Getting Started With Adult Video Chat At Pandora Modeling

Photo by  Steinar Engeland  on  Unsplash

So what does someone need to do in order to start at Pandora Modeling? This article answers that question. Essentially, it comes down to four simple steps. 

1. Apply. 
2. Get approved. 
3. Provide documentation for account creation (personal information, stage name, profile pictures, schedule). 
4. Test Login.

Applying To Pandora Modeling

This step is as simple as going to and filling out the application. Or DM us a few pics on Instagram and ask for an estimate.

In general, we're looking for models that we think will make a minimum of $30/hr broadcast. It's not that we have any disdain for people that would earn less, there's just generally not a need for a professional management company like us, you'll do just as well signing up directly to a major site.

Beyond that, it's a lot easier to predict someone who will be able to make $30/hr. We can do this with a looks assessment and a few minutes of conversation. Predicting that someone will make $15/hr is really hard. If we hire 100 people that we think will make $15/hr, 50 will make next to nothing and never draw an audience. 40 will make a little bit and quit right away. 10 will make $15/hr. That's just not the business we want to be in.

Once you're approved, we set up your account.

Account Creation Process


  • A Stage Name. This will be a fake name that you use while broadcasting. None of your personal information will go on your profile. Your stage name needs to be a real sounding name with a first and last name. 
  • Valid Government Issued Photo ID. This is for age verification and to comply with 2257 record keeping requirements. Everyone has to have a valid photo ID proving they're over 18 before they can start. 
  • A headshot. This ID-style photo is used to face match with your ID using fancy software to verify that the person who shows up on cam is the person in the ID and headshot. The headshot doesn't go on your public profile page. 
  • Profile pictures. These are the photos that will show up on your profile with your new stage name. They should be pictures that you've never posted on the internet, anywhere, and if you take them with your phone you should disable location services for photos when you do (this blocks metadata that could be used to identify the location your photo was taken).
  • 2257 Record Keeping Form. Once we've set up your initial account we'll send you a simple form with your stage name and personal information on it to e-sign for us to keep on file. And that's all we do with it - keep it on file; it doesn't get sent to any government agency.
  • Payment Information. Once your account is activated, we'll need you to submit the payment information form and for US-based models a W-9 form. Technically, you can log in before you do this part. We just have to collect it before your first payday. 

That's it. With that information your account will be ready to go within a few hours in most cases. 

Additional prerequisites: 

  • A laptop + webcam that runs Windows/MacOS and has at least 8GB of memory. The broadcasting software does not work on phones, tablets, or Chromebooks. So you won't be able to work without a laptop or desktop computer. 
  • A private area to work from. This gig is entirely remote. You open your laptop and go live whenever you want, from wherever you want. No reporting to an office. However, it's important that when you are live no one else appears in your cam feed. You cannot broadcast from a public place or with anyone else (unless they're also a documented performer and we've set up a duo account for you). You also can't have any animals, children, etc. visible on cam. Every second you are live is legally considered to be a pornographic production, so it's essential that you are someplace private: most models use their bedroom. 

The Test Login

Once your account has been verified we'll send you your login information and invite you to our Discord team (this is the team chat app we use internally with models). We'll then conduct a brief test login with you to make sure you have the correct settings and setup. We'll give you any necessary pointers on lighting, camera angles, audio/video settings, login types, etc. and answer any questions you have so that you're ready to go. 

After that you're free to log in as much as you want, anytime. We'll obviously be in touch and help you along the way, but we don't micromanage your schedule or time online.

That part is entirely up to you.