Prerequisite: For this guide to work, you must have the Flirt4Free Performer Application installed on your device.
Prerequisite: To install the Flirt4Free Performer Application you must have an active model record on Flirt4Free. We can help with that.

Note: Please follow these steps IN ORDER. Particularly, starting with step 1. If you skip step 1, all subsequent steps will be an exercise in futility.

1. Start A Live Broadcast on Flirt4Free.

We cannot stress how important the order of the steps here are. If you skip this step, you will fail. Without being live on the site, there is no chatroom for customers to enter.

2. Wait for registered users to enter your room.

Once you are live, some users generally start entering your room within 30-60 seconds, but it can take a little longer, a few minutes, before you start to see registered users. Registered users are the users who have a paid account on the site and can spend money, their username/text is white or gold, if white, when you click on their name it says Premium, not Basic. Basic users haven’t added a credit card.

3. Use your voice to greet registered users by their username When they enter.

This dull and repetitive step makes a noticeable impact on the engagement rates of your room. Meaning, if you say people’s names more of them stop and talk to you than if you don’t say anything. Partially because people feel special when you say their name. Partially because if you’re doing this over and over you seem active, engaged, like you care what’s happening; whereas if you don’t your room can seem quiet, bored, inactive. Think of name greetings as easy content.

4. Wait for a registered user to respond to your greeting.

Tango requires a minimum of two participants, as the saying goes. Conversation on the site works in a similar fashion. While you are waiting for a response you can repeat step 3 as many times as needed.

5. Analyze the users response.

Success! Someone responded. This is actually the third stage of a conversion. Stage one being someone deciding to click into your room, stage two being them deciding to not immediately leave. Stage 3 is them making contact.