CAM101 Podcast - Episode 9: Dynamic or Deadly? What we think about duo shows for cam models.

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Show Notes

Should you cam with a partner? It depends.

Are you a girl wanting to do a show with your boyfriend cam with her? Are you thinking about doing a girl-girl show? Guy-guy? Guy-girl? 3 person? 4 person? 5 person? We address all of them.

Why do you want to do it? That’s the first question. What’s the goal. Be really honest with yourself about it.

Are you new to camming and you want to have a partner on because you think it will be easier or make you more comfortable? Ok, that’s one thing.

Are you in a committed relationship and you want to cam together because you’re more comfortable with the idea of camming if you’re both doing it together versus one of you having experiences with other people? Ok, that’s another common scenario.

Do you just think you’ll make more money with duos?

Figure out your motivation for doing it. That will help filter out a lot.

Answers to common situations.

Girl + jealous boyfriend: If you’re a girl who is just starting her cam career and you’re in a committed relationship and your boyfriend is not comfortable with you camming unless he is there. Quit camming or dump your boyfriend - those are the two options. It’s a bad idea to do this duo show. The discomfort he has with you camming is not going to be appeased by him being on cam - the opposite will happen. The market for guy-girl shows are normally not guys who are going to flatter him - promise. At the same time, the demand for heterosexual couples is typically not that strong.

For it to make financial sense, you need a duo show to make twice the sales per hour as you would each earn individually. This almost never happens.

On the other hand, if you just want to cam as a couple because you want to, and you wouldn’t cam solo - for fun, or for experience, and you’re not worried about maximizing per-hour income. We’d say go ahead, try it out, have fun.

The main reason we don’t recommend hetero-couple shows is because the market for male cam models is primarily gay men; while the market for girls are primarily single hetero men. Those two audiences do not have a lot in common.

If you’re going to do it, consider setting up a fetish profile. There’s stronger demand for fetish performances involving partners (more is possible with a 2 people than just 1).

Guy-guy shows: Super popular. Possibly the most possible type of cam show today. Very likely to exceed solo earnings - likely to boost solo popularity.

Girl-girl shows: Super popular. Slightly less than guy-guy, but a big audience for it. Very possible to exceed solo earnings but not the norm. Can still alienate male customers who want relationship fantasy.

Feature Duos: Two popular cam models? Different market, doing features with other models can be a great promotional tool and generate a ton of spending (typically short term) - makes more sense for guys. Makes no sense for hetero duos.

Note: Duo shows work the same as solo shows from a sales/commission standpoint. That’s why the earnings need to double solo to make sense.

3+ person duo shows: Interesting. Fun. But really hard to make it sustainable. Just not a big enough demand to get the necessary sales. Maybe for a weekend.

Notes on dealing with each other.

Doing duos is hard. It’s hard to sit in a room on cam, performing with another person. You’ll get on each others nerves. Customers are always asking you to do things that you might not be comfortable doing. Talk to each other. Take breaks whenever one of you need to. Duo camming is an insanely intense thing - super stressful. Be careful.

Oh, and if you’re a single guy, and you want me to set you up with a girl to duos with… Go fuck yourself.

Jordan Laubaugh
Founder, Pandora Modeling
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