CAM101 Podcast - Episode 8: How to make $1,000/day as a cam model on Flirt4Free. Contest strategy guide.

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Show Notes

Contest Strategy.

Every model should care about contests. For two main reasons:

Customers get discounts on credits. Customers get excited by contests.

Spending is higher site-wide on contest days due to the discounted credits. As such, even if you aren’t actively trying to win a contest, you tend to have a higher hourly rate on contest days. Regular spending customers often plan to buy more credits on contest days (and most customer spend all of their credits in the session they buy them).

Another factor that leads to higher spending is that if you are actively going for a contest customers will spend more than normal. There are a lot of customers who will spend more money to help you achieve your goal (win the contest) than they would just for their own personal desire for a private show.

Contests create an external reason for customer spending - they have fun with it - and everyone wins.

People can only jack off so much. But the amount of time they can spend hanging out in your room and tipping here and there to help you move up in a contest - is nearly infinite for many customers.

The Flirt4Free Contest Schedule:

The 3 Types of Contests on Flirt4Free

Top model contest: Varies on # of winners and bonus. But top 4-7 win $200-400 is the standard range - guys and girls separate (top 4 girls, top 4 guys each win).

Auto-win: Make 10,000 credits - win $100. Make 20,000 credits - win $200. Make 30,000 credits - win $300. Easy game.

Random Draw: Make 5,000 credits, be entered into a raffle to win either $50 or $100. Typically 20 win $100, 20 win $50.

Contests run 24 hours, midnight to midnight, Eastern Standard Time.

If you’re in a private show at the beginning of the contest (when the day changes) it won’t count towards the contest. If you’re in a private show at the end of the contest and it goes past midnight (up to 2AM) all of the credits in the show will count for the contest (tips after midnight won’t).

You have to broadcast at least 1 hour to qualify for any contest.

How to actually win contests.

You need a strong fan base to win a contest - or a lot of luck. Consider the top models who are regularly winning contests, they have audiences of thousands of people who have spent on them. They have an easier time getting private shows and charge much higher rates. They also work very long hours on contest days to win (top models make tens of thousands of dollars per year through bonuses from contest wins).

  1. Invite your fans to the contest. Let them know you are going to be online and trying to win it. Planning in advance makes life a lot easier on contest days.

  2. Tell people in your room that you are trying to win the contest.

  3. Start right at midnight if you can to get credits right away. This early momentum helps a lot. It gets your rank higher early in the day, which leads to more exposure. Being in the running makes customers more likely to spend money to help you win.

  4. You really need to not have other things going on on contest days. No one wins contests in 4 hours - they take 8, 10, 12, 14+ hour long days. It has to be the only thing you’re doing.

  5. Have your Flirt Phone/SMS on for contest days and promote it to people any time you’re not online to keep spending happening.

  6. If an individual customer cares about contests, talk about it a lot. If they don’t, mention it very little.

  7. The last few hours of the contest are crucial - we see the highest per-hour spending (ever on cam) as contests get closer to ending. Customers get excited, you get excited, things get wild.

At the very least, be online for contests because customers spend more money due to contests. But the real money is made from actively trying to win them. You might lose your first 10 - or 100. That’s fine, keep trying and you’ll end up making a higher credit per hour.

But then, you might as well win some too.

Jordan Laubaugh
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