JustForFans emerged in early 2018 as an obviously direct competitor to OnlyFans. After experimenting extensively with both, we settled on JustForFans as the best option.

Key points:

  • The business models are ostensibly the same: A private, adult fan club/membership site where you set a monthly rate that people pay to access the content you upload.

  • JustForFans pays 70% of all the money spent on you versus OnlyFans 80%.

  • We go with JFF because of it’s incomparably superior UX design, feature design, and overall functionality.

Really, we’re discussing a feature: Community management. What’s the best way to do that? Late 2018, we’re saying the answer is JustForFans.

Most sites have some version of a fan club built into their site and they’d all seriously prefer that you use that. But, most of them really suck, and we don’t really have faith that any of them are going to make them awesome anytime soon.

The point of using JustForFans is as a secondary conversion point for your audience. It allows you to directly monetize your fans and better engage with your core fanbase when you’re offline.

Simply put, every serious adult performer should be on JustForFans.

About JustForFans

Private members-only paid fan club site.

70% commission on all sales.

You set the cost of monthly subscription from $4-50.

Weekly payouts.

JustForFans Versus OnlyFans

We don’t really have a dog in this fight. JustForFans and OnlyFans both have a standard referral program of 5%. So if you signed up to either through our referral link, they’d pay us a 5% commission. We think we’d eventually earn a few more pennies if you signed up to JustForFans instead of OnlyFans, because we think you’d make more money there.


Design matters. JustForFans has a vastly superior site. It looks nicer, it works better. In using it you get the sense that it’s been built by someone who knows how to build a website. One often doesn’t get that sense with OnlyFans.