Indoctrination: the process of teaching a person or group to accept a set of beliefs uncritically.


There are certain things in the wonderful world of webcam modeling that if you will just believe, your life gets easier. I want to share those with you now.

Belief #1: It makes sense to take camming extremely seriously.

Some of the models at Pandora make hundreds of thousands of dollars per year doing webcam modeling. A lot more of our performers make their living currently exclusively from camming. We affect millions of dollars in economic activity every year. Our models are the preferred nights and weekends hobby of tens of thousands of eager customers who plan their days around seeing their favorite model online, they take it very seriously.

If the customers who are going to ultimately determine your income take it so seriously, shouldn’t you?

It’s not that you need to be guilted into taking it seriously. Rather, it seems to just not occur to most people that start webcam modeling that it’s a thing you even could take seriously. The standard analysis from someone starting out as a cam model is:


“This is probably bullshit or some kind of scam, but I’ll try it out just to see, I don’t see the harm.

That was weird, but not bad, and it says I made some money, probably bullshit.

Hey, I got the money, neat. I will continue doing this as I feel like it until I don’t feel like it anymore. “


And so it goes. Maybe you go through phases where you’re into it and are making a bit more money. It’ll be totally normal if you go weeks, months, or years of totally forgetting about it, and then just happen to remember and try it out again.

Anyone that has been camming a while can relate to that, and new performers are likely to default to that. And a lot of people would happily take issue with us seemingly suggesting that anyone who doesn’t take it seriously is somehow bad. We get it.

But the cold, hard reality of it all is that the above belief, the not taking it very seriously, is the root cause of models making $7,000/year instead of $70,000/year. That is failing, there is just no subjective, feel-good way around it.

We aren’t suggesting that to be successful on cam you have to work 80-hour weeks, have absolutely no life off cam, and make the maximum possible dollar amount every second you can. Maybe $58k/year and a well-balanced life does it for you. Maybe you’re a higher rate model and you can do $140k/year in 25 hours/week, and that’s right for you. Maybe you’re a full-time college student, or a single parent living with your children, or in some other situation that only allows you to be on 5-10 hours per week. These are all legitimate options.

How seriously you take it is subjective, it’s not an hours or effort thing. It’s a perspective. Do you care about your customers? Do you know their names? Would you feel it if you didn’t message them for 5 days while you’re offline or would they not cross your mind? How you think and feel about customers is a good indicator of how seriously you’re taking it.

In our experience, people not taking camming seriously aren’t doing it because they reason their way into that. They simply don’t reason their way into taking it seriously. We want to encourage people to do the latter. The choices you make about this will dictate your future on cam tremendously.

How different is life with $100,000 per year income versus $9,000 per year? Seriousness is the fuel that gets models across that gap.

Go crazy with it. You can do whatever the hell you want this. Pretending to be nonchalant about it will just make all of us who aren’t think that you’re actually uncomfortable doing it and should probably quit and get some boring corporate job.

Belief #2: the service you provide is fantasy.

It’s all a game. It’s not real. That’s not your real name, or theirs. Everyone is pretending, no one is fronting. It is a world of fantasy. I think if anyone can wrap their head around why customers want to pay for shows with webcam models they massively increase their chances of success. One of the biggest recurring issues models have is feeling unworthy of the money being spent on them. Essentially, because most cam models wouldn’t spend $6 or more per minute to talk to anyone, let alone themselves, it’s hard to imagine that anyone legitimately would. It all seems a little too easy.

Can you think of a time where you were really lonely for an extended period of time? Maybe you’d just gone through a break up or moved somewhere new and you felt like you didn’t have anyone anymore. Try and feel for a moment the deep, sad, emptiness that is loneliness. It is one of the scariest, darkest, most depressing experiences a human can go through.

Now imagine you feel that way all the time. Because you’re a middle-aged guy that doesn’t feel like anyone loves him, because maybe they don’t. You probably have a sensible career and some money in the bank because you’ve always played by the rules. But no one wants to fuck you, they never have. Everyone you’re attracted to gives their love to someone else, they always have. You’re a well-adjusted adult, so you can push these feelings down and forget about them a lot of the time, but they’re always still there, waiting. A general, listless sadness defines your life.

How many hours in a row could you sit alone in a room with those feelings with nothing else to do?

Now imagine the first time you discovered a world that only existed in the mind. Maybe it was in books like Harry Potter, the Lord of the Rings, Twilight, or Fifty Shades. Maybe it was a video game. Maybe it was a TV show or some movie. Do you remember how important it was to you? How it was everything and would always be everything and even now you can think back to the everything of it all and feel a little bit of that spark that makes you feel alive.

That’s the power of fantasy, of imagination. When we’re bored we tend towards the loneliness. When we’re engaged with life, we feel alive.

Customers use cam sites to engage in fantasies and feel less alone in the world. Unlike books, that end, cam sites are full of real people pretending to be a fake person acting like a real person. You can spend years getting to know one person and never grow tired of them, if they’re the right person. Or you can spend an hour each getting to know 1,000 people. This is the choice customers have on cam sites.

The sexuality that they’ve always felt was ignored by the world is welcomed and requested by the models on the site.

That the only barrier to entry for the customer is money represents absolute freedom for many of them. Money they have, they’ve spent 40-50 hours a week for the past 30 years making money. That’s easy. It’s love that they need.

A lot of people think you can’t buy love. But you can, it starts at $6 per minute.

Belief #3: The Long Game Is Audience Building.