Who We Are And What We Do.

the adult video chat industry.

We're an agency that hires and manages performers for adult video chat sites. Today, we have hundreds of active performers that generate millions of dollars per year in revenue and we're growing faster than ever. 

People, including us, used to call this webcam modeling. But we always thought that sounded a bit... lame? Adult video chat is the accurate term that describes exactly what it is we do and what our industry is all about. So that's what we now use. 

Our intention for this website and for all of the stuff we put out is to educate people about who we are and what we do. We're never trying to recruit anyone. We just want to tell our story and then collaborate with the people that want to join. 

To that end, we've put together a collection of deep dive content on this site that you can go through if you want the full picture. You could also just spend an hour browsing around the site with our models to get a feel for what's going on. 

Here's our basic pitch, if you ask us what we do, this is what we'll tell you. 

We're an adult video chat agency. We hire physically attractive adult (18+) performers. Basically it's sexually explicit interactive adult chat, broadcast live on a network of websites, using our software and your own computer and webcam (software isn't compatible with phones or tablets).
So you'd login to the site (alone), talk to customers in your chat room, and get one of them to start a 1 on 1 paid private show. In show, you do whatever you/they want, anything goes, nothing is required. Private shows are how you make money. At the standard rate, new models make $1.65/Minute in a private show.

Just to clarify for the "adult" / sexually explicit part. We say that because primarily in the 1 on 1 shows customers are wanting to see some kind of erotic show by you. Nudity, masturbation, fantasy role play, et al. But that's where it begins and ends, there's no intercourse involved, you don't meet anyone or see anyone and you perform alone in your own room.

Across the board for our company, the average hourly rate is ~$40/hr.  Some people make $15/hr. Some people make $50/hr. Some people make $200/hr. It all depends on how good looking the individual is, how hard they work, and how talented they are at landing clients. Some people work 5 hours a week, some work 50. Full time people tend to earn higher hourly rates because of how rankings and stuff work. More hours = more exposure = more customers = more sales = more rank.

That's it. Let us know if you have any questions or want to try it out. Thank you.

This has been our go to explanation. If you've ever asked us what we do on Instagram or Snapchat, you've probably already read it. It's an encapsulation of our work, but it's not the full story. 

To get the full story will take longer and despite our best efforts we might never be able to tell the full story. The full story is full of secrets. And the full story is different depending on who it's told by and when. 

What we do is human expression in it's purest form. Raw, unfiltered, unrestricted, 1st amendment protected, free expression. That it's "adult" and we're a porn company is only the case because of the modern legal landscape and the fact that the type of expression all normal people seem inclined to do when they have freedom involves lots and lots and lots of nudity. 

This concludes our introduction, if you want to fill out an application to become one of our models. Please click the button.