This is not a job offer

Sometimes we post recruitment ads in job sections. That is where the similarities between webcam modeling and a job end. 

Webcam modeling is a craft. It is a hustle. it is a gig. Webcam models have a lot more in common with professional athletes, poker players, musicians, and drug dealers than they do with retail employees and waitstaff. These are two distinct worlds. 

We are the hustlers. Traditional employment with the security and certainty it can offer is traded in for freedom, or at least the pursuit of it. Here you will not find a corporate hierarchy, or a ladder to behave your way to the middle of. We are a meritocracy. You perform well, you win money. You perform poor, you stay poor. Everything is up to you. 

There isn't a schedule. The game is on 24/7/365. You play it as often as you can. The more you play, the more you win. Play it part time and you'll struggle in the middle. Marry yourself to it and you might win. 

Then again, you might lose. People might not like you. You might not be good enough. This is the brutal reality that we all confront every day. There is no safety net. No insurance policy. You win or you lose.

The Cost of freedom

You are an entertainer. You make your living, entertaining people. The bargain we strike with customers is that they want to be entertained, and we will provide it for a fee. If they do not like the entertainment, they change the channel. 

In a world full of ever increasing entertainment options, the competition is tough. You compete against Netflix, against Angry Birds, against Amazon, and against the NFL for the market's entertainment dollars and attention. 

You have to make yourself available when they want to be entertained. You have to be online constantly to catch the attention of someone who wants to be entertained. The site supplies you with a constant stream of new people looking to be entertained whenever you are online. You have to get them to engage with you and spend money. 

This is a full time thing. People want our entertainment on nights and weekends, on holidays, on demand. On their dime, on their time. For a performer to thrive they must be willing to accommodate this demand. 

It makes the freedom question tricky. In this arena, you are free to do whatever you like. Yet, the actions necessitated in order to achieve great success dictate a very specific lifestyle. It dictates looking beautiful and being in front of the camera 30 or 40 or 50 hours every week. It dictates your diet and exercise. It dictates the schedule of the rest of your life. You will make time to go to the grocery and to eat, shower, and sleep. You will make time to hang out with friends and family. You will schedule Netflix binges. Those things will get penciled in. Work will happen the rest of the time. 

The taste of freedom

In exchange for all of this you get money. Good, clean money. Money that you can use for whatever you like. Once you have that money your freedom increases. You get more options.

This work can be done anywhere on earth. With a laptop, a webcam, and fast internet you can conquer the world. You can earn enough money to open the doors of every city. You can build the life you want, where you want it. You can change it all in one day.

Self determination, unrestricted options, capability. That is freedom. It belongs to the pro.

Going Pro

In webcam modeling there are amateurs and there are pros. These two groups do not do the same work. They do not have the same experience. They really are not in the same business. 

An amateur is someone for whom camming is a side thing. They do it to make some money to make ends meet. Often for a very short period of time. Others do it on and off as they feel like it. They might work a lot for a period of days or weeks in special circumstances. They might even win a few contests. But their default is not to work. Success is an exception rather than an expectation. We don't hate amateurs. Everyone starts here. No one is a pro on day 1. 

You cannot go pro until you are able to determine for yourself that webcam modeling is your best option for income. It has to occupy position 1. Not in words but in deeds. Being pro doesn't mean you plan to work hard. Your brain actually shifts, and you start to default to making decisions that make you a more successful performer. 

An amateur decides whether or not they will work on any given day. A pro decides whether or not they will not work on any given day. For the pro, work is the default. Not working occurs only when extenuating circumstances cause them to be unable to work. A pro arranges their life so that this happens as infrequently as possible. 

The reality is that being a pro is a lot easier than being an amateur. When you're an amateur you aren't as good. You don't get the experience necessary to see the craft the way that a pro does. You never get that pro sense, that perception that lets them deliver stunning performances apparently effortlessly. You also never get as popular as the pros. So you make a lot less money per hour. As such you have a harder job, that you are less capable of doing, that does not pay as well. No good.

Why do you want to be a webcam model?

This is the question you must answer.

You probably don't want to be a webcam model. Most people don't. It's probably never occurred to you as an option until now.

So why would you do this? Why did you end up on this site? Why are you here now? What little thing in your brain went off that caused you to click and get this far?

It's become clear to us that the career trajectory of a webcam model is determined much less by their looks and much more by their "why". The models that have a clear, continuous reason for getting on cam, get on cam. The models that don't, don't, 

Maybe your bills are past due. We can help with that. 
Maybe you have children that you have to provide for. We can help with that. 
Maybe you're just in a temporary  situation and need some cash. We can help with that. 
Maybe you're in a tough situation and need a way out. We can help with that. 
Maybe you're a student, and tuition is expensive (Read: American). We can help with that. 

If you have a compelling reason to work as a webcam model, one that is strong enough to make you actually do the work, you'll succeed. Simple. You're the type of person we want to work with. Let us know how we can help.

That is the end of CAM101. Thank you or reading.