10 Things To Think About Before You Try Adult Video Chat.

Maybe this isn't a good fit you?

We say all the time, "It's definitely not for everyone." What would be best is if you could know in advance that it wasn't going to work out and just avoid doing it altogether. In adult video chat, as in all things adult entertainment, it's a lot worse to have a tried and failed than to have never tried at all. Spend 2 months as a webcam model, decide you hate it and quit, and you'll have "done porn." There might be videos of you that remain on the internet long after you've moved onto other things. 

We think a lot about this. We are terrified of regret, particularly for our clients. We want people to do this with open eyed, informed consent, or not at all. So we put together this collection of the real, serious things that everyone should think a lot about before they decide to give this a try. 

1. You will interact with a lot of jerks. 

When you login to your chatroom, hundreds of users per hour are going to be flowing through your chat. A lot of them are totally awesome! But then again, all of the users fall into the category of "anonymous users on a porn site." It's not exclusively the cream of the crop that will say nice things to make you feel empowered and respected. 

People will cyber bully the fuck out of you in your room. You can control it to an extent. Of course, you can ban anyone you want. You can silence the unregistered users so that only customers that have spent money (who are just better people in life) are able to type in your room. But that's always a reaction, it's always after someone said something mean, that you read, and were offended by. There's no way to prevent it up front. 

Most models learn quickly that the anonymous trolls trying to get a reaction out of you by saying mean things are irrelevant, they silence them and focus on the important users. But this is something everyone should be prepared for. Even paying users can be jerks, it's just part of the game. 

2. Work involves sitting in your bedroom in front of a computer alone for long hours.

Adult video chat lacks the social structure that a traditional job can have. You don't have coworkers (which for some people is a plus). But you miss out on those little in person human interactions that you'd get if you had a job that you had to go into an office/store for. It's solitary work. 

It's also incredibly social work. You're on cam in front of dozens or hundreds of people (or just one when things go well) interacting and chatting with them. But it's all virtual. And there really isn't any substitute for in person, real life interactions. 

We do what we can to help mitigate this by trying to facilitate a great community of models that support each other. Our models tend to be super cool, open minded, friendly, financially independent, exceptionally attractive, single people distributed pretty evenly across the United States and Canada and increasingly across the world. So it's quite common for people from the community to get to know each other and develop real-life friendships.

3. Working part-time = Failing

The nature of how sites and rankings operates means that part-time models are at an extreme disadvantage. All sites use some form of merit based ranking system. Typically, models are ranked based on their total sales for the past week with a few other metrics having a slight weight. 

This creates either a virtuous or vicious cycle. Work a lot, have a high sales number, rank high, get more traffic, make more sales. Or you work a little, have low sales, rank low, get a lot less traffic, make less sales. 

We regularly see models go from $20/hr for a few months straight while broadcasting 10 hours per week to $50/hr when they start putting in 35 hour weeks. The same person sees $200/week income turned into $1,750. 

The part-time take it easy strategy is the biggest mistake any model in the industry makes. Almost anyone would be better off working 40 hour weeks for 3 months straight and taking the other 9 months of the year off when compared to the numbers they'd do if they just worked 10 hours per week, every week, all year. 

Ideally, broadcast 30-40 hours per week, 46-50 weeks per year, for as long as you want to do adult video chat modeling, and at the end of your career you'll have made drastically more money. 

4. The private shows you do are recorded by the network and available for sale on your profile. 

VODs are a feature of most major networks. They are part of what adult video chat is. Customers pay a high rate for private shows, with the understanding that they'll be able to watch it again later. These videos are put on your profile for sale, and like anything else we do, anytime someone buys them, you make money. 

Models that really take their VODs seriously might make 5% or so of their annual income from VODs. It's not a huge amount, but it's another revenue stream. 

A lot of new performers are uncomfortable with this still. Over the years we've lobbied the network to give more control to performers over how their videos are portrayed. I think we can take some small credit for the recent developments on our network. Performers now have the ability to set all of their VODs to private. Which means none of them are publicly available. The original customer always retains the ability to purchase the VOD, but they've already seen it. 

Note: Setting VODs to private is an optional feature that must be enabled. If you want to make sure none of them are ever public, please tell us during the sign-up phase so that we can make them private from day 1. 

We'd also note here that there's no way to prevent your live feed from being screen recorded by customers. If you look at porn tube sites, you see a lot of these types of videos now, many of them unauthorized. Thankfully, this isn't something we have too much of a problem with. Our strategy involves doing 1 on 1 shows that are extremely expensive. The types of customers that are into that tend not to be into piracy. Sites where models perform in open chat with hundreds of viewers seeing a graphic show have more trouble with it.

We have had models videos uploaded to tube sites before. Most of the major tube sites respond quite quickly to DMCA takedown requests when this happens and the videos get removed.

5. This is not a good prelude to a traditional modeling career. 

We get a decent amount of applications from people saying that they've always wanted to get into modeling and hope that this can be a stepping stone, or something similar. 

This won't be. Traditional modeling is an extremely competitive field that is extremely sensitive about public image. Having done porn of any kind is a complete non-starter. 

