Jaedyn Jax

The Jaedyn Jax Story…

In a word, proficient.

In a word, proficient.

This is a story that's just beginning. Jaedyn is a new addition to the squad, but he's wasted no time in establishing himself as an important presence on the site. So I'm just going to let him tell his story. 

I really enjoy this webcam modeling thing. I was super nervous about it when I first started, being new to the industry and coming from a pretty repressed background, it has taken a lot for me to get where I am right now. It has really helped me to be more confident in my daily life and gave me the push that I needed to get in better shape and eat healthier, all of those little things. But, it has also helped me to become more financially independent and has been a huge stress reliever in that part of my life. I've also always wanted to travel and the fact that I can do this job from anywhere has helped me make that dream a reality.
As I fall deeper into this lifestyle and webcam modeling, I am realizing that I have this whole skill set that I am not using.


Have people follow me on Twitter. 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/jaedyn_jax

And drop a link to my chatroom. People can come talk to me if they want. 

Jaedyn's Chatroom: http://www.flirt4free.com/models/bios/jaedyn-jax/

Anything else Jaedyn? 

I was going to be funny and tell people to donate to The Big Cat Sanctuary, but seriously, do it. Those sweet big kitties need all of the help they can get .


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Audrey Piper

The Audrey Piper Story…

In a word, fastidious. 

In a word, fastidious. 

She doesn't know this, and perhaps this isn't the proper milieu to announce it, but I really like talking about Audrey Piper. I use her as a reference point in talking about the work that we do all the time. The ultimate trump card in any discussion. 

"Yeah, but Audrey Piper!" the saying goes. 

What's possible from webcam modeling? Audrey Piper. Why would anyone pay that much money? Audrey Piper. But yeah, this is a short term, non serious gig, it won't really last, right? Audrey Piper. 

Audrey Piper. Audrey Piper. Audrey Piper. 

The only chance that any of you have to meet Audrey Piper is by going to her chatroom and pressing the start private button. Through camming an incredible individual that would be completely inaccessible under normal life conditions becomes available. 

Personally, I don't know and cannot imagine anyone on earth that wouldn't like to know Audrey Piper. I count myself among the fortunate few that have had the honor of being able to spend some time getting to know her. I hope any of you might be so lucky as to do the same. 


The importance of good oral hygiene habits. Flossing is not optional.

Twitter: N/A
Instagram: N/A

I will permit you to link to my chatroom. 

Audrey's Chatroom: http://www.flirt4free.com/models/bios/audrey-piper/

Anything else Audrey? 

Seriously. Floss. 

Floss indeed. 

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Blake Summers

The Blake Summers Story…

In a word, hero.

In a word, hero.

Some people dream dreams. Some people live them. Blake is part of the second group. 

It's a story we've all heard before. Born and raised in a small town, taught to be mediocre, resisted that pressure, and dared to at least try for greatness. 

Hometown boy makes good on the American Dream. He's the perfect poster child for the fact that things can be better, if you have the will to make them better. He wasn't born with the body, or the hair, or the keen intellect he now possesses. He worked on it. And he made it. 

It's never easy and it's not always fun. But through work Blake has managed something that everyone should be lucky enough to experience for at least a part of their life: real achievement. 

He is the hero that Gotham needs. 


Just promote my street cred. You know, like that I'm super legit. That I just wanna ball. Maybe I'll start to rap or something and then you can promote that. Also Twitter. 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BlakeOnCam

And you can link people to my chatroom, because you're going to anyways, but I'm shy, so ask them not to talk to me or anything. 

Blake's Live Chat: http://www.flirt4free.com/models/bios/blake-summers/

Anything else Blake?

I am the most. 

Most indeed Blake.

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Winter Wolfe

In a word, fierce.

In a word, fierce.

The Winter Wolfe Story

Roses are red, violet's are blue.
We asked Winter Wolfe to comment, she said fuck off. 

But that's not quite doing her justice. There's a lot more to Winter than a cold blooded vocabulary capable of reducing anyone to tears at a moment's notice. In a lot of ways, she's more Cardi B than Cardi B. That might be the best way to put it. 

Smart, sexy, full of opinions that are always right. When Winter Wolfe did anything... We all felt that. 

That we're even using words here is an exercise in futility. You just have to talk to her. You have to see her. Then you'll realize why. It will all make sense. She's the one. 

What do you want to promote Winter? 


For sure!

Live Chat Link: http://www.flirt4free.com/models/bios/winter-wolfe/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/WinterWolfeGang
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/winterwolfegang/

Anything else Winter? 

Post those links again. In case they missed it.

We heard that!

Live Chat Link: http://www.flirt4free.com/models/bios/winter-wolfe/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/WinterWolfeGang
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/winterwolfegang/


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Max Hughes

In a word, extraordinary.

In a word, extraordinary.

The Max Hughes Story…

January 3, 2013 marks a significant date in the annals of webcam modeling history. It's the date Max Hughes joined Pandora Modeling. We knew he was attractive and he said he could dance. The rest, as we've said, is history. 

Max ranks among the most successful male webcam models of all time. He's spent nearly 5,000 hours live and earned too much money for us to publish publicly without seeming ostentatious.

He was one of our first real superstars and in many ways redefined what's possible for male webcam models. When Max came in true superstardom was still a "girls club" in the camming world. He proved that gender equality was possible and worth fighting for. The average earnings for top male models are now roughly consistent with top girls and Max has played no small part in shaping that. Before Max, $100/hr for guys was a dream that guys could only hope to achieve through temporary luck. After Max, it's a standard that is consistently met by the rest of our guys. 

