Jaedyn Jax

The Jaedyn Jax Story…

In a word, proficient.

In a word, proficient.

This is a story that's just beginning. Jaedyn is a new addition to the squad, but he's wasted no time in establishing himself as an important presence on the site. So I'm just going to let him tell his story. 

I really enjoy this webcam modeling thing. I was super nervous about it when I first started, being new to the industry and coming from a pretty repressed background, it has taken a lot for me to get where I am right now. It has really helped me to be more confident in my daily life and gave me the push that I needed to get in better shape and eat healthier, all of those little things. But, it has also helped me to become more financially independent and has been a huge stress reliever in that part of my life. I've also always wanted to travel and the fact that I can do this job from anywhere has helped me make that dream a reality.
As I fall deeper into this lifestyle and webcam modeling, I am realizing that I have this whole skill set that I am not using.


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Twitter: https://twitter.com/jaedyn_jax

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Jaedyn's Chatroom: http://www.flirt4free.com/models/bios/jaedyn-jax/

Anything else Jaedyn? 

I was going to be funny and tell people to donate to The Big Cat Sanctuary, but seriously, do it. Those sweet big kitties need all of the help they can get .


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