CAM101 Podcast - Episode 7: How to make $1,000/week as a cam model on Flirt4Free.

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Show Notes

What does it take to make $1,000/week as a cam model on Flirt4Free? This episode answers that question. We get into the math and the strategy.

$1,000 is a significant amount of money. $1,000 per week, as an income, is legit. It is also amazingly attainable these days on Flirt4Free. Camming is the sort of thing that you just start making money at right away. You set up an account, login, and customers start coming into your room. You should make money in your first few hours, on the first day. You should make money every day. The question is just how much.

$20/hr = 50 hours per week to make $1,000. 50 hours per week is a lot! But it’s doable.

That being said it’s also really hard to make $20/hr on cam, it’s not a common rate. Most people end up making more ($25-30+) or a lot less. At $20/hr, it means a lot of the time you are on cam, you’re not making money. At 60cpm (standard rate), $20/hr is 12 minutes per hour in show.

The basic tweaks to make if you’re stuck at $20/hr:

  • Improve your setup/video quality.

  • Keep meeting more customers in your room, it will go up.

  • Don’t spend all of your time talking to people who aren’t spending money. Use The 5 Minute Rule.

Flirt4Free is pretty well-designed to get customers to spend money. Thanks Flirt4Free.

The Math

$1,000/week = $2,000 in 2 weeks (we work on a 2 week pay period).

You need 57,144 credits spent on you in 2 weeks to make exactly $2,000.

28,572 credits per week = $1,000 per week.

Note: You also need to hit 30 hours.

The average credits per hour (2018 annual) across the company at Pandora was 1,740. Long rant from Jordan about how averages are meaningless but he still talks about them a lot.

A lot of models land at around 1,000 credits per hour as an average.

The next level that we commonly see is 1,200-1,700 credits per hour, a lot of models end up in this range. This is a really good range - you’re a high demand cam model.

Not a lot of models end up earning between 1,700-2,200 credits per hour long term. They are much more likely to earn a lot more, or less.

If you broadcast exactly 30 hours in 2 weeks, you would need to earn 1,904 credits per hour. Average of $66/hr earnings, $1,000/week in 15 hours/week.

If you broadcast exactly 40 hours in 2 weeks, you would need to earn 1,428 credits per hour. Average of $50/hr earnings, $1,000/week in 20 hours/week. This is a very realistic amount that a lot of people hit.

If you broadcast exactly 60 hours in 2 weeks, you would need to earn 952 credits per hour. Average of $33,/hr earnings. $1,000/week in 30 hours/week. Super attainable.

If you broadcast exactly 80 hours in 2 weeks, you would need to earn 714 credits per hour. Average of $25/hr earnings. $1,000/week in 40 hours/week. Just try it.

Run the numbers yourself! The reason we’re laying this out is not because the math is hard and you need help calculating it - it’s because most models just don’t consider the math. When you do, you realize how important tiny things are. There is a huge difference between 952 credits per hour and 714 credits per hour, even though real-time on cam that doesn’t feel noticeably different. It’s a slightly longer show here or there, it’s a few tips in an hour. The effect it has on your bank account is significant.

Secret thing top cam models know: More hours online = higher sales per hour.

Power score (where you show up on the site) is determined by your total sales in the past 7 days. Whatever model had the most sales in 7 days is the #1 ranked model, and so on. The higher your rank the more traffic your room gets and the more sales you end up making.

You have to always be adding new fans to your audience. You do that by being online.

Show rates

Typically new models are starting out at Private + Voyeur 60cpm. That means customers can do a 1 on 1 show at 60 credits per minute and other customers can voyeur (watch the show) for 20 credits per minute. Voyeurs can see video but can’t hear audio or see the chat.

When you’re new, the majority of spending is going to be in 1 on 1 shows. That is the goal.

Conversion Rates

1,000 credits per hour at 60cpm is 16.7 minutes per hour in show. Which is 43 minutes spent in open chat trying to get customers to take you private. That’s hard, but it’s not impossible. This is an OK rhythm to be in.

16.7 minutes / 60 minutes = A 28% conversion rate. This is a good conversion rate. At 28% we’re not looking to lower or raise your rate.

If you’re below 20% (12 minutes per hour in show), we’re starting to get a little worried. You probably want to consider lowering your rate. It’s better to go from 60cpm to 40cpm and move your conversion rate back up to 25%+. The overall effect of having a lower price point with a higher conversion rate is positive. You attract more new customers. Your room is busier. You are spending less time in an inactive room. Camming is more enjoyable. You can build your audience faster and raise your rate.

25-30% conversion rate is healthy.

If you’re much above 30% conversion rate, you should probably raise your rate. 30% is a high conversion rate. We like to raise the rate 10cpm, broadcast for 10 hours, and check your credits per hour, if it went up and your conversion % is still over 30%, raise it another 10cpm every 10 hours until your conversion rate ends up at around 30%.

Another thing we use to evaluate the right rate - beyond conversion percentage - is to just use credits per hour. We like it this way because it makes you think about getting credits more than just the conversion percentage. I.E: “I’m only doing 700 credits per hour, how can I get someone to tip me 100 credits per hour so that I jump to 800.” and so on.

Standard ranges.

<1.,000cph: 60cpm is probably the best rate (unless you’re way below 1,000cph, then you may need to drop it lower, aim for 25-30% conversion rate).

1,000-1,400cph: 70cpm is a good rate.

1,400-1,800cph: 80cpm is a good rate.

1,800-2,200cph: 90cpm is a good rate.

2,200-3,000cph: 100cpm is a good rate.

Over 3,000cph things get tricky. Typically we go back to the conversion rate, if it’s over 30%, raise 10cpm every 10 hours until your conversion rate levels out at around 30%. This is how you find the natural ceiling for your rate. However, if your spending is highly concentrated from a few customers spending large amounts and you are over 3,000cph, it might be unwise to raise it 10cpm (as your core fans might feel priced gouged and put off).

You want to get to the highest rate you can. Key point to making the most money possible. Don’t worry, plenty of models are broadcasting at 150cpm+, there’s room to move it up. Once you get to 150cpm+ with a great conversion rate, your job is to raise the ceiling for everyone by pushing it higher.

Daily Credit Requirements

7 days per week = 4,081 credits per day. 68 minutes in show at 60cpm. 30% conversion rate = 3.77 hours online.

6 days per week = 4,762 credits per day. 79 minutes in show at 60cpm. 30% conversion rate = 4.3 hours online.

5 days per week = 5,714 credits per day. 95 minutes in show at 60cpm. 30% conversion rate = 5.2 hours online.

1 week on, 1 week off = 8,163 credits per day. 136 minutes in show at 60cpm. 30% conversion rate = 7.5 hours online.

Good conversion rate and can increase your show price? The required hours go down. Lower conversion rate and need to drop your price. The required hours go up. Do the math, figure out what is a realistic schedule for you, plan for it, and commit to it.

What works for you?

$1,000/week. Way more attainable than you think.

Jordan Laubaugh
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