So... here's looking at you Max. Thanks for a lot of fun time spent, well, looking at you. 


Well, I mean, everyone can follow me on Twitter. That'd be cool. It's generally family friendly, every now and then it isn't.

That's https://twitter.com/MaxOnCam.

Oh and If anyone wants to do a show with me, I'd like that. So probably link my chatroom up. Give the standard explicit content warning. I am... explicit. 

Max's Live Profile (Warning: The following site may contain explicit content on some pages): http://flirt4free.com/models/bios/max-hughes

I've also been putting a lot of extremely explicit content up on my JustForFans. So SPAM that a bit please.

Max Hughes JustForFans: https://JustFor.Fans/MaxOnCam

Anything else Max? 

Na... That's about it.

Cool. To whoever is reading this, money spent on Max Hughes is money well spent. If you want to be an adult video chat model, you should take him private for 30 minutes or so and talk to him about the work. It would be a wise career investment.  If you just want to be a die hard fan of Max Hughes, make it an hour. 

We'd also add that Max Hughes has an interesting interview with Jordan, that's likely worth listening to if you're interested in making money as a webcam model. 


If you just want to be in a company with Max Hughes. We've got a link for that too. 

Brock Jacobs

In a word, elevated.

In a word, elevated.

The Brock Jacobs Story…

What can we say about Brock Jacobs that hasn't already been said about Brock Jacobs... By Brock Jacobs. 

The Original #1 Mr. North America On Flirt4Free? He already said that. 2016 Viewer's Choice Winner on Flirt4Free? He already said that. $20,000 in a day? It's been mentioned. 

We always thought webcam modeling provided interesting lifestyle opportunities, Brock agreed. He spends his time off cam traveling the world, engaging in the most promiscuous and life affirming activity that he can find. And we could not be more proud of his accomplishments. 

If you like a guy that gets naked on cam with a tan, Brock's your man. (Sorry, he asked us to write that. He's.... Anyways.)


I'd like to promote a general philosophical argument that people should follow ME on Twitter and NOT MAX! I am the original Mr. North America. Max won it after me! But I took a lot of time off that year, so like. Yeah. People should not follow Max, only me.

In case you missed it, that's https://twitter.com/BrockOnCam

Do you think anyone from this page would want to do a private with me? I mean I charge like $12 per minute. That's a lot. Worth it? Totally, but only if you're into like perfect male bodies. So if people are into that, yeah share my room link. Just make sure no lames click on it and chat with me a bunch without spending money, that'd be lame. Only bosses. 

Brock's Live Profile (Warning: The following site may contain explicit content on some pages): http://www.flirt4free.com/models/bios/brock-jacobs

I've also been putting a lot of extremely explicit content up on my JustForFans. So SPAM that a bit please.

Brock Jacobs JustForFans: https://justfor.fans/BrockOnCam

Anything else Brock? 


OK. As usual, Brock has really covered all of the essential information we can think of. A true competitor til the end. 

If you want to be loosely affiliated with Brock Jacobs.

Alexander Steel

The Alexander Steel Story…

In a word, archetypal

In a word, archetypal

"Yo. I've got someone for you to meet. You at home?" read the message from my Swedish landlord and local fixer for all things Koh Samui, Thailand. 

"Ugh. Hungover. Eating sushi. Home in like 30."

Myself, and Brock Jacobs surprisingly enough, grabbed a dozen beers from 7/11 and cruised on our mopeds back up the mountain to the apartment we were staying in. Dreading the overwhelming thought of being forced to socialize with regular human beings on hangover day; horror show. 

Sitting in the hot Thai sun, chain smoking cigarettes, trying to drink equal parts beer and electrolyte beverages to move us into a "just drunk enough to make us chatty while mitigating our hangover symptoms" state of affairs. Who schedules a business meeting at noon on a mother fucking Wednesday? Oh, right. 

Luckily for us, the individual we were to meet was not a regular human being... It was Alexander Steel. It quickly became apparent that he was, "one of us" and in short order he'd leave behind his burgeoning career as a custom muscle worship video solo producer for the warm embraces of the cult of Pandora and the wonderful world of webcam modeling. As of this writing, he will still not know what has hit him. 

If we could build a factory that would print biological specimens of the ideal male webcam model's look, the specification document would be a picture of Alexander. He just fits the mold and then breaks it. On an interesting side note, and coming from me this is saying something, Alexander is the most skilled orator in porn that I have ever met. His verbal domination skills are second to none, impossible to teach, and fun to try and emulate. Just go talk to him. 


That I think it would be totally fine for anyone to follow Max Hughes or Brock Jacobs. They are both standup guys. The only problem is that if people were to also follow me, they would abandon both in favor of a TRUE ALPHA MUSCLE GOD. 

Well said, that's https://twitter.com/SteelAlexander
He's also a big deal on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/alexandersteel_/

But everyone can skip those and just go to my OnlyFans, subscribe, and start sending me big fucking tips. PAY UP!

Alexander Steel OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/alexandersteel

Once someone has subscribed to my fan site and tipped me they can visit my live chat to request a show. 

Alexander's Live Profile (Warning: The following site may contain explicit content on some pages): https://www.flirt4free.com/models/bios/alexander-steel

Anything else Alexander? 



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