It's also not a good way to get into acting, politics, the clergy, law enforcement, etc. 

Generally speaking, people who do adult video chat don't put it on their resume. It's a top secret thing. Everyone uses a stage name, the privacy concerned individuals make their VODs private. For almost everyone, it will one day be a thing you used to do, that no one will really care about. 

But we'd just assume that if you run for President or become the most famous actor ever, someone will recognize you and it'd be a scandal. 

6. The work is hard, repetitive, and emotionally draining. 

It is a grind. It takes a hustler. Every day you have to be the one that gets online, broadcasts your personality, and entertains people. Customers are often demanding, emotionally needy, unreliable, and so on. You'll find some cool ones, and that's good, but it takes a village to sustain an adult video chat modeling career. 

It can also be an incredibly creative series of performance art pieces you create throughout your career, a new one every day. This is up to your outlook. But every performer over the long run goes through phases where they think it's the coolest thing ever and where it's the last thing they want to do. There are going to be days where it seems like every customer was a total jerk. Where every private show request was off putting. 

The ultimate skill successful models develop is to just show up and do it anyways. Having a schedule, letting it be boring sometimes, and sticking to it. Models that let their mood dictate how much they cam don't cam very much. 

7. There are no backends on backends on backends. 

Shoutout Migos for the backends line. Backends are residual income. Models don't get that. You show up on Tuesday, broadcast 6 hours, make $242 and that's it. You skip Wednesday, make $0, and you make $0. Every time a sale occurs you make money. That only happen when you are broadcasting live. 

Being an adult video chat model is like building a client services business. You're going to start with zero. When you broadcast the first time hopefully you'll find your first client, or maybe your first few. There will be a high turnover rate. But over time, with consistency, you'll end up developing a good roster of clients that will allow you to make a predictable income, month to month. 

But as soon as the carousel of your cam career stops, that predictable income stops.

8. There are no traditional benefits like medical coverage or 401ks. 

If you become incapacitated and can't work, it stops. There isn't a retirement plan in place. This is priced into the system of course. Last year across the company our models made $49/hr on average. Many of them would have been looking for entry level jobs instead where they would have earned a lot less. $49/hr in a gig that you can put as many hours per week in as you want, affords one certain luxuries in life such as paying for your own benefits like health care and retirement accounts.

9. You are not an employee (W2). You are an independent contractor (1099). 

This means that when someone requests a proof of income, you're the one that provides it. You work for you, self-employed, gig economy. Many models open LLCs to run their businesses and make separating their personal expenses from their work expenses easier, this is smart for serious models to do. 

This means that taxes are entirely your responsibility. No taxes are withheld from the payments to you. A 1099-MISC tax form is sent to you in January, as well as a copy being sent to the IRS. If you are estimated to owe more than $1,000 in federal income taxes next year, you're required to file quarterly tax returns and pay your estimated taxes or face an annoying fee when you do file. 

Hopefully that answers the question of, "Is this taxed? Do I have to pay taxes on the money I make from webcam modeling?" that we get a few times per week. Everything. Is. Taxed. U.S citizens cannot earn income without declaring it and paying taxes on it. 

note: This section only applies to models that are U.S citizens or permanent residing aliens. 

10. You can quit anytime.

We don't lock you into a contract. You can cam for 10 seconds or 10 years, it's entirely up to you. Come and go as you please. The freedom this gig offers is one of it's coolest features. You can do it from anywhere, anytime, as much or as little as you want. For 100 hours a week, or save up and take a 6 month vacation to go backpacking. It's all up to you. 

That feature can also be a bug. You can quit anytime. As soon as things get tough or aren't as glamorous as you thought it would be (hint: it's not glamorous) you can get disillusioned and "quit" and then a month later decide you were just in a bad mood and get started again (back at zero) and then remember that it was hard and you don't like it and quit again, and so on. This happens all the time, it's the normal state of affairs for the lion's share of adult video chat models. 

And they lose. They lose money. They lose loyalty from clients. They end up with $9,462 in income last year instead of $90,000. Because they didn't take it seriously. They didn't put in the work. And so it goes. 

We're not into that part. Do your research. Decide whether this is something you want to turn into a source of income for yourself. Determine whether you're physically attractive enough to meet your goals (you can ask us, we'll be blunt). And then decide whether you're all in or not. 

If you're not, if it doesn't sound like the coolest thing ever. You should probably just not do it. Yeah, the freedom to take that backpacking trip sounds cool. Maybe your current boss is stupid. We get it.

But adult video chat is not the starry-eyed, dreamy, "opportunity of a lifetime" that a lot of companies present it as. It's really hard, most people don't have what it takes, and for those that do it's a long grind of making a few dollars here and there until it adds up to a lot. It's a lot of sacrifice. A lot of late nights spent in alone, not hanging out with friends, not partying. 

It's show business. It's entertainment. It doesn't exist to empower you or affirm your cultural views. We, the performers, give everything we have to bring some amount of pleasantness into the lives of the fans that come to see us online. You work for them. 

If you'd like to do that, we'd like to work for you.