It starts with an assumption. It always starts with an assumption. Guesses, maybes, chances. We both have to agree on this assumption, or else it can't work.

Time and attention are worth money and people will pay for them. 

Equipped with this assurance, our business begins. We're pushing this assumption to it's literal breaking points every day. The cost of our service keeps going up, the demand is increasing. What service? Convincing people to pay us to give us their attention. 

Welcome to webcam modeling. 

1. Definitions

Webcam Model (n): An individual who performs sex shows live on webcam for a client. 

Webcam Modeling (n): The poorly chosen term to describe the performance side of the live sex cam industry. 

Client (n): A performer's customer. An individual user of a live sex cam site. 

Site (n): A shorthand description of a live sex came site. Often referred to as "The Site" or "Our Site" or "Their Site" depending on the speaker. 

Private (n): A term for describing the 1 on 1 paid show that takes place between a performer and a client. 

Money (n): The currency that clients spend and performers earn while in private. 

Network (n): The parent company that owns and manages the technical infrastructure of the site, and more often a family of sites under different names. 

Studio (n): A company that recruits and manages webcam models. Like Pandora Modeling.

2. Descriptions

The industry is based around a paid show happening between a performer and a client. Everything any of us working in the industry do is simply an effort to better facilitate a paid show happening between a performer and a client. What you're reading right now is an effort to better facilitate a paid show happening between a performer and a client. By better informing potential applicants, the quality of new performers increases.

If you send in an application, you're applying to work with us to help facilitate a paid show happening between you and the client. 

The technical side is straightforward. You have a webcam, laptop, and fast internet. You sign in to our software and initiate a broadcast (by pressing the broadcast button) and then confirm to launch your chatroom on the site. Within a few seconds your chatroom will be live on the site and clients will start entering your room. This is when you can begin facilitating paid shows between yourself and clients. 

The financial side is easy too. The performer earns a commission on all of the money clients spend with them. The client pays a fixed rate per minute for a paid show. So the model earns a fixed rate per minute in show. At the standard rate & commission for a brand new model they earn $1.65 per minute in a paid show. That is at a commission level of 27.5% and a show rate of 60cpm ($6 per minute)

3. The Network

The network is an essential piece of the industry. It is what facilitates all of the paid shows between a performer and a client. There are a few major networks operating today. Flirt4Free, Streamate, Jasmin, Chaturbate, MyFreeCams. There are a lot more sites and networks in operation, but they are difficult to track as they come and go. 

The network's role is that of master facilitator. They'll have a way that they bring models to their network and another way that they bring customers to their network. Usually referred to as the broadcasting department and the affiliate department, respectively. The network owns the site and has a technical department that makes the site work. They facilitate the payment process. They provide customer support for the clients as well. 

For bringing models to the network there are two main strategies. The most common strategy for the network is to use "studios". Which nowadays are virtual studios whose purpose is to recruit and manage the performers. The other method is for the network to handle all of it's own recruiting and managing of models and not use studios. Some networks do both. 

For getting customers to the site there are more strategies in play. Some sites rely heavily on Affiliate networks; partnerships with other companies that advertise for and send traffic to the network in exchange for a commission on all of the money their referred traffic spends. Other networks operate with direct media buying and no affiliates. Any other possible way to advertise a webcam site, some network is trying it. 

The network's strategy on this is important. If there isn't sufficient quality traffic, the experience for the performer declines and the attrition rate increases, leading to lower quality performers on the site, performing for low quality traffic. On the opposite side, if a network allocates too much of it's resources (money) to traffic acquiring, less money is available for paying performers, which creates the same problem. These variables are the real determiner of performer income on any given network. A fair estimate is that the fixed operational costs of a network run about 40% of sales (credit card processing, data/infrastructure, support staff). So what happens with the balance determines everything. 

We analyze all of the networks and work with the one's whom we feel have the best strategy (usually something close to 30/30 between performers/affiliates with slightly more to affiliates).

4. The Financials

This section covers the money. Specifically, the day to day administrative side of the finances. How you earn money, how you get paid, and other considerations. 

Performer's earn money exclusively by commission and bonuses. Anytime a customer spends money on you, you get commission. Most spending occurs during 1 on 1 paid shows with customers. Customers can also tip, send virtual gifts, or pay to watch your VODs. You can also perform group shows (1 show with multiple clients at once). 

A. The Pay Scales

Standard Performer Commission Rate: 27.5%.

This is the base rate for all performers. This is where you will start at. For every $100 a customer spends on you, you receive $27.50.

The two ways in which commission increases happen is individual pay period sales performance and lifetime sales.

Pay Periods are 2 weeks long (Starting on a Monday and ending 2 weeks later on Sunday at midnight EST). 

There are no exceptions to the following pay scales. We are a meritocracy in which every performer is given the same deal with the same opportunity for success.

