Pandora Modeling

what We Do

Pandora Modeling is a management agency for adult influencers, with a focus on live-streaming performers.

Cams, Twitch, Youtube Live, private membership/fan-club sites, and all social media; we work with individuals to help build and monetize an audience.

We take an entrepreneurial approach to career management. The goal is to help performers find the arrangement that maximizes their income from all channels.

The Prerequisites


At this time, we are only working with performers who are at least 18 or older.

As we represent many clients who choose to work with adult-focused content in some capacity, we feel it would be inappropriate to have anyone under the age of 18 affiliated with our company.


You will need a laptop or computer running either Windows or Mac OS operating system, and of course a webcam. Fast, broadband internet is necessary to have a good stream, and a place where you can stream from.


Our operations are primarily in the USA and Canada. While we welcome performers worldwide to reach out and discuss working together, we are not always able to work with performers from other regions.


Joining Pandora Modeling

Everyone goes through the same basic process to get started, it starts with submitting an application.