An Overview Of Pandora Modeling.

Written for active porn performers.

Jordan here. I’m making this page just to link in my bio on my personal Twitter. I’ve been making an effort in recent months to engage more with the broader porn community via Twitter. I have to admit, it’s been tough. A bunch of you are really mean to me and it hurts my feelings. I get it though. I thought it would be interesting to write a page specifically for active performers to cover at least the basics of what Pandora is and why I’m maybe not the exploitive monster and creep that a lot of porn performers thin-slice me as.

The truth is, I’m not a bad guy. All of the terrible things that you might imagine about me, I haven’t done any of them. The relationship you think I have with the models here, I don’t. Whatever shady or sneaky shit you think I’m up to, I’m not. I’m obnoxiously transparent. Everyone that signs with Pandora Modeling is aware of the alternative options (I.E: Just doing things on their own and not signing with Pandora Modeling). I don’t use contracts, everyone is free to leave the company at any time. Pandora’s capabilities are limited and focused on camming. I think we’re the best company in the world to be affiliated with if you’re going to cam. If your ambition sees you on another path in the porn (there are a lot now), it’s not likely that I am the best counter-party for you. I don’t have specialized knowledge related to clip sales, tube sites, fan sites, or shooting scenes. And when a performer reaches out to me about working together and I’m not the ideal counter-party, I just tell them that.

As I thought about how I would explain Pandora to someone who already works in porn in some capacity, I realized that’s how I want to have to explain Pandora to anyone. The scrutiny and judgment that experienced porn people would put me through is what I want all of our prospective clients to do. This isn’t a quick/casual hookup. My timeline of actively working with anyone is years and years, with the intention of remaining dear friends if they should ever choose to leave the porn industry. I’m in it for the forever haul. Put me through the ringer, make me sing for my supper, make me prove it all night.

Here’s exactly how Pandora Modeling makes money right now and how we plan to in the future. Currently, the vast majority of our company earnings come in the form of referral fees from Flirt4Free. They are the only cam site we work with. All of our models work on Flirt4Free. We’re not a studio. We aren’t the intermediary in the relationship. Our performers have direct relationships with Flirt4Free. This is an important distinction because of the prevailing wisdom in the cam world of “only ever signup directly with a site, everything else is a scam that steals money from models,” which is presumably a contributing factor to the ire I often run into. I want to make it super clear, all details of the financial arrangement between the model and Flirt4Free are identical whether Pandora is the referrer or not. Flirt pays us out of their end. The cost to acquire successful cam models are incredibly high. It is expensive and hard to recruit models, particularly at the network level. My existence makes it cheaper for them to get cam models and they are paying me out of those reduced costs. Is the money going to us money that in a perfect world could go to performers? Yes. Totally. But if you want 100%, use Skype, and leave the rest of us alone. That isn’t how cam sites work and pretending every percentage below 100 that a model gets is theft is naive disinformation that fucks the industry up for everyone. Stop, you’re being problematic.

At this time, we have hundreds of performers that create millions of dollars in sales on Flirt annually. But we aren’t a recruit and forget shop, that seemed boring. Here’s the business plan. Most people fail at camming. They fail at a significantly lower rate than industry averages if they work with me. But even still, the money is all in the wins. A relationship with a model is valuable to us over the long-term. Someone who cams for multiple years successfully is a big win. Someone who cams for a few weeks is a loss (the cost to acquire is greater than what we’ll have earned and we lost money). On the whole, people succeed at a high enough rate that it’s profitable. But the only practical way for me to increase the profitability of the company is to increase the success that models have here. So I have spent and continue to spend an insane amount of time thinking about camming, and I help people get really good at it. I’ve ended up being really good at this. Seriously, it’s most of what I’ve thought about for 8 years.

In 2018, performers at Pandora Modeling did the following numbers.

Average hourly rate earned by models: $57.20

Average customer spending per hour broadcast: $176

For 21,812 hours broadcast. 3.8MM total spending. $69k in contest winnings. The previous several years were comparable in the 3-5MM range.

That’s analyzing hundreds of models (our entire roster) each year. I’m good at my job, honest.

Beyond camming, we’re working to build new capabilities in the other verticals of porn: clips, fan sites, tube sites, social media influence, everything that’s popping up. We follow it all, but we move slowly. It’s safe to assume that if it exists, we’re probably experimenting with models on it. We are primarily analyzing all of those as, “how can we use them to make more money for the performers at Pandora today.” And so we’re finding good opportunities for us to handle the administration part of those other things. For example, with some models we’re doing all of the editing/uploading of their videos to the sites they want, along with other administrative busywork, that allows them to just focus on original content, while we take the raw footage and turn it into finished content. Stuff like that. But we don’t have a broad public offering for any of that yet. These are all experiments going on with our long-term models who are interested. It’s less than 1% of our models. So first we always get something to where we can offer it to 100% of our performers, and once that system works, we mention it publicly.


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