What We Do.

Pandora Modeling is an adult video chat modeling agency.

You came from an Instagram ad. What we do in this case is check your profile out and send you a DM with an estimate with what we think you would earn (hourly rate) as a model at our company. That's it. No follow-up, no pitch, no sales funnel, none of that crap. If you don't respond to our DM, we'll never contact you again. Our marketing philosophy is simply to tell be what we do and collaborate with the people that genuinely think this would be cool and want to do it. We invite, we don't pursue.

Our models broadcast their live webcam feed to their own chatroom on our partnered adult video chat sites. These sites have audiences in the hundreds of thousands per day, with a few hundred daily active models. On average, a model will have 15-50 registered users in their chatroom. The goal is simple, get one of them to start a paid private 1 on 1 show. It's in these private shows that models make money. Earnings range from $1.65USD per minute at the standard rate up to $3.60USD per minute at premium rates for top models. The average hourly rate, company wide, is $31 per hour.

It's also in these 1 on 1 shows that the adult nature of the gig kicks in. There are no set activities, every show is different, every client is different, every model is different. You make the rules, deciding what you're comfortable with and what you're not. As a general policy, most shows involve some kind of nudity and solo sexual performance. If that's a deal breaker for you, this gig is not for you. 

If you're curious and want to hear from us sooner, send us a DM @pandoramodeling and ask for your estimate. Instagram only lets us initiate so many DM conversations per day.. There's no limit on how many we can receive, so do us a favor and say hey. 

Here's some more information about our work.


Going Live

We created this video to show you what it actually looks like to be on cam. This is a time lapse video of one of our models performing live. You can see the flow of the chatroom as customers start to come in, the interaction on the chat, and you even see the beginning of a private show. 

ON CAM| THe Pandora modeling podcast

We started our podcast at the beginning of 2017 and add new episodes to it periodically. In this longer form content we go deep with a variety of topics that models struggle with when they work here and try to bring a little comfort to difficult subjects. Listen now.

Pandora Live Models

You can view the live website anytime and see the online models. Click through a few rooms to get a feel for the gig. 
Live Girls | Live Guys