Understanding The Flirt4Free Direct Model Pay Scale.

Flirt4Free uses what we call a sliding pay scale. In this post, we’ll explain what that means and how it works. This pay scale applies to models whose accounts are registered directly with Flirt4Free* - which is the case for all Pandora models.

How much is each credit worth?

The answer to that question depends on what your stats are when the 2-week pay period ends. If you earned less than 25,000 credits total, they are each worth 2.7 cents (USD). If you earned 200,000 credits or more (and broadcast at least 40 hours), they are each worth 5 cents (USD).

The pay scale

any hours, 1-24,999 credits, 27%
any hours, 25,000+ credits, 30%
30 hours, 50,000+ credits, 35%
40 hours, 100,000+ credits, 40%
40 hours, 200,000+ credits, 50%

based on the 2-week pay period

What does the percentage mean?

The percentage is the model commission percentage - the percentage of the total credit value that goes to the model. On a typical transaction, a customer buys 1,000 credits for $100USD. It is a 10:1 ratio of credits to dollars. The customer then spends those credits in models rooms on private shows, tips, VODs, etc. Anytime a customer spends their credits on you, you earn money at your commission rate.

Yes, it applies to all of the credits earned in the pay period.

If you get to 200,000 credits in a pay period, and hit the 40 hour minimum. You earn a 50% commission rate on all 200,000 credits - which is $10,000.

So, on day 1 of the pay period, you could make 10,000 credits, check your stats, and see that it is only $270. But as soon as you get to 25,000 credits total in the pay period, the rate for all credits adjusts and is retroactive. So the moment you’re at 25,000 credits, the very instant that you reach it, your pay jumps to $750 (1 credit before, it was at $674.73). That 1 credit that put you over the 25,000 credit mark was worth $75.27.

The same thing happens at every subsequent credit level. Going from 199,999 to 200,000 credits moves you from $7,999.99 to $10,000 - that last credit is really crucial.

Why is it so complicated?

It’s not. More credits in the pay period = higher % commission rate. The network does this to incentivize people to broadcast more hours.

From the perspective of the network, which is spending millions of dollars to send traffic to models rooms (that’s where most of the rest of the money from each credit goes) the more models that are online at any given time, the better that traffic converts and spends money.

Similarly, the models who earn the most money (credits) are the models whose rooms convert new traffic into paying customers the best. They want those high converting models online and the huge jumps in commission percentages and dollar amounts at the higher levels are there to incentivize the models to be on more.

On the other end, any site will always have a lot of people who don’t broadcast much at all - a few hours here and there. For those accounts, commission percentage incentives don’t really affect anything. Paying out lower rates to those accounts saves very small amounts of money (a few dollars in most cases), but with thousands of cases per week, that adds up to them being able to afford to pay that extra $2,000 when a model goes from 199,999 credits to 200,000 - while still keeping their spending on traffic maxed out.


While keeping track of how much a credit is worth in your head involves a little math - it’s all auto-calculated on your stats page - the outcomes it produces are models having the ability to make drastically higher hourly rates than ever before. When Flirt introduced this pay scale at the end of 2018, a lot of our long-term $80/hr models became $100/hr models the next pay period - entirely from the commission percentage increases.

We think it’s pretty brilliant by Flirt4Free and our models have loved all of the extra money this year.

*Disclaimer: Flirt4Free always likes me to mention that this pay scale is not available worldwide yet. They launched it in the U.S & Canada (and the UK) at the end of 2018 as a pilot program for their direct models. In response to that, we transferred all of our models directly to Flirt4Free so they could take advantage of the pay scale. If you are a model on Flirt4Free from the following countries you won’t yet be able to access this pay scale: Colombia, Venezuela, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Czech Republic. If you are anywhere else in the world, this should be the pay scale you have on Flirt4Free. If it isn’t and you want it, well, all Pandora models have it, hit us up sometime - support@pandoramodeling.com.