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Thanks for sharing your Instagram. To receive an earnings estimate, please send us a DM with a few recent pictures of yourself.

Instagram limits the amount of new DM threads any account can initiate to a few dozen per day. As we receive a few hundred new estimate requests per day, the only way we’re able to manage is if you say hey to us first. Thank you.


On the rest of this page, I’d like to give you a better introduction to our company, our work, and what we’re doing with this ad campaign.

My name is Jordan Laubaugh and I own Pandora Modeling. We are probably the coolest and most successful management agency for adult performers (mostly cam models) in the United States.

This ad campaign is very straightforward and simple. We’ll DM you an estimate of how much we think you’d earn at our company as a cam model (we’re very accurate) and say, “If you have any questions or want to learn more about our work, let us know.”

That is the end of our protocol. We don’t have a sales pitch, we won’t follow-up, we’re not going to try to talk you into anything. That’s not what we do. My view on this campaign is that by sharing your Instagram, you’re giving us your consent to have us assess you quickly and share the most relevant information our company could have for you (how much you as an individual would likely earn working here). That’s where the permission ends. If you ask to know more after the estimate, I think that gives us about long enough for a 30 second elevator pitch telling you the broad strokes of the work. If it sounds like something you’re interested, we’ll go from there.

I’ll tell you the truth about the business, everything I know, and give you honest feedback about your potential. From there, the decision will be yours whether it’s something you want to do or not. No pressure from us, this work isn’t for everyone. But it’s also just totally misrepresented by all of the awful companies that operate in the industry.

We call it camming, adult video chat, webcam modeling, whatever. The reality is that the video chat part is what’s important. The overwhelming majority of what our models do is sit in front of their computer wearing nice clothes and talking to lonely guys about how their day went. It turns out there’s a lot of money in that. It is the adult industry, I don’t ever want to downplay that. But since people so overplay it I almost need to a bit.

We’re not arranging gang bangs here. Our models sit alone, in their own homes, using a fake name, chatting with complete strangers that live worlds away, who they will never meet or see in real life. You don’t even have to meet us, or me. This is the adult industry, yeah, but we’re more of the top-secret, double agent, keep to ourselves, and make a lot of money as quietly as possible version of that. In 2018, the average hourly rate our models earned across the entire company (hundreds of people) was $51/hr. With the highest being $482/hr for the year. And I promise, you haven’t heard of any of them.

If it’s just not for you, no sweat, I get it. If you think it’s awful, the worst, gross, immoral, etc, please, please, please take a few minutes to share our ad, website, this page, my Instagram, etc with everyone you can to uhh… you know… warn them about us. That would be the moral thing to do.

If it’s something you decide you’re interested in, I’d love to work with you. After the estimate and discussing an overview of the work, if you’re interested, we’ll get you started.

Now send us a DM. It’d really help me out if you did. Instagram isn’t really hip to this quite brilliant way of converting leads from ads by collecting Instagram handles for DMs that I invented, so after we DM like 20-30 people in a row they lock our DMs, since we have no mutual connections with you on IG, it seems like spam to send so many DMs. But if you initiate, everyone’s happy.

Thank you.

Jordan Laubaugh
Founder, Pandora Modeling

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