Standard Level: All performers

Base Commission Rate: 27.5%

Pay Period Commission Increase Levels

Total Sales Minimum Hours Commission Rate
$2,500 40 28.0%
$5,000 40 28.5%
$7,500 40 29.0%
$10,000 40 29.5%
$15,000 40 30%

You will remain on this pay scale until you reach $75,000 in lifetime sales. At which case you will receive a permanent increase in rate. 

Pro Level: Over $75,000 in lifetime sales.

Base Commission Rate: 29%

Pay Period Commission Increase Levels

Total Sales Minimum Hours Commission Rate
$5,000 40 29.5%
$10,000 40 30%
$15,000 40 30.5%
$20,000 40 31%

Broadcaster Level: Over $150,000 in lifetime sales.

Base Commission Rate: 31%

The pay period commission increase levels for this group are confidential. The sales thresholds are much higher (measured in the hundreds of thousands of dollars per pay period) and there are no hour requirements. This is a pay scale designed for model recruiters.

For non recruiters, at this level you simply receive a base 31% with no performance metrics required.

Payment Frequency

Payouts happen every 2 weeks on Thursdays via direct deposit to bank accounts (worldwide).

We operate on a biweekly pay cycle, meaning each pay period lasts two weeks. The pay period rollover happens every other week when Sunday becomes Monday at 12:00 a.m. Eastern time.

On the 3rd day of the pay period (Wednesday) the previous pay periods commissions are sent out via next day bank transfer, arriving Thursday. 

The only exceptions to this are when the Wednesday or Thursday happens to be bank holiday in the United States. In which case payments are delayed until the next business day.

Minimum Payout

There is a $100 minimum payout amount. If a performer earns less than $100 in a pay period, the earnings are carried forward and added to the next pay period's earnings until the total amount exceeds $100. 


You receive 100% of any bonus money won (this happens from daily bonuses or promotional contests). It will be reflected on your stats page under “Adjustments”. Contests that fall on the final Sunday of the pay period are usually credited to the next pay period’s earnings.


Webcam models are independent contractors. In the United States, this carries the tax status of 1099-MISC. Any model who earns $600 or more during the calendar year (January 1 to December 31) will be sent a 1099-MISC tax form the following January reporting their earnings. A copy is also sent to the IRS. Also, federal law requires us to keep a W-9 form on file for you, regardless of your earnings. The W-9 form must be completed before we can send you your first payment.

International Models

We do not report earnings to any government agency except for the United States Internal Revenue Service. We are not required to have a W9 from you. Both of these things only apply to US citizens. 

In some cases, international bank transfers are delayed. This depends on the country you live in and our transfer options with that country. Every country has slightly different laws/requirements for us to send money to. After your first payment, the schedule will typically be regular afterwards. 

All currency on the network is handled in USD. The payment we send to you will be the total amount earned in USD. The service we use for international bank transfers will convert your payment to your local currency at the prime market exchange rate for that day with a very small fee (usually less than 0.5%). 

Corporate Privacy Information

All payments are sent via Pandora Modeling's parent company. We created that arrangement to help ensure our models’ privacy for use with banking, apartment rentals, loan reviews, etc. You can state (accurately) that you’re an independent contractor working for our parent company., sharing as much or as little about your job description as you would like. We recommend “customer service” as an easy explanation.

We are not posting the name of our parent company here. If we did, Google would index it, and when people Google our parent company, they would find Pandora Modeling. Which detracts from the privacy goal we set in determining our financial strategy. 

Employment Verification

We cannot provide employee verification documents, given that you are not an employee, but an independent contractor.

Your status is self-employed.

5. The Technology

Our network has a Flash based performer application. This is what you'll use to broadcast your video feed to customers.

Flash is not supported on mobile devices. This means that in order to work for us you will need to have a computer (laptop or desktop) that runs either Windows or Mac OSX. All chromebooks, tablets, and smart phones are not compatible at this time. 

You will also need to have an HD webcam and high speed internet access. The webcam we recommend for new models is the Logitech C920. Your internet upload speed should be at least 1MB/S. You can test your internet at

6. Privacy

One of the biggest draws for webcam modeling is the privacy that it offers. You work from your own home. You don't meet anyone in person.. There is no in person interview. It is 100% virtual. 

The vast majority of performers do other things. They're students, parents, future professionals, etc. All of whom tend to prefer that their camming career remain as discrete as possible. We appreciate that and do everything possible to facilitate this. Here is what that means specifically. 

A. Stage Names

Every performer chooses a stage name to use while camming. This is part of the sign up process. You will use a unique, real sounding name (first and last name), that doesn't contain any part of your real name. 

None of your real information will ever appear on our site or anywhere else. 

In addition to your stage name you'll have a profile page with a bio section that you fill out. You'll also have some pictures. For privacy reasons we insist that you don't use any pictures that you have posted anywhere else online (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, even Snapchat). Take brand new pictures, and use them only for camming. 

B. Location Blocking

You have the ability to block any U.S States and any other entire countries that you want from viewing your profile. 

