CAM101 Podcast - Episode 4: Developing A Set. Why you need to have go-to shows.

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Show Notes

After your first few weeks of being a cam model, you’ll notice that a lot of private shows are pretty much the same. Every customer will have a unique twist, but the core pieces rarely change for 80% of your private shows. This episode is about how to use that to your advantage.

By Set - we mean a routine show that you do over and over again. Like a comedian with their jokes or a magician with their tricks. A show that you practice, that you think about, that you review, and that you improve. Your material.

Working on set shows gives you the chance to get really good at doing awesome private shows, without having to spontaneously make it up in every show. Once a customer starts a show, there is a lot of pressure on both parties. You want to do a great show so that they enjoy themselves and come back. They want to have a good show so that they don’t feel like they’ve wasted their money. Trying to figure out a completely unique show every single time is overwhelming for both people. Plenty of customers are happy to just press private, let you do what you do, and take part by commenting/reacting - or maybe giving special requests/notes. 80% set / 20% custom is 100% better than, “whatdya want me to do dude?”

It also gives you a set private show to sell customers. Have an awesome set and tell people it’s awesome and ask them to pay to see it - they will. While plenty of customers want to do their own unique made up custom experience and need everything to be exactly a certain way to satisfy their fetish - plenty more just want to be entertained, don’t have a clue what they want, and would rather you just do everything and they sit/watch.

That latter group creates a problem. Many cam models, especially newer ones, are just regular, cool, nice people. Many are eager to do whatever show the customer wants, because the customer is spending a lot of money. They end up bringing the energy of, “Yeah, as long as you pay, I’ll do whatever you want within reason.” But that only works when the customer knows what they want. Many customers don’t. They need you to decide, to lead the interaction, to tell them what to do.

Consider a standard sex show - where the customer, a male, wants to be aroused and masturbate to completion in a private show with you. They likely don’t want to spend the 10-15 minutes typing continuously to tell you what to do. They can’t relax, get in their feelings, and get off if they have to keep pausing to type. This is what happens in shows.

A lot of models get nervous if a customer isn’t typing or responding - fearing that they aren’t engaged, aren’t enjoying themselves, and are going to end the show. So, they halt whatever performance they were doing to check in. Often the show ends at this stage after only a few minutes, and the model is perplexed. Often, everything was great until the pause fucked up their vibe. So trust yourself. Just keep doing the show you’re doing if the customer is silent. Run your set.

It’s hard to say what percentage of customers want the model to do the whole show for them to watch and what percentage want to be controlling the show and dictating what to do - it varies a lot by model. But at an absolute minimum, 25% of customer are more comfortable just being led through the models show rather than dictating their own. That percentage is higher with sex shows and lower with specific fetish/role-play shows.

Working on your set also allows you to better get into customers headspace - to see things from their eyes. What moves are working? What is getting good responses? What do they want to see? How do they want to see it? Work on it, you’ll learn as you go, and your shows will get better. It’s hard to drastically improve your show quality without working on it.

This difficult to quantify metric - show quality - is possibly the single greatest factor in long-term model success.

What do superstar cam models have in common?
The rate at which a first-time private customer returns for a 2nd and 3rd show.

What causes them to have higher rates than other people?
Doing awesome first private experiences with customers.

How do they do awesome first private experiences with customers?
They do the same few shows over and over and perfect them.

That’s basically it.

Jordan Laubaugh
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