Your application has been successfully received. Here’s what happens now.

Check Your Email

An automatic email confirming the receipt of your application was just sent to you. There’s nothing super important in this email, you just need to confirm that you received it, and thus are able to receive our emails. If you haven’t received it within 5 minutes, check your SPAM folder. With every automated email system there is a chance that your email provider’s spam filters mislabel it as such. If you think you put the wrong email on your form, just email us at to have us update it.

Data Review

Our support team works around the clock to process new accounts as quickly as possible. We know that if you’re submitting the form to join our company, you’re probably eager to get started, and we want to make sure that happens as fast as possible for you. With that being said, joining our company isn’t quite as simple as making a new Instagram account. As an adult entertainment company there are certain regulations we have to follow regarding age and identity verification of new performers, so on the back-end we have some work we have to do. Usually this doesn’t take more than a few hours with anyone.

Beyond the ID check, we’ll be reviewing your stage name and profile picture to ensure that you’re a good fit for our criteria. If we need additional information or to correct any of the data we received from you, we’ll be reaching out via email shortly.

Given the sheer volume of applications we receive on a daily basis, we’re not able to invite every applicant to join our agency. In some cases, we may offer to refer you to one of our partners, and in other cases we may simply inform you that we don’t think adult video chat is right for you. In every case, we review everything we’re sent, give thoughtful consideration to every applicant, and make the best decisions we can with the information we have.

All of your data is kept in the strictest confidence. Only certain employees are able to access it, and we only store the data as long as we are processing it on local machines before deleting it. If we don’t sign you, we delete your data. If we do sign you, we keep the necessary data stored on encrypted servers per record-keeping regulation requirements.

2257 Form

The “record-keeping regulations” we’re referring to are the federal 18 U.S.C 2257 record-keeping regulations for adult video production. They’re actually pretty simple. We have to have a form associating your real information (name/DOB/ID#) with the performer identity (your stage name), signed by you, kept on file.

Upon approval of your application, you’ll receive this form by email from us via Adobe Sign, usually within a few hours of submitting your application. You just have to e-sign it, then it gets sent back to us by Adobe. After we upload it, your account will pass through a final verification from the network and get activated.

Activation & Login

When your account is activated in the system, you will receive an email with all of the information you need:

  • Your username and password to log in to the studio administration site.

  • Instructions on how to download and set up the broadcasting software on your computer.

  • A link to submit your payment information form, so you can get paid.

  • The basic best practices of camming and how to be successful.

If we’ve succeeded in scheduling a test login with you, that will take place next. You don’t have to wait for us before you log in. You are free to start anytime that you want. We like to just have you log in ASAP after activation so that we can check your camera setup and technical configuration to make sure everything has the optimal settings.

Test login complete, you’re good to go. You can log in anytime you want, 24/7/365, it’s entirely up to you. Our recommendation is very strongly to log in as much as you possibly can in the first 2 weeks. You’ll hear us say this several times throughout the process. Your first few weeks of broadcasting are when you’re making first impressions on all of the regular users of the site. Being on a lot indicates that you’re serious and worth paying attention to. You also get added exposure as a new model in your first 2 weeks, so be sure to take advantage of this.

That’s all for now. Thank you so much for taking part in our company, and look for an email from us shortly.

Pandora Modeling