About this guide. 

We want to see more adult video chat models winning on Instagram.

From this guide, you'll learn the best practices for how to effectively utilize Instagram as a model to engage with your audience and attract new organic fan growth

By the end of this guide, you'll be ready to start dominating Instagram. 

Table of Contents:

1. 4 Rules That Will Save You.

2. Audience: Who Are You Posting For?

3. GRAM101: Our Instagram Content Strategy. 

4. Hunt/Gather: The 30 for 30 Strategy. 

5. Show Up, Party, Repeat.

6. Collaborate. The Secret To Taking Over The World. 

7. The End Game.


4 Rules That Will Save You. 

1. Don't Send Nudes!

Instagram doesn't allow adult content. That means no full nudity. They also don't allow linking directly to adult sites. Instead of linking to your chatroom, link to something like Twitter (where you can then link to whatever you want). It's a more conservative platform. Honestly, we wouldn't even address adult video chat on Instagram in most cases. Just be you, promoting you, Instagram isn't the place for adult content.  

2. Overthink It. 

Instagram is a great place to put a lot of thought and effort into your content. It's easy to front on Instagram. We usually avoid fronting. But with Instagram, you really win by putting your best foot forward. Rather than a single picture of you looking nice, release a collage of 5-10 mind blowing pictures. Think a lot before each post as to whether it's high enough quality to make the cut for your Instagram. Treat it like a magazine cover. 

3. #Hashtag It.

Instagram is hashtag culture. Put together a list of standard hashtags that you can use on all of your posts, save them as a shortcut in your phone, and then slip them on the bottom of your captions. This is crucial when building an audience originally. You can use up to 30 hashtags in your caption, so use 30. Seriously. 

4. Love It. 

While we see incredible upside for models on Instagram, the types of moves that are going to win and really lead to something valuable aren't generic promotional content. Every app is its own media channel and requires its own love and attention. There is no easy solution to win on Instagram, it takes work. It's worth doing it and doing it well. But if you're not going to go all in on Instagram, it's probably a waste of time to do it at all. 

Preconditions established, let's get into the good stuff. 


Audience Of One: Finding the right people. 

The first and biggest mistake anyone makes on any social media is not knowing who the hell to talk to. You make an account and you know, because we say it so much, that you should be posting a lot of content. But what? 99% of content questions are solved by simply understanding your audience on the platform. 

Too many people push for "general promotion" of themselves. Here's a hot picture of me, please make an account on a cam site, and take me private, whoever you are. What this leads to is a lot of accounts for adult models that are mostly indistinguishable from one another. Just another hot babe, being a hot babe. Of course you're a totally unique, special, important individual; we understand. But as far as the content goes, it's generic; and the public won't care about it. Sorry. 

If you scroll through most webcam models' feeds, you get that impression. The pictures might be good, but what's it trying to tell me, what am I supposed to do with it? Why should I care?

Most content that doesn't have a specific audience in mind, that's crafted with the hopes of mass appeal, fails to appeal to anyone. When we view it, we get the sense that it was created for someone who is not us. And then we leave. It just feels like an ad we don't care about, we care about people. 

So here's what we're suggesting. On Instagram (and social media more broadly), identify your audience as one individual person. Imagine a single customer that you enjoy. Someone who likes you, but wants to know more about your personal life, they want to have a closer relationship with you than they've been able to have just in privates.  

Then hinge your entire Instagram strategy on entertaining and engaging that dude. Inject your personality into everything. Even if you mostly decide to post high quality pictures of yourself, add captions that talk about your day, or the shoot, something to give context of your life, activity, feelings, etc. The more authentic expression and personality, the better the profile. 

We really mean that you should pretend that everything you post on Instagram will be watched by that person and ONLY that person. The content you end up making with that mindset will be personal, intimate, flirtatious, and seductive naturally. Because you're doing/saying everything the way you'd say it to... let's call him Bill. You know Bill. You know what Bill likes/doesn't like. You know Bill's secret fantasies and desires. You know what Bill wants to see you do. You can tease Bill. You can play with Bill. You can have fun with Bill. 

Everyone is Bill. If you make a single piece of content that will excite Bill, it will have mass appeal. Thanks, Bill. 

But more so than that, this concept of thinking about one person and making content just for them leads to a more creative, unique, personal style of content. If 100 models run this experiment, you'll see 100 different types of Instagram profiles, and that will be interesting. We'd follow and care about all of them and so would everyone else.

