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In a word, archetypal

In a word, archetypal

"Yo. I've got someone for you to meet. You at home?" read the message from my Swedish landlord and local fixer for all things Koh Samui, Thailand. 

"Ugh. Hungover. Eating sushi. Home in like 30."

Myself, and Brock Jacobs surprisingly enough, grabbed a dozen beers from 7/11 and cruised on our mopeds back up the mountain to the apartment we were staying in. Dreading the overwhelming thought of being forced to socialize with regular human beings on hangover day; horror show. 

Sitting in the hot Thai sun, chain smoking cigarettes, trying to drink equal parts beer and electrolyte beverages to move us into a "just drunk enough to make us chatty while mitigating our hangover symptoms" state of affairs. Who schedules a business meeting at noon on a mother fucking Wednesday? Oh, right. 

Luckily for us, the individual we were to meet was not a regular human being... It was Alexander Steel. It quickly became apparent that he was, "one of us" and in short order he'd leave behind his burgeoning career as a custom muscle worship video solo producer for the warm embraces of the cult of Pandora and the wonderful world of webcam modeling. As of this writing, he will still not know what has hit him. 

If we could build a factory that would print biological specimens of the ideal male webcam model's look, the specification document would be a picture of Alexander. He just fits the mold and then breaks it. On an interesting side note, and coming from me this is saying something, Alexander is the most skilled orator in porn that I have ever met. His verbal domination skills are second to none, impossible to teach, and fun to try and emulate. Just go talk to him. 


That I think it would be totally fine for anyone to follow Max Hughes or Brock Jacobs. They are both standup guys. The only problem is that if people were to also follow me, they would abandon both in favor of a TRUE ALPHA MUSCLE GOD. 

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