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Setting Up Your Model Profile.

Before you can start broadcasting, we have to verify your age, pick your stage name, complete a 2257 form for record-keep, and get your profile approved by the network.

We have a pretty robust system in place to make this happen and our team works around the clock, so we can usually have this done same day, usually within 1-2 hours. If you decide you want to try it out, this is the next step in getting started.

Simply click this button, submit the form, and we’ll begin the intake process.

How it works

You, the model, work alone, from your own location, and log in to your own chatroom on Flirt4Free (the network). Your room, your rules, you can do whatever you want on cam. You log in whenever you want, for as long as you want.

While you are live, users on the site come into your chatroom, a few hundred to a few thousand per hour. The task then is to work your way through all of these users and find the ones that will spend money for a private show with you. This is how money gets made.

We’ll help show you how to do this, we’re pretty good at it. In 2018, our models, on average, earned $58 per hour spent on cam; and collectively spent over 23,000 hours on cam. That’s $58 an hour that they took home, gross pay.

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The Private Shows

You never have to do anything. We say this over and over again but it bears repeating. We’re a weird company. It’s weird to talk to people outside of our industry about joining our industry because most people will think we’re a scam or perverts or sex traffickers or whatever the most monstrous thing they can imagine is. In reality, the adult video chat industry alone is a multi-billion dollar per year market, and the basis of the entire industry is attractive and interesting models being available to chat with customers who will pay for 1 on 1 shows.

What happens in those shows is between you and the customer. We don’t watch it, we don’t know what happens. For all we know you could be baking cookies. We have evidence to suggest that some models bake cookies in private shows (self-reported model stories.)

If the thought of someone watching you get naked for money disgusts you, you should probably not do this. Not that you have to be naked, but like, a bunch of customers are going to ask you to over and over and over again. If you’re unsure of this, I’d recommend spending some time on the site, going through current models rooms, and seeing if this is a place you could see yourself.

Private shows are normally graphic, some kind of sexual performance is the most popular type of show. But every show is different, it’s always a real-time collaboration between you and the customer to decide what happens. With you having the final say about your performance and them having the final say about the how long they keep spending money.

Model’s Privacy

Before you start, you’ll choose a stage name. This becomes who you are to customers, forever. Your real identity will never appear on the site.

Models can also choose to block their state from seeing their profile, preventing people in your area from seeing you on cam.

Finally, all of the content on the site (including everything on your profile and any video of you) is copyrighted; Flirt4Free holds the copyright, and defends it aggressively. Meaning, if someone records a video of your performance and posts it elsewhere, Flirt4Free will send the operator of the site a copyright takedown notice and get the content removed.


Pandora & Flirt4free

Flirt4Free is the cam network that Pandora Modeling works with. We are two distinct companies.

Flirt4Free provides the platform and the customers, hundreds of thousands per day, and all of the corporate infrastructure to make it all work. Flirt4Free is a huge company, with offices in Southern California.

Pandora Modeling is a management agency for adult video models. All of our work is with models, we don’t handle any of the other stuff. We just work with models.

Flirt4Free writes the checks. We work with the individual model to help make sure Flirt writes the largest check possible.

How Making Money Works

This is entirely commission-based work. There is no fixed hourly pay of any kind. Every time a customer spends money, you make money.

For most models, private shows account for 80%+ of their earnings. With additional earnings coming from: tips, bonuses and contest prizes, VOD sales, group chat (multiple viewers at once), FlirtPhone, and FlirtSMS.

You will get paid every 2 weeks via direct bank transfer or check in the mail. For tax classification you would be a 1099 independent contractor and would receive a 1099-MISC form every January reporting your payments for the previous year.

Making money

The Reality Of The business

We feel it’s important for us to be very direct about the adult nature of our business up front. Being an adult video chat model involves some amount of sexually explicit performance. Yes, you are alone, in your own safe space, with only a complete stranger that you will never meet paying money to watch you. But it’s still nudity on video, it’s still pornography. Now that we’ve successfully established that, there’s one thing we like to share.

Think, “virtual relationships,” instead of, “live sex cams,” and you get a more accurate perspective of what camming is actually like. In the long run, models end up making the majority of their income from regular, repeat customers. Customers will become part of your life, part of your day, you’ll get to know them. These interactions turn into serious relationships, virtually.

The reality of the work is something we like to describe as, “Two real people, pretending to be fake people, pretending to be real people.” You and the customer are both real people, but on the site you’re both using fake names, the real you is anonymous and unknown, so for all intents and purposes, everything is private. You can be whoever you want, they can be whoever they want. You can role play fantasy alter-egos or you can just act like yourself, and so can they. Be whoever you want to be, that’s our offer. Whatever identities you each land on, what comes next is something real again. The person you pretend to be when you can get away with it is usually just the person you are.

Customers come to the site to figure out who that person is. Models help them explore it and through all of that virtual fantasy, real human relationships form.

Can you really put a price on a relationship? Yes, they start at $6 per minute.

Joining Pandora Modeling | how to start

To start your account, we need a few things:

  1. Your desired stage name.

  2. A profile picture for your account.

  3. A picture of your valid, government-issued photo ID.

  4. An ID-style headshot of you to face match with your ID.

  5. Your email address.

Click this button to submit this information using our encrypted form. After we receive it, we’ll email you a 2257 record-keeping form for you to e-sign. With that, we’ll be able to get your account approved by the network and you can start broadcasting today. As soon as your account is approved, we’ll send you a link to download the broadcasting software and you can do your first login.