Max Hughes

In a word, extraordinary.

In a word, extraordinary.

The Max Hughes Story…

January 3, 2013 marks a significant date in the annals of webcam modeling history. It's the date Max Hughes joined Pandora Modeling. We knew he was attractive and he said he could dance. The rest, as we've said, is history. 

Max ranks among the most successful male webcam models of all time. He's spent nearly 5,000 hours live and earned too much money for us to publish publicly without seeming ostentatious.

He was one of our first real superstars and in many ways redefined what's possible for male webcam models. When Max came in true superstardom was still a "girls club" in the camming world. He proved that gender equality was possible and worth fighting for. The average earnings for top male models are now roughly consistent with top girls and Max has played no small part in shaping that. Before Max, $100/hr for guys was a dream that guys could only hope to achieve through temporary luck. After Max, it's a standard that is consistently met by the rest of our guys. 

So... here's looking at you Max. Thanks for a lot of fun time spent, well, looking at you. 


Well, I mean, everyone can follow me on Twitter. That'd be cool. It's generally family friendly, every now and then it isn't.


Oh and If anyone wants to do a show with me, I'd like that. So probably link my chatroom up. Give the standard explicit content warning. I am... explicit. 

Max's Live Profile (Warning: The following site may contain explicit content on some pages):

I've also been putting a lot of extremely explicit content up on my JustForFans. So SPAM that a bit please.

Max Hughes JustForFans: https://JustFor.Fans/MaxOnCam

Anything else Max? 

Na... That's about it.

Cool. To whoever is reading this, money spent on Max Hughes is money well spent. If you want to be an adult video chat model, you should take him private for 30 minutes or so and talk to him about the work. It would be a wise career investment.  If you just want to be a die hard fan of Max Hughes, make it an hour. 

We'd also add that Max Hughes has an interesting interview with Jordan, that's likely worth listening to if you're interested in making money as a webcam model.

If you just want to be in a company with Max Hughes. We've got a link for that too.