Audrey Piper

The Audrey Piper Story…

In a word, fastidious. 

In a word, fastidious. 

She doesn't know this, and perhaps this isn't the proper milieu to announce it, but I really like talking about Audrey Piper. I use her as a reference point in talking about the work that we do all the time. The ultimate trump card in any discussion. 

"Yeah, but Audrey Piper!" the saying goes. 

What's possible from webcam modeling? Audrey Piper. Why would anyone pay that much money? Audrey Piper. But yeah, this is a short term, non serious gig, it won't really last, right? Audrey Piper. 

Audrey Piper. Audrey Piper. Audrey Piper. 

The only chance that any of you have to meet Audrey Piper is by going to her chatroom and pressing the start private button. Through camming an incredible individual that would be completely inaccessible under normal life conditions becomes available. 

Personally, I don't know and cannot imagine anyone on earth that wouldn't like to know Audrey Piper. I count myself among the fortunate few that have had the honor of being able to spend some time getting to know her. I hope any of you might be so lucky as to do the same. 


The importance of good oral hygiene habits. Flossing is not optional.

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I will permit you to link to my chatroom. 

Audrey's Chatroom:

Anything else Audrey? 

Seriously. Floss. 

Floss indeed. 

If you want to be grouped together with someone like Audrey Piper.