33 Unusual Tips For Being A Better Webcam Model

2018 Update

I first published this post on December 13, 2015 at 4:15PM. I never thought too much of it after that. We were a much smaller company back then and it got a tepid response, some people got some value out of it, but it wasn't a big deal. 

On January 15, 2018 I was having a phone conversation with the model Hailey Daniels, who had just won Flirt of the Year in her first year (meaning she had the highest sales of any girl on the network). So in addition to being the top model at Pandora, she was also the top model out of ~ 10,000 other people on Flirt. Which probably means she was the top model in the entire industry in terms of total earnings. Which means, and this is all I'm trying to convey, Hailey Daniels is a big deal to me, Jordan. 

I was talking with her about another piece I was working on to get some feedback. She mentioned, "whatever happened to that one article you wrote? I forget what it was called. But you said something about how you should get other people to clean for you. I remember reading that on my phone, sitting in my car a few weeks after I'd signed up. Reading that is what made me decide to actually start camming." 

Which puts the economic value of this article somewhere in the million dollar + of sales (and counting) range. 

Little moments. That's what drives it all. We can't know when they'll strike but they're the core of all of our lives. That moment in the car, Hailey's life changed forever. So did a lot of other people's who would be affected by her, none more so than me perhaps. That moment I wrote this article after reading James Altucher's 33 Unusual Tips For Being A Better Writer

This was a story I told 2 years ago, and it meant something to someone. I hope it means something to you and you in turn do something that means something to someone. I'm printing it in its original form without updates. 

Best wishes, 

Jordan Laubaugh

I have this terrible habit of falling in love with girls who hate themselves. I can usually sense this within the first 30 seconds of talking, but I proceed anyway. If a girl talks to me for more than 30 seconds, I'm usually willing to date her. I remember one girl who would cut herself and do cocaine when she was sad. Another one would throw dishes at me sometimes. I used to spend a lot of time wishing that people would be different. Then a plate hit me and I ran out of my apartment and flew to another city. I never did go back. 

Anyways, here's a few of my thoughts on webcam modeling. -Jordan

33 Unusual Tips For Being A Better Webcam Model.

- Hype yourself up right before you broadcast. Drink a cup of coffee. Yell really loud for no reason. Do singing vocal warm-ups (do re mi fa sol la ti do). How now brown cow. Flex all of the muscles in your face at once. Shadow box. Jump up and down and slap yourself. Seriously. It'll get your brain and blood pumping and the higher energy level will be immediately conveyed to your customers when you press broadcast.

Never ask people how they are doing. That's an invitation to boring chit chattery. Ask people how they are FEELING. Everything on cam is vibes, feelings, emotions. That's how you hook people. That's what they want you to do. Focus on feelings.

You don't have to be polite to everyone. If someone is being rude, dismiss them. If someone is boring you, dismiss them. If someone is lingering for too long without giving you money, dismiss them.

Don't Make Them Think! Lead people where you want them to go. Ask lots of questions to figure out what they want and then ask them to do exactly what you want them to do to make that happen. Exactly is the key phrase. Don't say "take me private," just figure out if they have credits. If not, explain exactly how to buy credits. Then tell them exactly how to use them. This isn't dominance and you shouldn't be forceful. You should just be clear and thorough. Clear and thorough is hot. 

- Be audacious for its own sake. It's better to be hated than to be forgotten. Unless you're hated for doing something really bad like murdering a bunch of kids, then this doesn't apply. As a webcam model though, that rarely comes up. So be audacious. This means do things in an over-the-top way. Enjoy fanfare for its own sake. Be lavish and royal. Act like what you're doing is the most interesting thing in the world, and it will be.

-Create the Topic. If you don't decide what's going to be discussed in your room, you will end up with silence that is interrupted by snippets of "show me that ass hole, bitch" and nobody wants that. Instead, you decide. When in doubt, pick a topic that will give people a chance to give you advice and show how smart they are. People love doing that. I love doing that. Like with this article.

Dress to the Nines. Sitting around in your underwear makes you look sloppy, not sexy. Clients will notice the effort you do or don't put into your appearance. Put a ton into it. Same goes for your presentation (room, lighting, bedding, etc). Make it incredible, it's art. 

Buy a Nalgene bottle and drink 3-4 full bottles of water per day. Hydration is essential to success as a webcam model, in so many ways. If you don't feel like working you're probably just dehydrated. 

- Know Your Fucking Lines Jimmy. I don't know who Jimmy is, but I'm guessing this has been said on some set somewhere. With webcam modeling, I mean to say, know who you are. What's your stage name? Where is that character from? What's the back story? People are going to ask you about this. So, have a clue about it. You can use your real life story and just transpose new details (different locations). Or make something up entirely. Build a story, it's fun. 

- Be Vulnerable. Vulnerability works. It makes you seem human. This makes you more likable. There are a million and one reasons why vulnerability aids you as a cam model, but I don't want to write that many down. So a few are that when you open up, people will open up back to you, and you start to form real relationships (cha ching). It also makes it more interesting for you because you get into the story, you lose yourself in the character, and that's fun. Don't be afraid of getting hurt. If you don't cry a few times per year you probably won't be that great at webcam modeling.

- Be Impervious. So yeah, on the other side of vulnerability is invulnerability, which is also essential. There will be a lot of jerks and assholes and you can't let them get you down. Losers are losers, let them be losers. Be a winner and let the other winners find you. If you cry a few times per day on webcam you probably won't be that great at webcam modeling.

