CAM101 Podcast - Episode 1: Day 1. Everything You Need To Know To Get Started On Cam.

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Show Notes

1st Broadcast Challenge: Get a 10-minute long, non-nude (talking only) private show.

Spend 4 hours online minimum. Get used to the ebb and flow of customers coming into your room, how they talk, how you respond. Long-term that is all camming is, being online and working your chatroom.

Your goal on day 1 is simply to decide whether you can do that or not. The requests will largely be the same on day 1,000 as they are on day 1. They will just come from different customers over time. So spend a few hours online, have fun, and figure out whether camming is for you.

If it’s not, quit. Stop after your first broadcast, deactivate your account, and never login again. That’s the point of the challenge, we want you to not make anything that could be considered “porn” on your first day. The porn part is simple long-term. It’s the talking, chatting, engaging an audience, and being online for a lot of hours - that’s the work.

You don’t want to make $1,000 in porn. Make a lot more or make zero. Those are the two best options.

The focus of camming is building relationship with customers.

There isn’t ever anything you have to do. You are going to be sitting in a chatroom by yourself, in your room, under an anonymous stage name. Complete strangers who you can’t see will come in and type to you - and ask you to do things. You can just say no if you don’t want to. There are always more customers. You’ll find the customers that vibe with you.

Relax and have fun.

Jordan Laubaugh
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