SEXVLOG | The Future Of Porn Performers And Social Media.

What would happen if porn performers just acted like everyone else? What if we all stopped presuming the "real world" judges us in a negative light and discriminates against us? I mean, obviously they do, at least some of them do. But what if we acted as if that wasn't the case? What if we were just ourselves without apologies? What would the world look like then? 

We think about this all the time. It's not by accident that our website lacks bright colors, flashing banners, and promises of big money for no work. We take pornography very seriously. We think it's an important medium. We think it's art. We think it's essential for freedom. 

We also think there's a pretty strong case to be made that historically where erotic content was heavily censored (read; everywhere, all the time) people suffered. For thousands of years to be gay or to be a woman with sexual desire meant living in constant fear of imprisonment or death. Culture used to really suck. The "stigma" of porn is a vestige of that sexual repression culture. That culture that had unbroken dominance for 2,000 years across most of the world. That culture that might have endured even longer if Elvis Presley hadn't stepped onto a stage and shook his legs when he sang. 

We owe a lot to Rock & Roll. And to the early hip hop artists like Too Short, N.W.A, and 2 Live Crew. They're all heroes that paved the fucking way.  And yeah, Playboy too. 

We wonder what these visionaries felt when they went on stage. Did they have any sense how impactful what they were doing was?

We don't think they did. We don't think they knew. We think it was a deeper, unconscious, intuition thing. We think they just honestly expressed themselves without giving in to the fear that told them they shouldn't. It's a fear every artist faces. And the great ones overcome. And that's what art has always been. Human expression. 

We think it's time for porn to carry that torch. To stand up and be brave. To stop imagining repression culture ideologies standing in our way, forget about stigma, and just do us. To not apologize and not self-censor. To not think that as people who work in porn the only thing any of us are allowed to post is pornography and that we don't belong anywhere else.

Yes, Facebook will ban you for posting videos jacking off. But if it had been around, Facebook probably would have banned Elvis for shaking his legs. That wouldn't have changed how important it was that he did it. And it wouldn't have stopped the movement. Freedom will always evolve. The only variable is how long we collectively suffer until we grow out of bad ideas. Thank goodness rock and roll came before the tech boom. 

You belong. Porn doesn't owe the world an apology. If we'd stop acting like we do, so would almost everyone else. I imagine that if we polled people under the age of 30 and asked them whether they think people should be hated and discriminated against forever for working in porn, a large majority would respond no. 

The minority that says yes would most likely be people working in porn. 

That's what we're asking you to do when we say sexvlog. A handful of pioneers decided to use a camera and document their day-to-day existence a few years ago, curating their stories for us. Casey Neistat made it high art. And now a new genre exists. Vlogging is the ultimate modern form of human expression. 

Porn is human expression too. Did you ever think about that? It's worth thinking a lot about.

What if porn is actually the ultimate advantage in the social media influencer game, not a liability. You can do anything. Just don't post porn on the apps that don't allow it. Long live Twitter. 

What if you put out a YouTube vlog called Sexvlog. What would episodes 1-30 look like? If it was your life as an adult performer. No nudity, no sex, no porn. Just a story about you camming, or shooting porn, and running your career as an adult performance artist. Carefully edited to make sure you didn't cross the line. What would it look like?

Social media is not a thing anymore. It's just the world. It's just life. How do you behave in life? Do that and record it.

This isn't succumbing to censorship, by the way. You don't shoot porn in front of children at the grocery store, do you? That's what the internet is. Instagram is the magazine aisle. Snapchat is the thing we'd rather be doing while we're at the grocery store. Twitter is the overhead speaker that lets us know about deals and what aisles people spilled shit in. Facebook is the people we say hi to when we see them at the grocery store. 

What if the sexvlog is hosted on OnlyFans and you do an explicit content vlog of your sex life? What if you made it... real?

That's the secret to adult video chat, you know? It's real. The feelings, the intimacy with the performer, the interaction, it all feels so... damn... real. But then you realize it isn't, and that's what blows people's minds. That's the difference between $12/minute and $12/month. 

What if the people whose content sells for $12/month did more of the stuff that those of us selling content for $12/minute did? What if we did more of what they did?

That's the balance. Deep, high effort content that you put a lot of work into and release. Regular, shallow content to engage with your audience. As much intimacy and creativity as you can offer and get away with. The truth is that anyone in porn COULD do this. If you're good, and you make good content, it'll work. 

Gaming vloggers are making millions of dollars per year by posting videos of themselves playing video games. Because kids and teenagers are obsessed with video games. Is there anything else kids and teenagers are obsessed with? Any untapped markets there that we could tap into without crossing the line?

So maybe we cause some controversy and people express some outrage. Page views are profit and those people already don't like us. So fuck 'em. Let's do us.

A lot of radio stations refused to play Elvis and the Beatles and Dylan and N.W.A. They were scared of public opinion, and they gave in. 2018 Spoiler Alert: Radio Stations Lost. 

Of course, they'll say the same things about us as they said about them. That we're dangerous. That we're a corrupting influence of the youth. That laws need to be passed to stop us. That companies need to ban us. Maybe it'll be rocky for a minute.

But maybe... just maybe.... We'll change the world forever?

Seems like a good idea.

P.S. this post was inspired during our research phase while creating our social media guides. If you like the strategy and want the tactics, check it out.

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