- Go Hard When You Start. Don't ease your way into webcam modeling. Rip the tape off and go. Work as many hours as you can in your first 2 weeks, and then again the next 2 weeks after that. Doing this will give you a lot of exposure and you'll learn pretty quickly what your likely hourly average earnings are and whether you have what it takes. 

-Keep Going Hard Till You Stop. Balance is overrated. If you want to make a living as a webcam model you have to be a constant grinder. There is a secret term for part-time webcam models that people in the biz use (I imagine): it's "loser". You won't ever win contests or bonuses. You won't win customers' hearts and minds. You won't ever see your real potential if you only ever work part-time. Ask Max Hughes

- Sleep A Lot. You don't have to go to work at any given time. So rest up. Sleep 8-9 hours. And whenever possible, sleep during the dark hours. Readjust your cam schedule to accommodate this if need be.

-Buy an alarm clock. I use this one. This handy device will allow you to set a particular place in time for it to start ringing very loudly. That will cause you to wake from sleeping. This new high-tech alarm clock is like a phone, but with just the clock/alarm feature with none of the overhead of the rest of the phone.

-Get ready while you're online. Don't spend 30-60 minutes getting prepared to get on cam for free. Login and then get ready. This intimate, behind the scenes view is actually really appealing to customers.

- Eat on cam. It's intimate to see other people eat. How you eat says a lot about you. Let customers get to know you while you munch away. But you have to be really really sexy to eat potato chips on cam. Otherwise you'll look bad.

-Stare into your webcam sometimes. And never explain why. Making eye contact with your webcam while working creates a much more intimate experience for customers. Staring into it, like a crazy person, at random creates an intriguing mystery. People will comment on you doing it. The only thing you're allowed to say/type when doing it is "Yes. You."

-Try not talking sometime. Try to get a private show without speaking (or typing). Using only nonverbal communication. Nod, shrug, use facial expressions, etc. It might be easier than you think. 

-Get customers to do you favors. The more time someone spends doing you favors, the more attracted to you they will be. Investment = Attraction. Beyond spending money ask them to do more things for you (policing your room, following you on Twitter, research on other models, etc). Figure out what they'd be good at before asking. 

-Get other people to do things for you. After you've spent 100 hours online you'll have a good idea of what your hourly rate is going to be. Now, for everything you "have to do" in life, ask yourself. Could you pay someone else to do this for you and make up the difference on cam? When you make $50/hr and control the amount of hours you work you literally never have to do laundry, dishes, clean, run errands, answer the phone, etc. again. You can (and should) pay other people to do these things for you.

-Save at least 25% of all of the money you make on cam (after you save for taxes). Take it off the top when you get your paycheck. File it away in a savings account and leave it there forever. Don't use it as a down payment on a house or car or some other silly thing in a few years. Just keep it. Because...

-Your lifespan on cam is limited. Embrace that. You can't be a webcam model forever. You shouldn't try to be. Eventually you will get old, wither away, and die. That's OK. Long before you get too old in most cases, you will lose your interest in doing it and want to do something else. Webcam modeling is a very limited, narrow slice of your life. It's 5-10 years from the moment you start. Let's make it an epic 3-7 years. 

-Make the most of the opportunity. Work your friggin' face off. Make as much money as you possibly can, as fast as you can, for as long as you can. Have fun doing it and create awesome experiences for people. When it gets really difficult, just keep going. There will be good days and bad days, good months and bad months. There will probably be some really awful times where you regret ever starting. Those all pass. The biggest challenge for any webcam model is staying in the game. Keep showing up, day after day, and putting points on the scoreboard. That's how you win.

-Don't use silicone based lube with silicone toys. It will eat away at the toy and you'll end up with a bunch of flakes of dildo inside of you. And no one wants that.

-Ask yourself the question, "Could I be camming right now?" If the answer is yes, get on cam. If you're already on cam, stay on cam. Great models look at camming as the thing they do, and the rest of life gets arranged around it. Cam 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, everything else 4th. In reality, camming is priority 1 for almost no one. We'd all rather be eating ice cream cones at the park. But the promise of what you can get out of it, if you're willing to make it top priority, is enough to keep us entertained.

-Work Contest Days. More money is spent on contest days. There is more traffic on the site on contest days. Contest days are cool for the previous two reasons. Even if you have no shot at winning the contest, work it, and try to win it. The mere act of trying will increase your hourly rate. And winning contests increases your hourly rate incredibly.

-Troubleshoot by asking customers what you're doing wrong. Most of them won't have any useful advice (so don't listen to them). But when things are slow, asking why customers think that is leads to useful conversations happening. As soon as they compliment you, ask them to take you private. Things will speed up after a while of doing this. Be self-deprecating (but don't use anything that could be true about yourself).

-Tell everyone that you only take requests in private, and ban anyone that asks twice without tipping. 

-Use Twitter. And post a ton of pictures of yourself on Twitter (non graphic). Like seriously, a ton.

-Buy Nipple Clamps. And other things like them, and let everyone know that you have them. A few weeks ago I tossed Brock Jacobs some nipple clamps as a joke, and he had them sitting on the desk in his room (in view of his cam). A customer noticed them, asked about them, and took him private (multiple times, for long shows) as a result. Whether the nipple clamps ended up being used is irrelevant. Accommodate fetishes.

-BONUS TIP. THE MOST IMPORTANT TIP OF ALL - Relax and have fun! This is entertainment. It's performance art. You are broadcasting to be admired and objectified. Take this very very very seriously. And then don't take it too seriously at all. 

I'm single now. It's as glamorous as people make it sound. I sometimes think that I'd like to have a serious relationship, but I'm down to my last 2 plates. So when I think that I just cry and watch Blue Valentine on Netflix.