C. Payment Discretion

As mentioned before all of your payments will come from our discretely named parent company, which retains a strict separation online from any pornographic activity. This will also be the company that your 1099 tax forms come from. 


We can't talk about privacy without mentioning VODs. VOD stands for Video On Demand. These are recordings of your private shows that are made available for purchase on your profile page. All paid shows are recorded. A VOD can only be viewed on the site, when a customer purchases it (at a per minute cost that you determine). This is an additional revenue stream for performers. 

The thought of shows being recorded freaks some people out, and if it freaks you out, think very seriously before you decide to start camming. This isn't a feature that can be opted out of, and the VODs cannot be deleted as they are owned by the network. 

When a performer quits, their profile is deactivated, and along with it most of their VODs become inaccessible. However, the customer that originally purchased the private show retains access to the VOD indefinitely. 

E. Background Checks & Legal

This isn't something that would show up under any traditional background check that we know of. Of course your income, and subsequent tax filings, would be on record if you ever need to publicly disclose your tax filings. 

That being said. The type of background check you might be subjected to if you're applying for a job at the NSA or FBI may very well turn this up. We don't have the slightest clue what the capabilities of these institutions are, but we just assume that they know you're reading this page right now, and have already put it into your file. 

The reality is, we've never had this come up with a performer in a background check. No one has ever called us to ask about past performers. If they did call us, we wouldn't tell them anything. If they subpoenaed us to testify in court, we'd comply as far as we're required to by law. But again, this has never happened. 

It's useful to remind everyone at this point. Our business is 100% legal. We are a law abiding, tax paying company. We are regulated by the federal government. Our business entity is registered and licensed in Las Vegas, NV where we follow all local/county/state regulations. 

Webcam modeling is a legitimate industry. The "shadiness" some people associate with it is simply a moral opposition to open sexuality and more specifically open sexuality in exchange for money. Other than that people may run into unethical (though not strictly illegal) business practices from some operators in the industry. These are both things we fight against on a daily basis. We think the anti-sex crowd are prudes. We think the bad operators are scumbags. 

7. The Proposition

Get paid for being really good looking and cool. Use your laptop and webcam to earn income on demand from anywhere in the world. Work as many hours as you want. Come and go as you please. 

It's really that simple. Our site is full of customers eager to spend money on a quality model. They will tell you how beautiful you are and give you money.

For male models, the clientele is almost exclusively gay men. Many of our male performers are straight. But the proposition, at least a great deal of the time, is horny guys paying you to watch you jerk off. This is oversimplifying things like crazy. But in this case we think it's best. If you can reconcile masturbating while someone watches and types to you (you don't have to see them), you're good. There are 100s of other types of shows, spanning the entire spectrum of human experience. But this is the most common show request. 

For female models, the clientele is almost exclusively straight men. There is a greater variety in shows with girls. Sex shows of all types, of course. Finding customers that are more interested in an emotional experience, talking/bonding/etc is slightly more common with female performers than it is for males. But sex is still a constant theme. 

We want to be super clear on the sex part. We are a porn company. This is sex work. If you are cool with that, then everything is possible. But we like to start from that frame of reference. 


Because if you are not OK with that, then camming isn't a good fit for you, and you shouldn't do it. You won't enjoy it. The customers won't enjoy you. You won't make much money. You'll be a hassle for us. Then you will quit and regret ever having done it. We don't want that to happen for anyone. So please, please, please, do not sign up if you know you're not OK with this. 

The Secret Proposition

So, you're not totally put off by the sex issue? Great. Then this next part is worth knowing. 

We like to call our camming philosophy the, "Yes, and sex also" paradigm. Which we'll discuss a lot in the next chapter. That basically means that what customers are looking for from models has infinite variety. Every fetish, every emotional type, every kink, every need not met, there is a customer with that on our site. From total vanilla to crazy dark. 

Almost every relationship with a customer has a sexual element. We use the term relationship very specifically. Successful models don't just service 100s of clients on a one off basis. The majority of income for all top models tends to come from a handful of main clients. People that come back to see them every day or every week. It is a relationship. 

Any real intimate relationship is bound to involve a lot of "not sex." And we see this with models all the time. Shows may start off highly sexual, and that might go on for a few weeks, but over time the relationship develops and sex becomes just one part of an entire virtual relationship. This means you end up getting paid quite often to sit around fully dressed, talking with someone. 

The cool thing is that this is what customers actually want a lot of the time. It's more stimulating, more emotionally intense, more real, and more fulfilling than a one off sex show. This type of relationship, on demand companionship for the customer, is something you really can't buy outside of webcam modeling. 

This happens with male and female models. It's what we try to teach models to facilitate. And it all works great, as long as you're cool with sex. We haven't ever been able to take a performer that was totally uncomfortable with the sexual parts of webcam modeling and make them successful long term.

There are just too many people happy to take their pants off. So it's a lot easier to work with those that are, and convince them to keep their pants on for a while. 

And this is how we became, "The Clothing Optional Company." Next, what we really mean by that.