The Best Day Ever On Cam

The following is a post from Brock Jacobs. He's one of our most popular performers at Pandora Modeling. This story details an incredible series of events that took place on New Year's Eve 2015 that led to him having the best individual day any of our performers have ever had on cam.  

Enter Brock.

So this story is going to be called, "How I Accidentally Made $20,000 in one day as a webcam model." 

Ok I overstated things with that title. I've never actually made $20,000 in one day. The truth is, I made exactly $19,980 in a single day between December 31, 2015 and January 1, 2016. Here's how.

At the end of each year, Flirt4Free has a series of contests going on called Flirt Of The Year. One of the categories this year was, "Viewer's Choice". In this contest, customers could vote for the last few months of the year for their favorite model, once per day. They could also "Super Vote" which was equivalent to 5 votes, for 50 credits. I felt at the time (and still do) that this contest was a lame idea.

That being said. I made $19,980 in less than 24 hours. $14,000 of that was from the prize pool of the Viewer's Choice contest. $4,000 of it was from tips after the contest ended (celebratory tips). And The other $1,980 was for other contests that I won that day because of the tips, and other FOTY wins. 

It was way way way way my best day ever on cam. Here's how it happened. 

Coming down to the wire in the contest there were 2 models way way ahead of everyone and I was in 3rd. But I was trailing by A LOT. It just so happened that the guy in 2nd was a model that I knew and didn't like, because he's a total shit apple. I didn't see any way to pass him though. 

But then I noticed something strange. A very popular big spender on the site (name omitted) was sending super votes to the performer in 1st place (a guy I didn't really know). This was strange because he hadn't ever super voted him before, it was the next to last day, and the guy was already in first. 

I tried to reason it out and the only thing that I could think of was the the customer was voting the model already in 1st to make sure that the model in 2nd place (shit apple) didn't get into 1st. It was unlikely, but nothing else made sense. And I'd witnessed the customer spending on contest days to make sure certain models didn't win before. 

So I sent a message, a very long shot message, and said I was hoping to pass the model in 2nd place in the contest, and invited him to help if that interested him.

He responded rather quickly and asked how far behind I was. I gave him my best guess (the totals weren't public so I could only guess) and he started sending some super votes. I was ecstatic!

As soon as this happened the model in 2nd place was told about it (a lot of customers were monitoring all of the rooms of the guys in the running for this contest and they let him know right away). This model in turn proceeded to have an epic melt down, like seriously epic. Hard to watch kind of stuff. He said a lot of really mean things about the customer voting me and eventually logged off. My votes kept rolling in. 

The next day, December 31 I still hadn't passed him and wasn't sure I would. But the guy in 2nd place, logged in to complain, and wasn't even trying to collect votes anymore. He was actually telling his customers not to vote him. 

I collected votes all day. But by 10PM I STILL hadn't passed him. I was scared. I'd given the customer an estimate of how far behind I was (sincere guess) and he'd already sent more than twice that amount of super votes. I was afraid that I had miscalculated horribly and that it wouldn't be possible to pass him, and that I'll have wasted the time of this customer and he'll hate me. Maybe in the future he'd spend money to make sure I lose contests. Nervous. 

It must have been at this point that it clicked in the #2 guys head that he could actually still win and that I might not pass him, because he logged back in and started asking for super votes again. He also started talking crap about me, and the customers voting me again, and they all saw it. 

I should thank him because, due entirely to his bad mouthing (and general shittines as a human) the fans in my room went wild with super votes. Not just the customer that had came around the night before, but 2 other regulars started super voting non stop. For the last 90 minutes of the day I was getting probably 2 super votes per second on average, no joke. This craziness led a lot more customers to super vote on and off just to break up the constant wall of super votes in my chat from the main customers. 

15 minutes before midnight I passed him (After more than an hour of nonstop votes, I was WAY further behind than I'd guessed). The #2 model then got really desperate, and sad, I think he might have actually cried a bit. I wasn't watching though. For every 1 super vote a fan of his would send, I was getting 30. This continued until midnight when the contest ended. 

After a few minutes, when the final update came in, it was revealed that I passed the guy that was in 1st place as well. He hadn't quite realized what was going on during the final few hours and was just sort of coasting in. Thanks to the guy in #2, my fans were emboldened and spent such an incredible amount on super votes that I passed them both. The guy that was in the #1 spot should be very upset at the guy that was in the #2 spot. 

So I jumped from winning what would have been a cool $2,000 for 3rd place, to winning $14,000. When that news came in, the main customer that had been voting to help me win sent me a 100,000 credit tip ($3,100 earned in 1 second). 

Webcam modeling is cool. I think that's the main takeaway. 

End brag.

Brock Jacobs