made all of this shit possible. We're talking about a billion dollar industry, they did it. Now, the inevitable disruption that we knew was coming is here. 

Redirecting spending off site would be a violation of the terms of service of every cam site. Just don't do it, you don't need to. The experience that makes us all a lot of money now isn't changing because of OnlyFans. The excitement of Live Chat is at an all time high. You cannot replicate a private show, or a party chat on Only Fans. 

So, the market is going to dictate your ethics here. And everyone has basically two options. The Hoe Move and The Pro Move. 

The Hoe Move: Try to steal all of the fans from the network to OnlyFans. Be like the people that try to use cam sites to sell Skype shows. Meaning, fail, suck, and generally be a lame human being. That's what happens, every time. No one succeeds doing it that way. You snag a few customers, get banned, and walk away with a career worth $700. 

The Pro Move: Take care of the network that made you successful in the first place. Do an amazing performance there, profit, and promote yourself. Build up OnlyFans and promote your chatroom there. One hand washes the other. 

Everyone who does the Pro move will win, as always. Everyone who does the Hoe move will lose, as always. 

So here's what we're doing to adapt. 

First, we think the two things will coexist peacefully and in the end be mutually beneficial. A $20-40/month membership fee on another site isn't going to annihilate spending on the cam site. Most customers won't notice it. Probably it has the effect of increasing spending on the cam site when you have a more engaged audience. We also don't think the "conversion funnel" of cam chat room to Twitter to Only Fans will be particularly high volume or significant based on our experience. 

As of right now, for the average Pandora Model, OnlyFans doesn't represent a lot of value to them. Most of our models can imagine 10-20 people that might sign up for it. So, a few hundred bucks a month. For a lot of them, that isn't worth the effort to manage another account somewhere. They're already exhausted from not updating their Twitter. 

But everyone seemingly sees the long term value of it as a tool for fan community management. 

And we've done enough experimentation to prove that social media apps like Instagram and Twitter, with the right content/promotion strategy, can profitably attract organic OnlyFans subscriptions. 

Read that part twice more. Post shit on Instagram, get more OnlyFans subscribers. No cam site involved. 

That interests us. Ray Dalio said it's good to have businesses with diverse, non-correlated income streams. Probably an adult video chat model having their fans on something like OnlyFans isn't exactly non-correlated. But it's more so than the current monopoly situation. 

We're focusing on building huge social media audiences, with the exact strategies you've read about in our social media guides. As we attract new fans we'll try to convert them in real-time to our OnlyFans pages and build the biggest client list on OnlyFans that we can. From OnlyFans we'll promote our cam site chatrooms when we're live, or anything else that we want. Continue to dominate the cam sites. Dominate the new things. Cross promote all of it. 

That's it. 

We don't see OnlyFans as the end of an era, it's the beginning of a new one. And we intend to make sure our models win. 

OnlyFans Content

There's no indication that OnlyFans has any content policies. They don't seem to have any oversight or moderation activities and may have intentionally designed it so that they don't have the capability to. 

So basically, do anything you want. OnlyFans is all on you. Whatever you want on it, goes on it, pure creativity. As there's going to be a huge variation in the models and their fanbases as to what each of you deem appropriate, we don't have many specific recommendations for content. 

If you want people to stick, and remain as customers on OnlyFans. You should be updating it everyday. You should be listening to the feedback they give on what you post and adapting your strategy. And as much as possible you should be engaging in 1 to 1 interactions with your fans, that's high value activity. As you grow, and succeed, you have less time to do that and more people wanting to do that (always make some time to do it). You have to supplement with more high quality content for the masses. 

You should start your OnlyFans with some quality introductory content. Make something people will be able to spend some time with when they first subscribe. But from then on, just put out the best content you can, as often as you can. You know better than anyone what your audience wants and needs from you, trust yourself. 

It's hard to give specifics on OnlyFans content because of that. Instead, we're going to end this guide, and redirect you to a blog post that we think captures the essence of the spirit we're trying to convey in our social media guides. 

The final word on OnlyFans is a prediction, it's going to become a standard integral part of adult performers arsenal and a significant supplemental income stream for a lot of you. Maybe it won't be OnlyFans exactly, maybe a new app will come along that will be even better (hope so) but some form of you owning your audience and monetizing it directly is going to be a part of our work forever.