Blake Summers

The Blake Summers Story…

In a word, hero.

In a word, hero.

Some people dream dreams. Some people live them. Blake is part of the second group. 

It's a story we've all heard before. Born and raised in a small town, taught to be mediocre, resisted that pressure, and dared to at least try for greatness. 

Hometown boy makes good on the American Dream. He's the perfect poster child for the fact that things can be better, if you have the will to make them better. He wasn't born with the body, or the hair, or the keen intellect he now possesses. He worked on it. And he made it. 

It's never easy and it's not always fun. But through work Blake has managed something that everyone should be lucky enough to experience for at least a part of their life: real achievement. 

He is the hero that Gotham needs. 


Just promote my street cred. You know, like that I'm super legit. That I just wanna ball. Maybe I'll start to rap or something and then you can promote that. Also Twitter. 


And you can link people to my chatroom, because you're going to anyways, but I'm shy, so ask them not to talk to me or anything. 

Blake's Live Chat:

Anything else Blake?

I am the most. 

Most indeed Blake.

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