GRAM101: The Basic Instagram Content Strategy. 

Step 1: At least 1 new, high quality post per day. 

Think Document, Don't Create. By the way if you don't follow Gary Vee, you should. 

Post at least one high quality post every single day. Remember, Bill will see it, and Bill is your money maker. So, just post pictures and videos of you living your life, doing your thing.

Maybe it's a picture of your outfit, but with a long caption written talking about something, a few paragraphs of human expression. The caption doesn't have to correspond to the picture always. Maybe it's a picture of you walking into Starbucks (but not a picture of a cup of Starbucks or you drinking Starbucks, never that). Maybe it's you sitting and reading. Maybe it's you exercising. Maybe it's you doing literally anything. 

That's the point. You doing literally anything. Just ask yourself, "While I'm doing this literally anything, how could I turn it into an epic post for Instagram?" Try it on unexpected things. A picture of you folding a t-shirt that you put a ton of effort in might be the best post this year. 

At least 1 per day. That's the rule. But this is if you're putting a lot of thought and effort into the post, and this is just to get started. Once you get better at it and you start seeing more post opportunities, post more often. 

Step 2: 30 Hashtags per post. The cool way.

Look, we know that this sounds lame. That using a bunch of hashtags was cool 3 years ago and it's dumb now. That it's just a thing spammy internet marketers do, it'd be inauthentic. Yeah, we get it.

But you'd be wrong to think that. Hashtags are more important than ever now that Instagram added the ability to follow a hashtag. The organic discovery from using hashtags is more significant than ever. More exposure = more engaged fans = more money.

Come up with 30 hashtags that are the types of hashtags a person like Bill might check out. And here's how you make it cool. Don't worry or even really think about making the hashtags contextual to your post. Of course the hashtag is supposed to be contextual to the post, that's what hashtags are for. But that's overdone.

Putting 30 hashtags that are similar and generic (#model, #modellife, #beauty, and so on) won't do a lot for you. Coming up with 30 that have nothing to do with your post or each other but might be something Bill checks or chuckles at (like: #fishing, #foxnews, #needsattention) plus 27 other ones, and you're onto something. Try it. 

Step 3: Use your story. 

Instagram stories are cool and get great engagement. No Instagram strategy is complete without it. Post on it a few times per day. Say something. Post a picture of yourself that isn't quite right for your main profile. Do whatever. Just document your day a little bit on Stories. Use a hashtags on the story, it works. 

Hunt/Gather: The 30 for 30 Strategy.

So, post great content with a lot of hashtags. Got it. That's it. See ya later. I mean that's all anyone else does, right?

The answer is yes. But the truth is that 99% of people (real people, not AVC people) aren't using Instagram as a promotional tool, they just make content. The other 1% are professional marketers trying to get those other 99% to buy shit or follow them so that they can get a brand that wants them to buy shit to give them money for telling the 99% to go buy shit. 

Somewhere in there we like to imagine there's 20-30 people on all of Instagram that are cool and actually try to meet new people on Instagram. Every now and then you come across one. It's a real delight!

When a real person, not a spambot, that I don't know, sees a post I make and cares about it, and comments on it in a way that lets me know that that's happened; I feel really, really, really good. Don't you? Everyone does. Someone engaging with your creative work is what you want when you post anything anywhere. That's definitely what YOU will want when you start posting things on Instagram, right? 

So, let's give the people what they want. And build a giant audience in the mean time. 

Take the 30 hashtags you're using. Click on each of them. Go through the top posts on them. Go through the recent posts. Find posts that catch your attention. Click on them. Check out the profile of the person who posted it. If you're into it, like the things you genuinely like on it, and leave a longish, substantial comment giving them some love, with real human feedback. Don't just post a <3. Say hi. Use their name. Make it real. 

Pick at least one post to have a real, human to human engagement with from each hashtag. 

Note: A byproduct of this is that you'll naturally get better at your hashtag strategy over time. Maybe you'll learn that one hashtag you're using is dead, or the people and types of posts on it aren't what you want to see. Ditch it and find a better one. Notice the hashtags other people are using on their posts that also have the hashtag you're using to see if there's a more appropriate one.

