Brock Jacobs

In a word, elevated.

In a word, elevated.

The Brock Jacobs Story…

What can we say about Brock Jacobs that hasn't already been said about Brock Jacobs... By Brock Jacobs. 

The Original #1 Mr. North America On Flirt4Free? He already said that. 2016 Viewer's Choice Winner on Flirt4Free? He already said that. $20,000 in a day? It's been mentioned. 

We always thought webcam modeling provided interesting lifestyle opportunities, Brock agreed. He spends his time off cam traveling the world, engaging in the most promiscuous and life affirming activity that he can find. And we could not be more proud of his accomplishments. 

If you like a guy that gets naked on cam with a tan, Brock's your man. (Sorry, he asked us to write that. He's.... Anyways.)


I'd like to promote a general philosophical argument that people should follow ME on Twitter and NOT MAX! I am the original Mr. North America. Max won it after me! But I took a lot of time off that year, so like. Yeah. People should not follow Max, only me.

In case you missed it, that's

Do you think anyone from this page would want to do a private with me? I mean I charge like $12 per minute. That's a lot. Worth it? Totally, but only if you're into like perfect male bodies. So if people are into that, yeah share my room link. Just make sure no lames click on it and chat with me a bunch without spending money, that'd be lame. Only bosses. 

Brock's Live Profile (Warning: The following site may contain explicit content on some pages):

I've also been putting a lot of extremely explicit content up on my JustForFans. So SPAM that a bit please.

Brock Jacobs JustForFans:

Anything else Brock? 


OK. As usual, Brock has really covered all of the essential information we can think of. A true competitor til the end. 

If you want to be loosely affiliated with Brock Jacobs.