CAM101 Podcast - Episode 6: How to get your first fetish show (and why you probably really want it).

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Show Notes

Fetish shows are one of the most common requests cam models get. They are also often the easiest shows to do and tend to last longer than standard sex shows. In this episode we give an overview of how they tend to work, discuss some of the most common fetish requests, and share ideas on how to attract more fetish customers.

One likely contributing factor to the prevalence of fetish requests comes from the fact that Kink - one of the world’s largest porn companies - happens to be one of Flirt4Free’s affiliates through their white label site We talk a bit about the effect of that in the show.

Another reason is just due to the nature of cams. It’s interactive and private, anyone can come on and express their unique interest in a safe environment. Most models, without trying, end up having 10-20% of their shows be things that could reasonably be considered fetish shows.

We’re big believers in trying and with a little effort you can attract a lot more fans from super lucrative fetish niches.

Basically, buy nipple clamps.

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