So you want to Make Money in porn?

Few aspirations are capable of eliciting such visceral reactions from everyone you’ve ever known as working in porn. Grandparents will feint, parents will rage, friends will inevitably giggle or shame. Naturally, you’ll already know all of that and will want to keep it a secret. But for many, the fear of being found out is sufficient to stop you from starting.

And that’s probably fine. Most people probably shouldn’t work as porn performers, so this social fabric pushing people away from it really isn’t a problem.

But some people should.


The people who want to do it and are 18 or older.

You probably won’t make a lot of money doing it, most people don’t. Making a lot of money is hard, like really hard. It takes an exceptionally talented, hard-working, and attractive person to make a lot of money. Let’s say that $100,000/year or more is the measure for a lot of money. Yeah, it’s hard to make that much. We represent a lot of clients and very few ever make $100,000/year, and even fewer make multiples of that.

But setting that aside for a moment, you could make porn for purposes other than maximum financial gain. Art, personal fulfillment, satisfying an exhibitionist fetish, just for the love of it. Porn is speech.

You can press record on your camera, show your naked body, upload it to any of the sites, and change your resume to include Pornstar by the end of the day today.

Sounds easy enough right? Well guess what. It is. There is no, “yeah, but” coming.

The coolest thing about the industry today is that if you want to be in it, you can. You just start doing it. You don’t need us to give you permission, to sign you. You don’t need us to tell you you’re good enough. You don’t need an agent, a manager, a boss, anyone. You don’t need to respond to an ad and meet some skeezy dude in an office with a black leather couch. You can (and we might argue, should) do it all on your own.

Here’s how.

Create Your Identity.

Never tell customers your real name, it never leads to anything good. Make up a stage name and use that for all of your adult content, your adult social media, everything. Let it be the identity everyone knows you as, and never share your real name (to some extent you have to share it with sites/production people for 2257 compliance, age verification, and payments, but everyone involved in that keeps it private).

You can try the trick of the first name being your childhood pet and the last name being the street you grew up on, or you know, be a bit more creative. Make sure it’s something you like, because it sucks to try and change it once you’ve started.

You should also take new pictures of yourself to use as your profile pictures as this. Make sure to remove EXIF data from your pictures.

Create your social media accounts on Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat, Twitch, and any other ones you think you might ever use. Try to have the same username for all of them. Avoid making it explicitly adult by adding xxx, just try and make it your stage name. You don’t have to post anything yet, this is just locking down your new name. If you can’t get all of your desired social media usernames, change your stage name.

Pandora Stage Name.

Cam for 20 Hours Per week.

Cam sites already have large audiences that are predisposed to spend money. It would be silly not to leverage that. Our network of choice is Flirt4Free, due mainly to us being an American company with American performers, and them being the best American site with the most paying American customers.

We think the sooner you make a dollar, the more likely you are to succeed long-term and stick with it. Camming is the thing you can make money with right away. You set up your account, get verified, and within an hour or two you can be on cam, interacting with customers, and earning money from private shows. You can also promote your Twitter and Instagram while you’re on cam to start getting followers.

The other benefit of camming first is that your initial content production will be for an audience of one. You can do shows in 1 on 1 privates with a paying customer who will be giving you feedback. If after a few of these, you don’t like it, you may decide porn isn’t for you and quit having had a total audience of 3-4 people and that will be it. If you upload it publicly to a tube site, not only will a lot more people be likely to see it, you’ll lose any control of it as users of tube sites are notorious for pirating content.

Grow your social media

Twitter is the most important social media platform for adult performers as the rest of the platforms enforce a strict no adult content policy and apps like Instagram are known to seek out adult performers for account deletion (even if their Instagram content isn’t adult).

Drive traffic from your cam room to your Twitter, engage with the people who follow you, follow other performers and interact with their tweets, make friends, learn from everyone. Early on your content should be primarily reacting to other people’s content (not tweeting things out on your own timeline, do the fact of not having enough followers for anyone to see them). Instead of trying to pretend your own party exists when it doesn’t, just spend all of your time at other people’s party. Put your link (an affiliate link) to your cam room in your Twitter bio.

A properly managed Twitter account can be the routing service for your audience and an easy engagement tool to keep your fans connected to you. Spend at least a few weeks being really active on Twitter before you start promoting anything.

pandora management agency social

Camera Pandora

Start Selling Clips

The premise is pretty simple. Record a porn video of yourself, masturbating is a safe bet, or whatever you want. And upload it to a clip sales site to sell. is probably the best site to sell clips on right now (we don’t have any relationship with ManyVids). Other options would be,, or

Give it a really descriptive title/category/etc. And price it super low, since you’re brand new. The goal is simply to make your first clip sale. Wait 48 hours after you upload it to promote it on your Twitter to see what organic sales the site can provide. Probably you should just upload it to all of the clip selling platforms, wait for organic sales, and then promote the one that gives you the best %.

Try adding at least 1-2 clips per week for 4-6 weeks to start building this.

Launch Your Fan Site.

Right now, the leader of the pact is OnlyFans. If you use our link to sign up for OnlyFans, they’ll give us 5% of the total sales you make (it won’t affect the amount you get, which from OnlyFans at the time of this writing is 80%).

Our link:

Non-affiliate link:

By this point you should have some Twitter followers, some regulars customers, and you should be comfortable creating your own content. Those are all essential tools for a successful fan site. You need to be updating it all the time or not at all. There’s no middle ground. If it isn’t regularly updated with content that the subscribers want, they will churn (unsubscribe) at too high of a rate for you to sustainably grow your page and make it a significant source of income.

You need to build a real relationship with your fan site subscribers. Early in your career, you’ll be lucky to have 10-20 subscribers. But if you’ll keep uploading content, keep promoting yourself, and keep working on platforms with established audiences, you’ll grow it over time, and it should become a significant source of income over time. But it’s a long-term game. If you aren’t planning to continue with it for years, you may as well not start it. Just stick to camming in the short term to make money.

Launching Your Fan Site.

Leverage the traffic of tube sites.

Pandora Tube Sites

Create promotional content for tube sites. Use sites like Pornhub or Youporn or any tube site you want as top of the funnel promotion. Create high quality, compelling, promotional content that you don’t mind being widely shared. Overlay your social media or other links onto the video. “Teasers” in porn might be 20 minute long extremely graphic content, that’s just the nature of the business. Take your old clips that aren’t selling anymore and turn them into promotional material to drive new traffic to your Twitter, Fan site, cam room, or clip site profile.

High performing videos on these sites can get tens of thousands of views very quickly and massively increase your Twitter following.

Make It Official

Pandora Make It Official

As soon as you make the decision that this is going to be a real thing for you and you’re confident in being able to make it work. It’s worth spending some time to make things official.

Open an LLC (use a non-adult name to protect your privacy) and a business checking account for that LLC and have all of your payments sent to that account, pay any business related expenses out of that account, and pay yourself the rest of the money as your personal income.

Create a logo for your stage name and trademark it, then add that on all of your videos. This makes it easier to protect your content and receive damages if people steal your content.

Hire an accountant to prepare and file your taxes. You’ll be a 1099 independent contractor and will most likely be required to file and pay your taxes quarterly. You probably haven’t done that before, and it’s easy enough to just hire someone to do it.

At some point, you might think it makes sense for you to consider signing with a management agency to help you deal with all of this.

If that day comes, we hope you’ll think of us.