This is how to implement. Do 30 minutes a day for 30 days. And get through as many of the hashtags each day as you can. But get through them all at least once, every month. Maybe some days you get caught up in one and ignore the others, that's cool. We spend 3-5 minutes per post that we engage with usually. That's a long time and if you're cooler than us you could do it faster. 

10 interactions per day maybe? 300 per month. They won't all become followers or fans, but that's OK. You'll keep getting better at this. 

That's the hunt part. 

Gather is where you follow the ones you care to and keep engaging on their new stuff when it comes out. This nurtures a relationship. They get used to your comments and you start entering in their mind when they make a post. Inception. 

You've gotta take the time to give love.

Show up, party, repeat.

We think one of the things that really kills you when you try to build a new thing on Instagram is that blank slate of starting out. 0 friends. 0 posts. Every time a new user joins Instagram, they are the least popular person on Instagram. Ouch. Instagram feels like a ghost town. 

It's not a ghost town. It's just a ghost town on YOUR profile. YOUR profile doesn't have anything on it. So let's go somewhere else, but we should probably make ourselves look presentable first. 

When you start your profile think of the first 12-20 posts as getting dressed to go out. It's the establishing shot in the movie. Giving your first few friends that first peek into your world and personality. Show yourself. Because you're the type of person people want to get to know more about. If you're not, quit the adult video chat industry ASAP.

So, what do YOU like? That's what we need to know here. What party do you want to be a part of? What really interests you? Make a list of your favorite: artists, writers, musicians, celebrities, businesses, etc. It's best to go with ones who are still living. Dead men post no selfies. Search for everyone on the list and follow them. 

Then go to their latest post. Then click on it. Then see the comment bubble. Click on that to load the comments. Start responding to them. Keep responding to them. Talk to people that like the same things you like. Or if someone is hating on the thing you like, hate on them. 

The rule everywhere is do it if you would do it. Don't reply to every single comment, that's lame. Reply to real human thought and expression with real human thought and expression. The standard of comment on a comment reply is a bit lower than when you found someone's profile via a hashtag, but you never get better by being basic. 

You can do this ad libitum. There is a 24/7/365 party happening on tons of little pockets of Instagram. It's easy to find and everyone is invited, even your basic ass. Take your place. 10 basic replies a day = 5-10 followers per month. 100 basic replies a day = 50-100 followers a month. 10 epic replies a day = 40-60 followers per month. 100 epic replies per day =  400-600 followers per month. 

Just do it. Fall in love with Instagram. Find the things that excite you and get really into them. Be the real that recognizes real. That's how you contribute to the Instagram ecosystem in a valuable way. 


As you start to get your feet under you and you're building a real thing on your Instagram, start thinking about collaborations early. Working with other people to make something happen. 

Find small-medium accounts (10,000-50,000 followers) and come up with creative content ideas that you could make for their account. Pitch them the idea and offer to do it for free, no attribution. You'll get a lot of no's, you'll get some yes's. And shooting a 60 second promo video that you give to a 20k following small retailer is plenty likely to get you a shoutout worth a few hundred followers. 

What brand would  let a porn person make influencer content for their profile? Yeah, right!

Umm? Maybe porn companies? There are sort of a lot of them, you know? And they make tons of money and are banned from traditional media outlets. 

As early as possible you want to be getting yourself on other accounts to grow your audience. Find brands or people with a demographic (easier to determine with brands) that matches what you're looking for. This is leg work and you need to audit their social media, their other channels, and see what content they're using already to gauge what they might be open to. Just remember: Everyone wants to look cooler than they do currently. 

The End Game.

What's the payoff for you of putting in all this work to build an audience on Instagram? Where does it actually increase the money in your bank account? 

Well, that depends on how not-basic you manage to be. If you just try to rote follow what we are telling you here and never do anything creative, you'll do OK, but you'll never be a superstar.

We told you a story here about a few things you might be able to do on Instagram that give you a lot of flexibility in gaining an audience that you want and a simple collaboration concept to convert your brain power into leverage. 

Give value, build leverage, have leverage. Give value, build leverage, have leverage. 

Leverage is the thing you use to make anything you want happen. Money? Easy. The more your audience grows the more willing people will be to collaborate with you. Once it grows enough you flip the script and start charging people for the posts. Friends? Easy. Free trips? Easy. They all just cost leverage. Which the person with 0 Instagram followers, in the Instagram world, has none of.

Sorry, people are superficial and shit on Instagram. Lucky you people tend to be beautiful.