Pandora Modeling | Model Referral Program

Photo by  Yaqi Zhai  on  Unsplash

Photo by Yaqi Zhai on Unsplash

One of the constant realities about adult video chat for a company like ours is that finding good models is challenging. Finding people who say they want to do it is easy. Finding people who will set up an account is easy. But finding someone who will do the hard work necessary to truly succeed is complicated. 

Over the years some of our best performers joined the company after hearing about it from a friend who was a current model. There's a certain level of trust that's innate when a model who is actively doing the work describes it to a newcomer. This is difficult to replicate as a company. When it's "Pandora Modeling" saying it, it has a different ring from when it's a performer. We get a lot of, "yo are you trying to sex traffic people?"

Another common theme has been models being interested in starting their own studios and finding other models.

The last important piece has been the rise in prominence of social media apps in the adult video chat industry. A lot more of our models are on social media and meeting new people. 

In considering these three factors, we set out in the fall of 2016 to design a company-wide model referral program. Through trial and error, and feedback from the models taking part in it, we've reached a version that we feel is ready to release to the entire company. So here it is. 

Model Referral Program

Short Version: We give every model at Pandora a unique referral link to our website that they can use to refer new models. Anyone who signs up through a model's link is added to that model's account. Due to our asymptotic pay scale, this referral doesn't affect the referred model's earnings. Hours worked by any referred models count towards hours increases for the model who referred them. The referrer earns a commission based on the difference in their pay scale rate and their referred model's rate. Just hold on, we'll keep explaining it til it makes sense.

Example Link:

Every new model receives a referral link when they're activated. The link contains a unique UTM code that associates any traffic that visits our site through it with the model. When someone signs up we check their traffic history for a referral link and add them to a tracking account for their referrer. Once your first referral sale is made (credits earned by a referral) you'll be given an administrative login account to view the sales stats of your referrals. 

Pay Scale & Referrals:

So here's how referrals work, an example scenario. If you refer 25 people and they all work 40 hours in the pay period, and make 1,000 credits per hour. It looks like this.

Your rate = 35% (1,000 hours in your group).

The 25 people each made 40,000 credits @ 29% ($1,160 in individual earnings each).

You make a referral commission of 6% (35% - 29%) on a total of 1,000,000 credits...

That's $100,000 in total sales.

For which a 6% commission is $6,000.

And then if you cam yourself, your rate will just be 35% on whatever sales you make. 

The 25 people you referred will each make $30,160 in a year, from a part-time job. You'll make $156,000 in referral income. 

In Reality: 

Finding 25 people to work 40 hours is very hard for most people. Incredibly hard in fact. And things are never as clean cut. 

Typically, you'll have a handful of people that outpace everyone else, really taking to the work and doing it full-time, long-term. You'll have a larger number of people that are medium effort. And a long tail of people who only work infrequently or quit quickly. 

More realistically, an average referral commission rate for a large referral account would be around 3-4%, or $3,000-4,000 per million credits in sales.