CAM101 Podcast - Episode 3: How to get someone to do a private show with you. The "Call Your Shot" strategy.

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Show Notes

Episode 2 covered how to get traffic to engage in your chat room. Episode 3 covers how to turn those engaged users into money.

This strategy is beautiful in its simplicity: just pick one person and sell them a private show.

While it might seem so obvious as to not need mentioning, in reality many cam models don’t do this. They may generally ask their chat for someone (anyone) to take them private - and they will likely ask users they are talking with for shows. But very few pick one customer, decide they are going to get them to do a show, and focus on closing the deal. When you do though, cool things happen.

Putting the attention (pressure) on one person to close speeds up your interaction. It gets you to evaluate them as a customer, to want to learn what needs to happen to make them press private, to ask, to have a clear desired outcome, and work towards it in the conversation. Figuring out what that individual customer likes/wants/needs, getting them to express their desire, and then informing them of your capability to fulfill that desire is a natural conversational conversion funnel. When you don’t address this at the beginning and actively try to sell someone on a show, conversations just drag on forever.

Make the first move. Then keeping making it until they say yes or you decide they won’t close.

With this, you learn in 2-3 minutes whether someone is a potential customer or a time-waster, and you practice actively selling shows rather than waiting for a customer to want one. Which is the pro move.

Jordan Laubaugh
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